Deja Vu

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Chapter 15

I woke up and checked the phone. It was saying ‘no signal.’ I tried to make a call to someone, but the service was interrupted. Great, now I was really alone. I decided to play a Final Fantasy game. I just ran around fighting monsters and leveling up. I played with Zidane, Vivi, Dagger and Freya. Final Fantasy Nine. This was an all-time favorite game. I played all the way until I got to Lindblum. It was right before the Festival began and I put in a same and right after that, someone knocked on the door.

They opened it up and I saw three guards in all black enter and then they closed the door. “So, what are you guys doing here?” I asked. “You have been called to the throne room to tell your story and explain why you’re innocent.” The one on the left told me. I nodded. One walked in front of me, one behind and on my left. We walked quickly down the steps and down the long hallway. We entered the throne room and there was a podium set up. “You go there.” A guard told me. I found myself surrounded by security and they all faced me.

The masters of the school stood around the large throne and they all looked annoyed, almost saying, what are we doing here? I could still feel the darkness pulsating around Jaise, but I couldn’t see it like I could before. But, by the way, the others were acting, they could feel it as well. “So, we have discovered the evidence and we have come to the conclusion of one thing. Matt, is found guilty of killing Melinda. Evidence has found his DNA on the throat and he was found covered in her blood. We also scanned his teeth while he slept and they matched to the marks on her neck. So, he has been found guilty and will be sentenced to death!”

An older wrinkly woman said stepping forward with a wicked grin on her face. Her long greasy streaked hair clung to her face. “Who are you?” Julie demanded. “I am the spokesperson appointed by the council. I am the one dishes out appropriate punishment for when the council of the school cannot.” She explained. “Um, in case you haven’t noticed. We are in charge and we haven’t even allowed him to speak.”

She rolled her eyes at Ashlee. “Who cares? We found evidence proving that he’s guilty.” She snapped. “Bitch, sit down before you get hurt.” Jaise snapped heatedly. She didn’t even flinch at his tone. She waved her hand lazily and he went flying through the air. “Guards, I am the praetor of this school. You have your orders to kill him now!” She screamed. I tried to run, but they slammed me to the ground and I struggled, but I didn’t have the strength to fight them. They were too large and too strong. They forced me to my feet, holding my arms tightly behind my back.

I struggled, but they had an iron tight hold on me. “You are going to pay for your crime!” I felt the color drain from my face and I looked at her in fear. She walked over to a giant sword on the wall. “You know what this was used for in ancient times? It was used to punish wrongdoers. One touch and it would cause the person to slowly die. It would cause them unbearable pain. However, it was rumored that when the victim who ended up decapitated ended up with their soul in a torture plane. And then they are reborn as psycho killers.” She said rubbing the blade around the edges.

She touched me on the arm and instantly felt a pain course up and down my arm. I screamed in pain. It felt like someone was touching me with icy fingers and clawing into my skin and muscles. “Now, you got a taste of the weapons power. I think it’s time to fully give you your sentence.” She told me with a wicked gleam. I looked at my friends and they all rushed towards me, but the guards blocked them and they were forced to fight. Ashlee flipped over her opponent and rushed towards me, but another stepped in her way.

She caught my eyes and she looked scared, but not for her. For me. The blade came flying towards my neck and I felt the tears fell down my face as I squeezed my eyes shut tightly. “Matt? You’re not going to die today. It’s not your time.” I slowly opened my eyes. I saw the blade a few inches from my neck. Zach leaned casually against the throne and wore a long sleeved red shirt and blue jeans on with black boots. “What did you do?” I asked weakly. “I froze time for two minutes. “You think I am going to let you fall for a crime Nick committed?” He asked.

“I don’t know. It seems to be my fate these days.” I muttered. “Well, that may be true at the moment. However, you have a better future ahead of you. You just have to get through this time in your life. You’ll go through some dark moments. But, trust in yourself. Your friends and family are trying to save you. But, they will fail. However, I can help you out this once more. But, you may not like what I have to do.” He told me. I just shook my head lightly. “You don’t want my help?” He asked. “I do. But, I don’t care what happens to me. I just lost everything. What more pain could I go through?” He demanded.

He gave me a sad smile. “Your uncle took you out of school and has registered you for homeschooling. But, with the magic, I will use to help you. I am going to put you in a High School. This school will hide you from the vampires and anyone looking for you. Anyone who sees you will think you’re human. You’ll have your fighting skills and your strength. It should be more than enough to handle what the school dishes out. Also, you will have your natural healing ability.

“I just hope you can handle it. You’ll actually find some good from this. Not just strength. But, we only have seconds left. You ready?” I nodded. He waved his hands over me and I looked down and saw that I was fading out and then I felt like I was being sucked through a tiny straw. I collapsed on the ground gasping for breath. I stood up and then felt something heavy in my back pocket. I pulled out a brown leather wallet. I opened it up to see a driver’s license on it and an address. The funny thing was, I knew where it was. I knew that I knew how to drive. I checked my right pocket and found a key ring with four keys on it.

I walked out of the alley and then noticed I was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a blue shirt with white tennis shoes. I saw a rusty looking ford grand marquis across the street and I knew it was mine. Wow, he really did a number on me, didn’t he? I walked across the street and unlocked the car. I got in and then started it up. It caught right away and it wasn’t even loud. I looked around and then pulled out into the street. The clock said I had twenty minutes before I had to be in school. “School?” I said aloud. “Great, I didn’t want to. But, I glanced to the passenger seat and saw a large backpack.

I really didn’t want to deal with that. I guess I couldn’t complain. At least, I wasn’t dead and suffering in some hell dimension. I drove and parked it in the parking lot. Other nicer cars were around me, but I really didn’t care. I got out of the car and grabbing my bag, I hit the lock button. “Matt isn’t it?” An older boy asked. I tensed up. “Yes?” I asked him. He gave me a lopsided grin. “You’re a little defensive aren’t you?” He asked me. “I guess. Who are you?” He frowned. I never introduced myself before? That doesn’t sound like me. Anyways. I’m Eric.” He said holding out his hand to me. I shook it. His dark brown hair fell to his ears and he looked like one of those typical jocks. “Are you captain of the football team?” I asked. He gave me a weird smile. “Yeah, how did you know?” I shrugged.

“You look like one. So, what can I help you with?” I asked him. “Well, I’m not doing very well in English and I was hoping, well I and Mrs. Sanders was hoping you could help me. You would get extra credit and I would owe you a major favor.” He explained. I frowned. “Well, first of. It’s Mrs. Sanders and I were wondering.” I told him and he gave me a blank look. “Isn’t that what I said?” He asked. I chuckled. “No. You put yourself first. When you’re explaining something to someone involving others, you always put yourself at the end of the list.” I told him.

He didn’t seem to follow. “Well, I could try. But, don’t you have some friends who are good in English?” I asked. “Yeah, but they are…Look. I just can’t ask them. Please, I would owe you a huge favor.” He said and it sounded like he was begging. “How bad is your grade?” I asked. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Um, well…” He muttered and handed me a piece of paper. I only could stare at it blankly. “Wow.” His expression turned dark then. “If you tell anyone about this…” He began to threaten.

