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What happens when you were born on a - Ice Moon - well things. When Sage figures out she has a follower, she goes to every book in her library and flips threw every page there is. But finds nothing more than ripped pages the nest day. What ever had been stoking her did not want her to try to find out .who. they are. Or do they? Was she just looking at the wrong things?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter one: Ice Moon

I walked out of my house as the crisp, cold air touched my skin. I could see my breath, my eyes shining white in the moonlight. My feet slowly made their way across the snow-covered ground. The tall pine trees surrounded me. I lived alone in the forest—just a little cabin in the middle of nowhere.

My name is Sage, I am 24 years old. I have always lived alone. Ever since my mom died and my father left me. I could never figure out where my white hair had come from. My mom was a blonde and my dad a brunette. I had icy blue eyes which were also strange. My mom had brown and my dad had green. As I made my way to the river that ran near my house, I thought about how cold it had gotten this winter. I pulled out my fishing pull and put a fake little fish on it. It shined in the night. I Cast the line out to the rushing water. hoping to catch dinner. But as I was waiting in the silence of the earth, a pair of eyes caught my attention. I stared into their green-yellow glare. My lips cold against the night mumbled. "w-who are you?" It said nothing. All it did was stare. I slowly started backing up. reeling in my line. My voice- a little stronger called out again. "Who are you." This time it turned away. running off.

That night I had only spam for dinner. With a glass of water from the river. But hey- it was the best water you can find out here. And it's very clean, coming from which mountain I do not know. As I finished up my "Dinner" I went to the small bathroom upstairs of the cabin. That's where my room was and a guest bedroom. Not like I ever had guests. I guess it must have been my room as a child. See before dad left me- at least he thought of teaching me how to fish and cut wood for the fireplace. So I started a miny fire not too big. I crawled into the sheets and tried to fall asleep.

My feet ran across the harsh ground. My eyes determined on a figure in front of me. My breath was loud as I continued to run, faster and faster. The figure did not stop. I yelled something at it- but what? What had I yelled? And what was the figure? But then, it started turning... I could finally figure out what it was. After a whole lot of running. A lot of yelling... here it was. The truth to this masked thing. Finally, it was almost fully turned around-

I woke up abruptly in my bed. I looked out my window to see sunlight peeking threw a cloud. I clenched my fists. I had awoken from the truth of what had visited me last night.

I went to my mini library in one of the downstairs rooms. I pulled out a guide to city people. Maybe it was one of those- tho I hope not. I heard they are hard to deal with. Feisty little things. So I started flipping threw the pages. Not realizing what had been watching me.

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