The Beastly Hours

By EliseMorgan All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance


As the world begin to fall and the sin we committed caches up to us, A new race begins to rise, and are world as we know will forever change. Humanity is now forced to rebel against the the new race that are know as the..........


Madness, chaos,destruction. The world is full of it. The world and the people that lived among it thought we would be fine. That all are sins would be forgiven. Like god forgave those before us.
It is now 2042, the world as we knew it has changed, for the worse. Man kind is no longer alone. We no longer earn the right to be called a higher intelligent creatures. No, we lost that right. Human kind is now separated by two species, two races.
The line of humanity has been crossed. When the world started to fall, it was know as the falling.
It, all started with the change of weather,the change of season. Many thought it was global warming, if only. Than the animals, that we feared yet loved,became savage. Unable to be near,unable to kill,unable to eat!
Human,began to struggle for survival. We died of either two thing the weather that we couldn't adapt to, or the lost of food. We, mankind are selfish creatures after all and the only ones who survived the falling, That horrid day were,the strong and the weak. Well, the perished.
As much as are world government tried to conceal the events that were taking place, no one, not even them could hide the facts that laid in front of us. Wars,against each other stopped and we soon realized we only had one true enemy.
Than, for a short time, everything was quiet,was normal again. We thought the worst had passed and we were going to be just fine. Until the Beast became known!
The beast were like us,in appearance wise. We made the mistake of trusting them, like many say don't judge a book by its cover, but that's what we did. These creatures,these beast, were faster,stronger,even smarter than us. We failed to realize that, and we are now paying.
They hated humans with a passion and slaughter us with no, remorse,no humanity. As our number began to decline there's began to grow rapidly. There kinds numbers were escalating to fast. We couldn't catch up,as much as we tried.
As much as we fought, there were gods in some of are eyes, monster in others. We were finally being punished for our crimes, for our sins. We were now paying the price. The day they took over would go down in history and be known as the....

Beastly hours!

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