I only gave him a chilled look. “I don’t have time to deal with your idle threats. I have to get to class.” I said coldly. I walked past him and jogged over to the doors. He caught up with me, but he seemed a little winded. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to threaten you. Look. I really need help. And you’re the only one who I can count on not to judge me and to help.” He said. “You don’t even know me!” I said and walked up the commons and down a hallway at the opposite end of the school by the library. Wow, Zach’s magic was really good. I’ve never been to this school in my life and I know where everything was.

“I know, but you seem like a cool guy. You just keep to yourself too much. Maybe I could help you and we could be friends?” He asked questioningly. I looked behind him and some football players in their jackets glared at me and some gave me a cold look. “I don’t think your buddies would appreciate it if I joined you.” I said and he looked at him. I closed my locker and walked away from him before he could even turn around. I made it to my first-hour class before the warning bell.

“Matt, hey. I would like to ask you for a favor.” Mr. Franks said. “Okay?” I said uncertainly. “Well, there’s the fall concert coming up and I was hoping you would be willing to join us? We need all the help we can get.” He said. “Oh, I would love to. But, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the days off to practice with you. My boss is kind of a stickler for work and I can’t afford it. My landlord is a little iffy with letting me live in that apartment as it is and I need the money.” I told him.

“Well, what if I talk to your boss?” He asked. “I fear that will make it worse. Hold on a second.” I said and walked to my desk in the back by the window. I reached through my papers and grabbed my schedule for work. My boss told me that every day I will be working the same. Sunday, I would work seven to four Monday and Tuesday I will be working five to ten and Thursday and Friday I will be working five to midnight. So, that gave me Wednesday and Saturday. I walked back up to my teacher. When is the concert?” I asked. It’s Wednesday the fourteenth.” He said. “I can practice after school on Wednesday’s and I can join this concert.” He lit up.

“Awesome,” He said with excitement. “I wouldn’t get too happy,” I said with a smirk. “I don’t know if I have any musical talents,” I warned. “Trust me, anything is going to help,” He said to me. I really hoped so. “So, it’s Wednesday now. You able to join us?” He asked me. “Yeah, but why does band happen after school?” I asked him. “The school doesn’t want to interfere with academics and so the students gets an extra grade and some extra credit split between the other classes. It doesn’t always help students too much. But, sometimes it makes a difference between a passing and a failing grade.” He explained. The tardy bell rang. “We will talk about this later. You have studied hall fourth hour yes?” He asked me. I nodded. “Okay, I’ll talk to the librarian and then we will get you switched over to a temporary band student.”

I nodded and went to my seat. The girl next to me gave me a strange look. “You want to be a band geek?” She asked me mockingly. She is pretty. Chocolate brown straight hair. Flawless skin. Nice figure. She wore a cheer leader’s outfit. Dark green with golden streaks making a half “X” across the top with a python head leering at you. “Why not?” I asked without looking at her. “They are losers.” She hissed. A girl in front of her started to turn around and then stopped. The girl next to me noticed it, though.

“Oh, don’t deny it. You’re all losers. You haven’t had a good concert in years.” She said. “’Good.’” I commented. “What?” She snapped. “They haven’t had a good concert.” She snickered. What was up with these kid’s bad word use? It was really annoying. “Whatever.” She said nastily and then went to ignore us. Mr. Franks began writing on the board. “Who was paying attention the past five minutes? Miss Charette?” He asked. The girl next to me fumbled for words and I couldn’t help but smile a little at her confusion. “Mr. Jones?” He asked with a glare.

“You were discussing how in history people have been fighting for what they thought was a good cause. But, the only problem is that there’s no actual evidence that the causes where millions of people died and suffered are a good thing.” I said. He only stared at me. “Well, yes. But, would you care to elaborate?” He challenged. “Sure. World War One, sir. We were aiding our allies. Okay, that’s what allies do. But, there was a lot of unnecessary blood spilled. The sinking of the ship Lusitania? I don’t see a point of killing innocent people. I know that wasn’t a major turning factor. But, it was a stat. Yes, that ship was carrying supplies. But, also what? A hundred plus innocent people? Did they think that by sinking that ship we would just roll over and play dead?” I didn’t know where this was coming from!

“How about World War Two? Is Japan bombing Pearl Harbor? We weren’t even in that fight. Yes, sure. We obviously helped our allies out. But, we didn’t want to get involved with that war. But, Japan foolishly bombed us. They destroyed millions of dollars of equipment, ships and planes and supplies? Killed over twenty-five hundred people and wounded over a thousand? Dozens of families lost all their males in their lines and so many people lost their lives because of the attack. It was foolish.” I continued and then by this point, I think everyone was holding their breath waiting for what I would say next.

“Japan wanted to weaken us by bombing us. They wanted to stop us from helping. But, what they did was piss us off and force us to kick their ass.” I finished. Everyone was just staring at me like fish out of the water. Even the teacher didn’t know what to say for a while. “Well, you’ve obviously been doing your homework.” He commented. “This is school right?” I asked looking around. Some of the students laughed and others rolled their eyes. “Yes, well. You’re right and that’s a good point. We will bring that up tomorrow. I want you all to be prepared for a debate. It’s important that you understand why these topics are important.” The teacher said. “What does it matter that a bunch of people got killed so long ago? They are dead.” A boy said cruelly. “They died protecting us. They would have given their lives to protect your ungrateful pathetic behind. So, respect the dead you dick. My grandfather was on that ship. He saw his friends killed!” A girl snapped at him.

The boy only gave her a cold smile. “My cousin is fighting in the war right now. I won’t hear any bashing against our navy, military, army, or air force.” I said. “We are supposed to feel sorry for him?” He asked. “Yes, you should feel sorry for her. While you are banging your three cheerleaders in your room every other night, she’s getting a shot at so you have the freedom and life to cheat. Why not have a little respect you ungrateful diseased ridden prick?” I said cruelly. Color flooded his face. He grew really pissed off. “Okay, that’s enough.” Mr. Franks shouted with authority. “Matt, it’s clear you have a sharp tongue. But, learn to control it or I’ll be forced to suspend you.” He said coldly. I nodded, but I didn’t look away from the boy. I only gave him a blank look.

“Okay, the show is over. Class dismissed.” He said and we all got up and I walked out last. “Mr. Jones?” I heard the teacher say. I looked at him. “I appreciate you defending the military and those who fight for us and family. But, you can’t speak to other students like that.” He said. “I’m sorry for this and with all respect. I will talk to anyone who insults people who die every single day for us and my family. I don’t have much left and I won’t allow them to be insulted.”

I told him and walked out of the classroom. Math dragged on for what felt like a week nonstop. I really didn’t think I should have been in regular algebra. It was too easy for me. The teacher started to notice that. “Matt? Are you sure you belong here?” I shrugged. “I don’t know. My last school I was in AP classes for the most part.” I told her. “I will talk to the principal about that. I don’t think this class is cut out for you. It seems to be too easy. You’re flying through the homework and the last packet was supposed to be a week-long project, and you did it in twenty minutes.” She said. I felt the eyes of the other students and I wanted to get out of the spotlight. “Yeah, well. I will follow whatever you think is best. I went and sat down.

