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J.A.R.G.O.N.O.T. Unlimited

By AssassinAria42 All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Mystery


Courage is tested. Trials have begun. An Inventor is kidnapped. Freedom fighters emerge. A book is cursed. Friends become family. Jargonot goes on a valiant quest for the crystal of Osiris, before William's ironic and idiotic brother Marvin Ludwig uses it for his conquest over the entire world... (Enjoy!) ^_^ ;) ^_^

Chapter One- In The Beginning


Chapter One

(William H. G. Henderson)-

In The Near Future, Thirty-one years later...

Dear Diary, July 15th, 2031

My life as an Inventor, never came true. But being forced to build robots for my idiotic brother of mine, to make war with the government back then, was something that I wanted to regret ever doing for him...

I wanted to have a normal life, that never worked out, I wanted to make peace with my demon enemies from outer space, that still didn't work out... Because my old demons, never disappeared from my sight... There is alien life out there, that we might never get along with until you-know-who comes back from heaven itself... My religion is private. But my origin story is not private... Making a robot to stop my brother, and his idiotic company was the only thing that came true... Making friends was complicated...

Meeting a couple of new people who would understand me on this whole meeting of mine, including Jargonot, my robot son, would also be something that I wanted to keep secret, and wanted to keep safe as well from the forces of evil that comes just straight after dark, right as before I walk out my door to the temple of light. Freeing slaves, making a team of freedom fighters was one thing on my mind... Trust was another problem, that we also had to deal with at least...

How it all started, that's another problem too... Back then my childhood was never easy... I was always being pushed around like a big fat coward... Now you can tell how that went for me in school these long hard days... Reading Moby dick, during my spare time was the only that I found my own comfort in... I could see the whale coming up out of the seas as Ishmael and the captain himself make the final blow, to catch that strange looking fish from destroying ships, and turning them into scrap metal... Just like in the days of Jonah, whales are a common enemy to ships, is how I found it, while I was reading Moby dick... A famous Novel by Herman Melville...

Anywho, making Jargonot, had some bugs in the system, but fighting my enemies, had some great, big complications to stay away from slavery... He fights more than he talks less... My son's humanoid brain structure, has been failing it's learning process, as he still continues to grow in size while battling unreal monsters outside of his sleeping chamber, that I have built in the past by my hands in combat mode... Taking him to his charging station, made him even less vulnerable in his usual state of appearances...

His metal energy source was made from sparcium and Iron mixed together from a rare crystal that I have found from my travels on the island of Ireland, and Fiji itself, when I had my latest vacation after work in my younger days... It's discovery was kept secret until the later years, when I had noticed that it's energy could be used for something one day, before I was forced into slavery for world war three...

Jargonot's training sessions, began with a boost of having some screw losses in the process... His leadership of running a team soon remained unknown until further notice, after I was hearing some strange noises right outside my doorstep... As for the later years, I needed to rest, until my time has come to the better need of less working and more Blogging. My time of slavery and freedom is almost over, Jargonot's journey is only the beginning... Or so I thought...

Sincerely yours, William Henry George Henderson



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