Other students continued to stare at me. I hated being the center of attention. It wasn’t my thing. Ashlee. I really wish you were here right now. I thought. Finally, the bell rang and I rushed out and headed to gym class. I changed into my shirt and shorts and then waited for the door. “Hey, you are the new guy right?” I heard someone ask. I turned and they weren’t talking to me. They were talking to someone across the locker room. He looked about fourteen and scared out of his mind. He pressed as far as he could go into the wall, but the boys were surrounding him. I walked over to the teacher.

“Aren’t you going to do something about them?” I asked. He barely glanced up. “Um, no. The boy is just a homeless kid. What do I care what happens to him? You’ve been here what? Less than a week. You really shouldn’t start caring now or get involved with things that don’t concern you. Lack of compassion and adults not doing their job is my business.” I snapped and walked over there. “Your funeral.” He muttered. I crossed the locker room and grabbed the hand of a boy that was about to smack the kid. “What the hell?” He demanded to jerk his arm back.

“Leave him alone.” I said, venom coating my words. “Who are you?” He demanded. “I’m the other new kid. Why don’t you pick on me?” I challenged. Taunts rang all around us and echoed from the walls. The boy looked scared and he cowered in a corner. “You really think helping him is going to be the answer? He’s a homeless runaway. No one cares about him. He doesn’t have anything to offer us. Or the world.” The boy said cruelly. “You don’t know that. I ended up homeless for a while and now I found something for myself. Why don’t you stop being a douche and let yourself act like a human, instead of a walking bag of blood?”

He gave me a confused and angry look. “Why do you care?” He asked. “Why do you? Oh, and if you think your friends behind me are going to be able to get you out of this fight, you’re sadly mistaken.” I said. Shock crossed his expressions. I sensed that they hesitated behind me. He went to punch me and I grabbed him. I twirled him sending him crashing into the lockers. The two behind me went to grab me and I jumped up in the air and flipped behind them.

Then I did a high jump and kicked them in the back of the head. They both went sprawling into the nearby lockers. A couple of the other boys were pressed against the lockers and looked at me in shock. “Are you wanting to try something now?” I asked. They shook their heads. “Good,” I said, ice in my voice. I gently touched the boy’s arm and led him over to the doorway. He had already changed, which was good. The teacher still didn’t seem to care. “Mr. Jones?” He asked.

“I think you should take Karate and be the instructor. Oh, and you’ll be suspended for fighting.” Then a balding man walked through the door. “Actually, he won’t be.” The teacher jumped to his feet looking scared. “Mr. Hextan,” He said turning white. “The principal a boy asked. “Yes, lads. I’m the principal of this school. I was actual with the football coach in the adjacent locker room and heard and saw the entire thing.

“You all will be getting an in-school suspension for three days. However, a few of you won’t be having your permanent record affected.” He said and then glared at the teacher. “You. See me after school.” He said. He turned to walk out. “Oh, Matt?” He said and then looked at me. I walked up to him. “That was impressive. I have to admire your skill. You must have taken self-defense before?” He asked. I nodded. “I thought so. Well, good job.” Then he addressed the room.

“Well, I will be seeing you all later.” He said pointing at the group. Then he almost stepped out of the room when he noticed the boy next to me. “Who is this?” He demanded. “He’s the homeless kid the board is making us educate. I don’t know why.” The teacher said with a shrug. “Well, he doesn’t belong here. I’m going to talk to them and he’s going to get out of my school.” He said and went to grab the boys arm. I caught it and held it tightly. Everyone held their breath. “I so don’t think so.” I muttered in a tone that made him grow a little concerned.

“You do know I’m giving you a slide right? Don’t push it.” He warned me. I didn’t back down. “I won’t allow you to punish him just because he has a bad break in life. What kind of school is this? Students have horrible grammar. Teachers don’t care about student’s safety. No one cares about each other. Dang, at my old school we all worked together.” Okay, so it was a slight lie. But, they didn’t need to know that. “He will be put out. We don’t have money in the budget for homeless.” Mr. Hextan said.

“He’s not homeless. He’s with me.” I said coldly. “I know where you live. You don’t have the money for yourself. How are you going to afford someone else?” He demanded. “You let me worry about that.” I said to him firmly. He pulled back from grabbing the kid. “Fine, it doesn’t affect me. But, if he’s not with an address by next Friday, he’s out.” Then he stormed off. “Why did you do that?” The boy asked in a squeaky voice. “I know what it’s like to be bullied and beaten. I’m not going to watch someone else go through the same exact thing.” I told him.

“I don’t know why you’re concerned. It isn’t like I affect your life one way or the other.” He told me. “What’s your name?” I asked him changing the subject. “Ryan. Ryan Hunter.” I nodded. “I’m Matt Jones.” I said and he shook my hand. Then we walked out and into the gym. He sat in front of me. The teacher didn’t even seem to care. “Okay, outside. You know the drill.” He ordered. We jogged out and I went to walk to the track. He followed me.

“So, where did you come from?” I asked him. He didn’t seem talkative. But, I guess he felt safest with me. “Okay, where are your parents?” I asked. “My adopted parents are in a nice house on the outskirts of town. They also beat me and made me feel like crap. They told me I was a Fag and I wouldn’t amount to anything.” He told me. I sucked in a lungful of air. “They said that to you?” I asked. He only nodded. “Why?” I asked. “I don’t know. I guess they didn’t want a gay boy in their house.” He snapped.

“Are you?” I asked quietly. Tears ran down his cheeks. “Just so you know. I don’t care.” I said and I watched as he froze. He looked at me suspiciously and with a wary look. “What do you mean, you don’t care?” He asked. “I don’t care if you’re gay, bi, straight. I have a gay best friend. He doesn’t bother me. I have a gay step-brother. I’m cool with him. Homosexuality isn’t a big deal. I mean they are no different than I am or someone else.” I told him with a smile. He gave me a partial smile. Then began to follow me around the track. The boys circled around us. Some approached from behind, some across the field and some coming at us. “You should have known this isn’t over.” The first boy I stopped said. “Dude. Someone ever say, being too persistent isn’t a good thing?” I asked. He only smirked at me.

“Well, yeah. But, I beat them up until they cried for their mommies.” I only rolled my eyes. If you can’t even beat a scrawny kid like me. How do you beat anyone?” I demanded. That got his temper flaring. “How dare you!” He screamed and attacked me. I countered and blocked him. His punches were sloppy. I brought my right arm up to block him and then I grabbed his left. I spun around behind him and the twisted his arm. I then flipped him over and pounded him into the ground. I jumped and flipped over him and grabbed the arm of one who was going after Ryan. I jumped over him and hit the other guy.

Both crumbled to the ground. Then we were surrounded by ten other boys. Were there this many in the locker room? I wondered. “Hey, Matt?” I turned to see Eric approaching me. He had a few of his buddies with him. The ones around me slowly backed away and then took off. “You okay man.” I nodded. “Thanks.” I told him. I shook his hand and he nodded. “Eric?” Ryan asked. He only looked confused. “Do I know you?” He asked. “No, I guess not. I guess I just got lucky with your name.” He said. “Wait, no. You can’t be Ryan?” he asked in shock.

“How do you two know each other?” I asked. “He’s my cousin. Well, adopted cousin I guess you can say. But, we’ve been around each other since he was brought to me when he was a baby. I was the closest friend he had until he turned ten. Then after that, things changed. I don’t know what happened.” He said. “My dad said you didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. Every time I tried to call, your mom said you didn’t want to be seen if a kid and one that wasn’t blood to you. She said you felt like I was holding you back and that was when mom and dad got abusive.” He explained.

I could see Eric fuming at the news. “I never said any such thing.” He snapped. His anger scared the crap out of Ryan and I stepped up in front of him. “You’re scaring the kid,” I said matter of fact like. Eric cooled off then. “Right, sorry,” He muttered. “So, he’s your cousin?” A buddy of his asked. “Yeah,” He said simply. “Eric? Since you helped me out. I’ll help you out.” I said and then walked away from them. He didn’t try to stop me from leaving. I really thought Ryan would stay with his cousin, but he followed me.

“How come you don’t stay with him?” I asked. “Well, it wouldn’t matter because it’s not like I have a place to stay either way. But, he has his friends.” He told me. Eric cut me off again. “Does he have a place to stay?” He asked. “He will stay with me. Unless you know a place where he will be well fed and respected and taken care of?” I asked. “I do. I have a small apartment that I am using right now. I live there because it cuts travel between college and here. I have a spare bedroom. He can live there.” He said. Ryan looked concerned. “What about your mother?” His expression got dark.

“You let me worry about her. She won’t cut me off. I’m the only hope she has for a kid of hers to pass High School, let alone get into college.” I smiled at them. “See, Ryan? You’ll be fine.” I told him. “Thanks, man,” He said quietly. “You better be nice to him,” I warned. “Why are you so protective?” A large buddy of Eric’s asked. “I was him at one point. I used to be the one who was always punished and beaten. I was the one who was treated like crap.”

I could tell they didn’t believe me. It didn’t matter what they believed. I left Ryan with his cousin and continued on my way. Again I was blocked and surrounded. Eric and the others went to my aid, but I waved them away. They froze. “What are you doing?” Ryan demanded. “I’m not going to get anywhere unless I kick their asses. They will only learn once they lose.” I said to him. “But-“ He started. “He’s right. He has to beat them on his own. We keep interfering and he’ll never get the upper hand.” Eric told him.

I knew Ryan didn’t like it. I already protected him twice. But, this was my fight. “You stopped me from beating a homeless brat. Now, you’re going to pay.” I pointed over to where the others were. He froze when he saw Ryan next to Eric. “No way!” He shouted. “Yeah, dumbass. That homeless kid is Eric’s cousin. So, you still want to do this?” I asked. He threw a quick punch, but I easily knocked it aside and through a punch of my own. He connected with his jaw. I did a low spinning kick and knocked him off his feet.

His friends pounced on me and I sent one flying through the air. Another I grabbed by the wrist and began to squeeze hard. He gasped in pain and then I ducked low and brought the one I held over and he crashed into a friend of his. Two more jumped on me. I landed hard on the ground and I kicked one in the nuts. He rolled off of me holding himself crying in a high-pitched wail. I would have laughed if the other one wasn’t hitting my face. His punch connected with my eye. It Smarted and I elbowed him in the stomach. But, he was a lot tougher than his friend.

I kneed him twice more than head butted him. He rolled off holding his nose. Blood trickled down. “You really are messing with the wrong person. “Dillon this is enough!” Eric snapped coldly. He walked over to the boy who keeps starting the fight. His friends all surrounded the two of us. They weren’t going to back down anymore. “You don’t the football team here to back you up. Dillon snapped. “No, but I don’t need it. I moved fast. I kicked and punched and spun around, flipping over people. I wasn’t going to let them get their nasty hands on me.

I felt the entire class watching now. Eric and his buddies were dealing with Dillon and a couple others. I had seven on me and I wouldn’t be able to hold out for too much longer. I saw someone sneak up and then kick. A boy went down and Ryan jumped backward. What was he doing?! I gave him a shocked look and then decked someone in the jaw as hard as I could. He went down and I sailed over someone, kicking them in the back. He went crashing to the ground and I jumped and spun in the air as one bull rushed under me. I landed on my feet and rolled forward.

I sprang to my feet and blocked a strike towards my chest. Good thing too, because the boy had a knife. Then I remembered the wounds. Why weren’t they flaring up? Why did I even care at this point in time!? I wondered. The other five were pressing in on me, and I gasped for breath. I wouldn’t be able to handle them. Eric and his two friends jumped in to help and the group hesitated. “You can’t beat us all. You’ve already seen what this one can do.” Eric said pointing at me. They all looked at me and then back at the others. “Yes, but he looks ready to collapse.”

He was right. I wouldn’t be able to fight another guy. I didn’t have the strength. “You’d be surprised what you can do when your life is on the line.” The guy on my left said and I looked at him. He winked. The five charged in and I ducked under a blow and rolled out of the way. I sprang to my feet and came down grabbing the big guys arm and spun and tossed him. He didn’t go very far. I didn’t have the energy to send him stumbling and he only slightly lost his balance.

He then charged me and wrapped his arms around my neck. He started to choke me and my arms felt like spaghetti. I couldn’t get them to respond. I felt my lungs trying to get air and my vision began to fuzz out. Ryan rushed over and kicked him in the nose. He screamed and blood dripped down onto my shirt. He then punched Ryan. Anger coursed through me and I found a strength I didn’t know that I had. I lifted him off of me and launched him several feet. I then arched my legs into the air and flipped up, and landed on my feet. I rushed over to him. “Hey, are you okay?” I asked. I gasped for breath and I couldn’t move really fast.

“Yeah, I am more worried about you,” He said. I smirked at him. “I’ll be fine. I’ve had worse.” I said and if only he knew how true that is. Everyone in the class grouped up in front of the teacher. He looked at a few of us and just sighed. He didn’t even care that one tried to choke me to death. Or a few were sporting major black eyes and bruises. I guess it didn’t matter in this school. “Go get changed,” He said. The others jogged off and I walked quickly. I couldn’t find the will to move. I had to go slow. But, Eric and Ryan were there with me the entire time. They even helped me walk when I stumbled.

I really thought I was going to collapse from exhaustion. We finally made it to the school and walked in. Ryan went over to get changed and I did the same. “Hold it!” The gym teacher shouted. I never made it worth me knowing what his name was. “You all in the showers. Now.” He ordered. His eyes gleamed wickedly and I really didn’t want to. Eric gave him a look of disdain. Others groaned about it. “Now!” He shouted. We took off our gym clothes and walked naked into the showers. Those who weren’t washing up lined against the wall and I saw that the teacher was watching. It was more than just making sure we showered. He was checking us out and his eyes stopped on me.

I swear I even saw him lick his lips. Oh, hell no. It wasn’t going to happen. Ryan and Eric were right next to me. Two boys left at the same time and I gently pushed Ryan forward and followed him and began to lather myself up and washed my hair and body off. “Hey, what are you doing teach!?” I heard a boy ask in fear. I washed the soap off my face and turned around. A skinny boy was pinned up against the wall. The teacher was feeling him up. “Please, stop.” He sobbed.

“Hey, you sicko!” Another boy snapped and punched him hard in the jaw. “You’re going to be suspended for that!” The teacher screamed. “You’ll be lucky if you don’t go to jail for attempted rape of a minor!” The bigger boy screamed. Then he turned towards the smaller boy. “You okay bro?” He nodded. Brothers? I wondered. We all watched each other after that. We all grouped together and finishing our showers, we waited for the others to be done before we walked past him. We grabbed towels from the rack and quickly wrapped ourselves in them. We walked over to the lockers and then changed into our street clothes quickly. The teacher was still staring, but he didn’t make any more moves against us.

The other classes that first week went by in a blur. The following two and a half months made it feel like forever and it was one week before the concert and I didn’t know if I could keep handling all of this. Work, school, practice. I don’t even know why I was trying. It wasn’t like I had any talent with instruments. Mr. Franks gave me a Tuba and I had to learn it. The notes were pretty simple. But, the instrument kind of sucked. The dents made it sound off and I kept trying to adjust the valves. But, it didn’t make a difference. One day, he told me to put it away. “How about this?” He asked and handed me an electric guitar. “This is a special guitar. It cost a fortune. But, I will let you borrow it. Be careful.” He said.

I nodded. I unzipped it and gasped. The guitar was huge! Two sets of cords on it and I pulled it out of the case. I took the strap and put it on my shoulder. He nodded and then had me stand next to a double amp. Two large amps next to each other. The cord connected the two of them to one plug. I attached the cable and then felt a spark up shoot up my body. “You okay?” Mr. Franks asked. I nodded. He placed a stand in front of me and I saw the notes and the melody and began to play right away. “Holy crap.” He said and everyone was staring at me.

The sound was deep and mystical. “I thought you never played before?” He demanded. “I haven’t,” I said. He only stared at me. “Okay,” He said not believing me. “Ready?” He asked and raised the baton. The other band members brought their instruments to the ready and then we began to play. The other members of the band played beautifully and with a guitar, the sound magnified and combined together. Today we had the Tenner and alto saxophone. That really made the song sound good. Then I had a part where only the trumpet and trombone kept played with me.

The sound echoed all around us. It sounded dark and evil. He cut us off. “Okay. That sounds amazing. Matt, I’m afraid to do this to you. But, there’s a part where we need someone to play and sing.” I froze. “Sing?” I choked. “Yeah. Here.” He pointed to the music sheet. “I don’t know if I can sing,” I said. “I told you he’s a chicken shit.” Someone muttered. I ignored him and stared at the teacher.

“I understand your feelings and you’re already doing us a favor by being here. But, would you mind giving it a chance? Please. It will complete the song. I will sing or I’ll get a choir member to sing it if I have to. But, I think it will be good if you do it.” He said. “Why?” He shrugged. “Please, give it a chance?” He asked. I sighed and nodded. He picked up two verses before my singing career started and I crashed and burned. I calmed my nerves down and took a deep breath. Then he queued me and I started to sing while playing. I don’t know where it came from but it came out dark and twisted.

Through the shadows, dark and light. Through the evils of a scarecrows plight. The ghosts and witches will rise and cackle. Their caldron will bubble and hiss and spackle. Nights will haunt you until All Hallows Eve. Here and there, the undead rise. Through the ghosts and banshee’s immortal cries! Run in fear. Run and hide. The nights call out to all our souls in a hope to attach themselves to our dreams. Fight through the evils in the air. Fight through the despair that forms in your mind. Find the Sisters of Fate and pray for your plight. The zombies rise all around in hopes for flesh. But, only with a witch of light are you to have hopes to beat a witch of the night!”

Everyone had stopped playing by that point and just stared open mouthed at me. “I’m sorry if that was bad,” I muttered. Mr. Franks only kept staring and began to clap in response. The others followed him and applauded me. I felt my face grow bright red. “That was bloody fricken brilliant a girl said. “I’ve never heard anything like that before. It was beautiful in a dark way. You should be in choir!” Another girl said. I blushed. “Okay, people. Let’s keep going.” He said still staring at me.

I played for a while before I got to the second part of the song. Then it was my turn all over again. I readied my nerves and slammed onto the strings to cause a shrill sound and it actually sounded like a wind blowing across a cemetery. I don’t know how. But, it felt like what I imagined it would be like if you walked in a cemetery at night with the fog and a cold wind. Others seemed to shiver and get the same feeling I did.

“A witch of light will fly in front of the moon. Smiting the undead into a pile of good. But, will she have enough strength left to fight? Her sister is strong, evil and spry. The zombies all flee at the sight of the light. The ghouls and goblins all laugh and mock. But, through the night magic is stuck. Who knows what side will win? Who knows who will come out without a head? Half the night and all the zombies lay splashed on the ground. Werewolves howl to the moon. Creatures of good. The vampires fly overhead in forms of bats. They circle around to enter a rave. All they want is fun and parties! The night witch laughs and calls to the scarecrows of all. They hobble down from their polls and watch in horror as their straw is pulled out by cats. The pumpkins of the shadows roll down the hill. Using their guts to explode at will. Finally the witch in the night sky so high. Has the power to win the holy fight. But, who will say that the night won’t strike back? No one can say. But, hope is the only sigh.”

We all finished with a combined eerie sound and then it was the end of the song. Everyone looked around at each other and then at me. “Dang!” Several stood up and cheered. The principal entered the auditorium. He looked shocked and impressed at the same time. “Who sang?” He asked. Mr. Franks pointed at me. “It was me.” I said sheepishly. “Wow, kid. That sounded dark and creepy. I loved it. You have an amazing voice. This is definitely going to be the best concert this school has ever seen.” He said and grinned at me. Everyone got up and clapped me on the back and cheered for me.

“Okay, okay. Well, we don’t want to scare him off.” Mr. Franks laughed and hugged me tightly. “Thank you for saving us.” He said sobbing. “Oh, I’m just helping out. I am not a savior.” I said. “Oh, you are! You don’t even know!” He said. “You guys can go home and keep working on it. Matt, please don’t strain your voice. We are going to need that.” He told me. It sounded like a major plead. I nodded and left. I jumped down off the stage and walked towards the door. Others took the steps and ramp.

I walked out of the front door with my bag and out into the parking lot. I got towards my car when I froze dead in my tracks. Ashlee and Liam were standing next to my car. They looked really angry. I slowly walked up to them. They turned around when they heard me approach. “So, you thought you could hide from us?” She demanded. I took in a deep breath. “I don’t know what you’re talking about the miss.” I said and went to unlock the door. “Miss?” She hissed. I should have known that would have made her mad. I mentally kicked myself. “Matt, you’re coming home with us right the hell now.” She said. “I can’t.” I said. “Why not?” She demanded.

“I have things here I have to deal with. I can’t just leave.” I said. She only gaped at me. “You serious?” She demanded. “How did you get here? One minute you were about to get your head cut off and the next Zach was where you stood and grabbed the sword and snapped it in half.” Liam said calmly. “Yeah… Um, he sent me here to keep me from being detected by vampires, but I guess it didn’t work as well as he planned.” I said. “You mean you didn’t want to be found?” She asked agony, coating her voice.

“No, I mean, not yet. I had to get things figured out. I was going to return. But, I wasn’t ready. And I am not exactly at my full strength yet.” I told them. Liam nodded. He understood, but Ashlee didn’t. “I haven’t seen you in months. I didn’t know if you were dead or partying or sleeping with people. I didn’t know what happened to you!” She shrieked. “I’m really sorry about that. I was going to get in touch with you. But, I didn’t know how. I will come back. But, it will have to be in a week. I have one promise that I have to keep. Well, a few of them. But, I have things to tie up here and then we will figure out about bringing me back. How did you two find me?” I asked.

“Oh, well we kind of just pleaded to Zach to lead us the way and then when we were looking up the map of USA, this town popped out in a violet hue. The others looked darkened and we figured it was the right one to go to.” She said. “Where’s Jaise?” I guess that works. But, why would he want them to know where I was? Or was this part of the plan? Get them to find me and protect me? It didn’t make sense.

“He’s doing damage control. After you vanished that bimbo tried to take over the school. All the guards went and followed her. Tom lost control of them. I don’t know how or why.” She told me. “I’m killing them all.” I vowed. “That’s not going to help anything. They aren’t themselves. Somehow I believe she’s controlling them. Or blackmailing them. I don’t know. But, they aren’t acting on their own.” He explained. “Fine, but that bitch is going to pay.” I stated and I dared them to argue. They didn’t and I was grateful for that. “So, what do you still need to do?” She asked.

“Well, I have to help a friend out. Then I have a school concert to help with and then I have to make sure a friend is well taken care of.” They nodded. “How about we help?” Liam offered. “Thanks, man. But, this is something I have to handle. It’s part of my recovery. Getting back to my old self?” He nodded and smiled. “You’re not going to vanish on us are you?” Ashlee asked. “No, of course not. I just had to make sure I wasn’t in danger.” I said and then I gave her a long overdue passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly.

They stayed by me the entire time. They even helped me with Eric. He was nervous at first. But, they proved to be a great help and we helped him get the information for his paper in English. He had to write a paper and argument about how Jock’s weren’t all stupid. He thought it was a bit ironic. But, he really learned and he really put the effort in. They helped when I had to go to work. By the time the paper was done, it was three pages over the required length.

“I think you have a golden paper here.” I said after reading it. He only nodded. He didn’t look very sure. “You okay?” I asked. “Yeah, I understand everything you’ve done for me. But, why did you two help?” He asked. Liam and Ashlee only smiled. “Hey, he’s my friend. Boyfriend.” They said at the same time. Eric only glanced between the two of them. “You’re dating her?” Eric asked in shock. “Yeah. Why?” He smiled and said, “You’re one lucky dude.” I grinned and walked up to her. “Oh, she reminds me every day.” I said and she slapped the back of my head and smiled.

“How is Ryan doing?” I asked him after the paper and Liam ordered pizza for us. “He’s fine. Mom didn’t question him living with me and actually. He’s at her house now. He’s a lot closer to the school. She never actually said what he said she said.” He said. Ashlee and Liam stopped eating and stared at me and then glanced at him. “Huh?” They both asked at the same time. I burst out laughing. Eric snickered. “He was told that my mom said that I didn’t want him around me and that I said he was holding me back. But, she never said that. We worked everything out and his adopted parents want to get custody of him. Mom’s a lawyer and she shredded that custody papers to shreds and found evidence that they were abusive people. So, she has full custody and they can’t go anywhere near him.” He beamed. “Well, that’s great!” I said. “Eric, in case you need anything, here,” I said. “This your cell?” He asked. “Yeah. I might not be able to respond right away. But, my number won’t change and I will get your messages soon enough if you call or text me.” I told him. He nodded.

“If you see Ryan before I do, let him know as well,” I said. “I will. He’s just gotten a cell and he’s really excited about it.” I laughed. “I bet he is. I know I was the first time I got one.” I mentioned. He nodded and then looked at the time. “Oh, we should probably be heading to bed soon,” He said. I checked the clock as well. “Dang,” I said. It was almost midnight. We said goodbye and went to my car. Then we drove it back to my apartment. Ashlee and I went to my room and Liam went to the other one. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have someone next to me when I went to sleep. I passed out quickly feeling safe with Ashlee holding me pressed up to me. The dreams were peaceful. I felt so good that night. It was almost like there wasn’t a care in the world.

The week passed quickly and then it was Wednesday. I told my boss I had to quit that day. She only glared at me and gave me a big hug. “You’ve been the best worker I have. I’m going to miss you.” She said tears glistening in her eyes. “I’m sorry. I actually like this job. But…” She raised a hand. “You don’t have to explain. I understand. It’s time you went back to your home?” She asked. I nodded. I didn’t trust my voice. She smiled and said, “Ashlee, Liam? Take care of him.”

They both smirked and nodded. “What just happened here?” I asked. “She’s a vampire and a full supporter of you.” Ashlee whispered to me. “She had to pretend to give you a hard time. She knew you wouldn’t trust her if she said who she was.” Liam whispered. “God, payback is a bitch.” I muttered. They both laughed. Then I grabbed all my clothes from the apartment and everything I bought. I closed out my lease to it and the old man only nodded. “I was worried about renting it to you. But, you promised me it would only be for a while. But, I never had problems with you. You are alright kid.” He said. “Thanks. You’ve been really helpful. I don’t know where I would have been without your aid.” I said and then waved goodbye. He nodded and waved back. “What about school?” Liam asked.

“I still have until midnight before the address is invalid and they can’t allow me into the school and in school activities.” I said. “You already asked.” Ashlee commented. “Yes. I wanted to check. As soon as this concert is over, we are leaving. I won’t back out of it now. I already told my teachers that I am going back to homeschooling and they signed over the paperwork.” I said. “Dad already picked up the form and signed it. You’re all ready to go back to the castle.” Jaise told me. “Good, I have so much to correct and I need to get this stupid thing off of me. It’s been itching like mad lately.” I said.

Ashlee bought me some nice clothes and changed into my suit. We then went to the school. Mr. Franks and I worked out a secret role for me to play during the choir. I joined the others in the band room. “Oh, my god. I am so glad you’re here!” The band said when they saw me. “I told you. I made a promise and I’m going to stick it out. I’m afraid after this I have to leave, though.” I said sadly. Their faces dropped. “Hey, don’t worry. If you ever need me again, get a hold of me again. I don’t know if I’ll be able to help every time.” That depends on if I’m not being killed.

“But, I will help if I can. Just get a hold of Eric. He has my number. We don’t have time for that now. But, tell him I said it’s okay and get a hold of me.” I smiled. They nodded with a half-smile and then Mr. Franks entered the room. “Okay, so this is going to be our best concert yet.” He said looking at me. “Sadly, our special student won’t be with us after tonight. But, he will leave an impact on us and the audience. So, all we can do is try even harder. Do our best and maybe we can get more people to join!” He said loudly. The choir had no idea what was happening tonight.

They didn’t know anything about my role tonight was. “Okay, people take your places.” He said and I knew that was my signal. I walked behind everyone else. They all took their seats and I snuck behind them. The choir was up first. A couple teachers were waiting for me and the principal. “Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked me. I nodded with a grin. “Oh, yes. This is going to be epic!” I exclaimed. He smiled.

I got into my costume. A white light grim reaper costume with a bone mask. It kind of felt like real bones. And feathery white wings. The gloves were skeletal as well. I climbed up the ladder and then stood in the middle of the upper balcony. No one could see me up here. I was the only one up there so I got myself ready. I lowered the platform twenty feet above the two groups. I could see them. But, they didn’t know I was there. The platform I stood on reattached to a lower balcony. I looked up and noticed a gap in the one I originally stood on and now I hid under a velvet black cloak.

Even if people looked up, they wouldn’t notice anything. I had the fog machines all set and primed to go off thirty seconds after I hit the button. Then Mr. Franks would queue me and I would jump up and toss off the small cloak. He got the choir ready and they started to sing. Their first two songs were really good. They had a lot of talent. He then gave me the look and I clicked the fog machine. A few people glanced up but didn’t see anything. The singing grew louder and then fog swirled around everything. “What’s that?!” Someone shouted from the audience.

I knew it was Mrs. Sanders. I jumped up tossing off the cloak. Screams filled the auditorium. The choir glanced up nervously but kept singing. It added to the chill. The band was really freaking out. Then the choir started to hum and sing softly. I knew that was my time. I readied myself and started to sing.

“Through the fog of night and the light of day, everything in the shadow world comes to stay. Pain and death. Ghouls and magic. If you don’t believe, you will die in mayhem! Show your trust to the gods of magic. Witches and sorcerers! All have been here to keep you safe. The fog swirls around you in the light of the moon. But, do you have the guardians to protect YOU? I think not! You don’t have the warriors of creeps. The fighters of swirling leave! Trust in me then! I am the ultimate warrior. I lead the ghouls and the monsters to your world. I am the only chance you have. So, believe in me to keep you safe. Mortals, witches, vampires and ghosts. Pray to thee and you’ll not be harmed.”

I felt the bracelet fall off at that moment and I felt the magic flow through me. I leaped and twirled in the air. I enchanted my wings to actually flap while I flew. I flew over the audience and hovered above them.

“Humans! Creatures of darkness! I summon thee! I call upon thee!” I shouted. Mist filled the audience and then through the doors, people showed up all in costumes and pretended to attack the people. I watched them and they all looked up at me in the last minute and cowered away and went to approach the stage. Then they stood in front of it facing the audience like defenders. I smirked behind the mask. Mr. Franks didn’t hold back any stops this time.

I then started to sing for real.

Oh, holy night. The fog swirls in the cold fall air. As the humans walk around without a care in the world. I pray thee stays safe on All Hallows Eve! The magic is strong and the power of wronged souls are strong! Pray for forgiveness. Pray to thee! I was burned alive! I was cursed! I pray thee know. It’s a sacred night. Celebrate with us dead. Pray to your loved ones. Magic swirls through the air, the fog, and the light. Magic is on the moon, the night, the sun and the light. Magic is in your soul and mine. Pray to these minions of the abyss. The people on the stage called to me. They believed I could save them. I bestow on them full powers! I give them the gift of peace and care! The witches fly free each fall. The zombies rise and moan at the call!

“The ghosts shriek and ears bleed eternal. Werewolves howl and feast on flesh. Vampires drain humans of blood. But, none of them are evil. Only the wronged do they harm. With respect, you’ll be safe. With honoring them, you’ll be protected! So, I pray thee have heard my song. I hope that thee have felt my pain. These creatures mean you no harm! These creatures only want peace and respect. Feel for them. All is good. Dishonor them! You’ll feel their wrath!” I said and flew back to the balcony and landed. The fog gave one big blast and I rose into the air when it was thick enough. I stopped at the top and I could hear the choir’s voice shaking as they started to sing again. But, it sounded awesome. I climbed back down the ladder and stripped off my costume. “That was amazing!” The principal said excitedly. I smiled. “Thanks.” I said my heart racing. I snuck behind the others and grabbed my guitar. I sat down and plugged my guitar in. I didn’t turn the amp on, though. I saw Mr. Franks give me a satisfied look and winked at me. I winked back and then I watched the rest of the show. The next song was dark but beautiful.

Then the choir was done and they bowed. The audience jumped to their feet, clapping, applauding and stomping their feet. Shrill whistles rang all around us. Everyone loved it. Mr. Franks had to wait for everyone to calm down before speaking. “Ladies and Gentlemen! Our choir and their sacred guardian that was giving you the warning was not just a sacred guardian, but a powerful being. One with insight and magic in this world that you couldn’t possibly imagine! His true identity is a mystery and no one knows where he comes from!” He said.

“He’s a powerful immortal spirit who controls the gates from the realm of the unknown to our own world!” Claps and shouts rang out again. “Now, it’s time for the band!” We all got ready and we played songs like “Beetlejuice.” “Nightmare before Christmas.” “Corpse Bride.” Then we got to the final song. The dark one. I readied myself. We played and then added something to make them sound dark and eerie. Like moans in the wind. We got to my part and the others got quiet but still creepy. I shivered.

Through the shadows, dark and light. Through the evils of a scarecrows plight. The ghosts and witches will rise and cackle. Their caldron will bubble and hiss and spackle. Nights will haunt you until All Hallows Eve. Here and there, the undead rise. Through the ghosts and banshee’s immortal cries! Run in fear. Run and hide. The nights call out to all our souls in a hope to attach themselves to our dreams. Fight through the evils in the air. Fight through the despair that forms in your mind. Find the Sisters of Fate and pray for your plight. The zombies rise all around in hopes for flesh. But, only with a witch of light are you to have hopes to beat a witch of the night!”

We kept it dark and shrill and then it sounded like skeletons walking on cement with chains around their ankles. It actually kind of ground on nerves, but I thought it was a cool effect. We got to the end and my final verse.

“A witch of light will fly in front of the moon. Smiting the undead into a pile of goo. But, will she have enough strength left to fight? Her sister is strong, evil and nimble. The zombies all flee at the sight of the light. The ghouls and goblins all laugh and mock. But, through the night magic is stuck. Who knows what side will win? Who knows who will come out without a head? Half the night and all the zombies lay splashed on the ground. Werewolves howl to the moon. Creatures of good. The vampires fly overhead in forms of bats. They circle around to enter a cave party. All they want is fun and parties! The night witch laughs and calls to the scarecrows of all. They hobble down from their polls and watch in horror as their straw is pulled out by cats. The pumpkins of the shadows roll down the hill. Using their guts to explode at will. Finally the witch in the night sky so high. Has the power to win the holy fight. But, who will say that the night won’t strike back? No one can say. But, hope is the only exhale.”

We finished the song and I let out one loud chord that echoed through us all. Once it faded away Mr. Franks stood up and turned towards the audience. They jumped up laughing, screaming and applauding us. Shrill whistles sounded again. I couldn’t help but beam and I patted people in range on the back. They blushed and smiled ear to ear. They were bloody proud of themselves and they should be! They did an outstanding job. They had it in them all this time. They just needed a push. We bowed and fist pumped the air.

The teacher stepped aside so people can get better photos of us. I smiled like an idiot. Then after the cheering died away he brought the choir and band together. We stood in a row. Oldest to youngest in the band. And then youngest to oldest in the choir in one long line. “I have a special guest who helped us all out. In the band and choir. “Matthew Jones!” I stepped forward. “He is our ancient and powerful spirit!” Cheers rang up and loud clapping came from behind me. I turned to see both groups clapping me and smirking and smiling at me.

I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself. “And to our wonderful guardians!” He shouted. They all took off their masks and it was all the teachers from the school. I couldn’t help but laugh and cheer them. Then we were dismissed and went back to the band room. We all mingled together. “Matt! That was freaking awesome dude! Several people said coming up to me. I smiled. “Well, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys and making me feel like one of you. Your talent is awesome, though. You made this night special and awesome. I’m just helping out.”

They shook their heads. “You made this night special and great. You gave them and us a night we won’t soon forget. This is going to be the talk of the town!” They clapped me on the back and walked off talking about the night. I was really glad they were able to have such a spectacular night. “Well done man,” Liam said from behind me. “You were really amazing,” Ashlee said giving me a deep hug from behind. I turned around and kissed her deeply. A lot of “Awes!” And “Ah’s!” Surrounded us.

I pulled away smirking. She laughed and rested her head against my chest. I was really glad to have her by my side. Mr. Franks entered the room and screamed in delight. “You all were awesome! I couldn’t even imagine a better performance. I can’t believe you’re not going to be here next time.” He said sadly. “You guys don’t need me to make this a special time or an awesome concert. You just have to give it you’re all and do what you did tonight without me. If you really need me. I’ll come back to help as often as I can. But, one concert tries it on your own and see.” I said.

“But, do let me know when it is. I would like to come back and watch.” I said with a smile. I hugged them all and then left with Liam and Ashlee. I put the keys in an envelope and put in the glove box with a note. Then they took me and we teleported back to the castle. Guards surrounded the front door and cave entrance. As soon as they saw me, they rushed over to grab me. I blasted them away with a sheet of ice, freezing their feet where they stood. I walked past them and right through the front doors. I walked up the steps and three more guards appeared. Ashlee and Liam took care of them quickly and I bashed one right in the forehead and he was knocked out before he hit the ground.

We kept walking and then I kicked open the throne room. “Welcome back guys. I see you have the traitor?” I heard Nick say from the shadows. The old woman stepped forward. “Kill them all!” She screamed. “I don’t think so!” I said and with a look, they were surrounded by a wave of water. If they tried to get through, it would burn and boil their skin. “They get through that, they’ll die,” I said calmly. She tried to shoot the wind at me and I yawned. “Please, you old hag. That trick was tried on me already.” I said. Then I launched a bolt of lightning at her and it struck her square in the chest. Then a crumbling ice wall appeared. She gasped and looked down at the giant hole in her chest.

“What have you done to me?” She said weakly. “Oh, I killed you. I wonder who came up with the prediction that lightning does strike the same place twice.” I wondered aloud. “You…YOU…” She screamed. “Yep.” I said and went to blast her again. “No, you will kill her,” Ashlee said. “I’ve killed people before. I’m okay with it. They killed someone and they were threatening us. I am willing to do anything to protect us. And I am protecting us from her.” I said coldly. She mustered a cold wind and launched it at Ashlee.

I blocked it with a fire shield. The fire hissed and faded out. But, she was okay. Then the woman collapsed on the ground. The wound and the use of magic finished her off. She turned into a giant ice statue and then exploded. I cast a firewall around everyone who was in the room and the ice melted and the water evaporated before anyone was harmed. I felt the drain of magic and I collapsed on the ground. Ashlee grabbed onto me. Jaise stepped forward.

“Nice reaction time.” He approved. I looked up at him with a smile. “Thanks. I’m glad to be back.” Then I turned to face Nick. He was only staring at me in shock. “How were you able to beat her?” He asked. “The same way I’m going to beat you,” I said. I conjured a magical holy sword out of thin air. It was a spell I was secretly trying and I always failed. But, now I had the confidence create it. It was linked to my magic and strength and confidence and right now? I was feeling pretty confident.

I attacked him and he brought out his spears. I countered and blocked him. Our weapons kissed and scraped against each other. “You don’t have the strength to beat me now. You couldn’t do it before.” He told me with a sneer. “You don’t know what I have been through. I have found myself and a new confidence. You don’t have a hope of beating me.” I gasped out and smashed my weapon against him. I imbued fire and lightning into it and he turned away from the blinding light.

He barely got one spear up to counter my attack. I brought my sword down with some serious power and it snapped the spear in half. The magic faded out and I felt the other one weaken. “You can’t beat me!” He screamed. “Oh, I think I can.” I said. He twirled it and jabbed at me. But, he was easy now. I broke that one in seconds and then sliced off his head. His entire body turned into crystal and I stomped on his head. His body fizzled out and everyone cheered. “Awesome!” Everyone screamed.

Then I just had another vision. “You are all going to die now. You’re all going to pay the price for your treason. You won’t be able to survive this me. I’m too strong for you. Prepare to die!” I heard the voice from before. “Crap!” I shouted. All the guards appeared to me looking confused. “Matt? What happened?” They asked. Tom burst through looking really pissed off. “Oh, I want them dead!” He screamed. “Um, Tom? They were being controlled. He only blinked at me. Then he looked at the guards. “Oh.” He said. I grinned. “Okay, people! Gather everyone in the auditorium. We have a serious problem to address. Unless I’m still wanted for murder?” I asked.

Everyone raised their hands in surrender. “Good. Go!” I shouted. They all vanished. The other masters and I teleported over to the stage and awaited the vampires. It took half an hour to get them all up and here. “This is everyone.” Jaise said when he got a nod from one of the guards. “Okay, so I know I was wrongly accused and I left suspiciously. But, I didn’t do it and…” Everyone shouted for me to shut up. I looked at them. Jaise and Ashlee snickered next to me.

“We know you didn’t do it!” They all shouted. “So, what is the real threat you saw?” Julie asked stepping up next to me. “I heard the voice again. He’s going to attack us soon. I think it’s going to be tonight. We all have to be ready. Is everyone ready and prepared to fight for your lives?” I asked. I sensed a lot of fear. “It’s okay to be afraid. But, we are all going to have to work together. I don’t know what’s coming for us. But, I know it’s going to be a bloodbath.” I said. They all nodded. Scared, but determined. “Okay, we are going to need everyone suited up and armed. Tom? Draven? Liam? Courtney?” I asked turning to each of them in turn.

They nodded and joined the guards and the other vampires. “What are we going to do?” Jaise asked. “We are going to prepare an escape route.” I said and rushed off to the war room. I quickly grabbed a map of the school. “Okay, I have a spell here.” I said and handed them each one. “Oh, this is good.” Ashlee said. “Alright. I am going to need three people going to select points in this school to create this symbol.” I said pointing at the one with the white dot in the middle. “What do we use?” Sam asked. “Paint, food coloring. It doesn’t matter. But, we are going to have to link together on this. Whatever color we use for the entrance, we are going to need to match the exit.” I said.

They nodded determinedly. “I have a bunch of paint in my room.” Julie said. “Go get them.” I told her and she vanished. “Okay. So, Sam? You will be Julie’s counterpart. You will form the symbol and quickly choose a color when she gets back. It’s going to take a while to make them.” I said. Jaise and Ashlee will be partners in this.” I said. “What about you?” Ashlee asked me. “I’m going to make my own set.” I said with determination. “You can’t do the work of two people!” She said. I only smiled. “I won’t have to.” I said.

I pulled out my phone and told Nex to create the exit symbol in the mess hall in the standard color. He responded, Right away. “Okay, so now I only have to come up with the entrance one,” I said. Julie appeared then. “Okay, people. Go!” Ashlee and Jaise teamed up and I looked at Julie and pointed over at Sam. She nodded and I rushed off to the entrance to the dungeons in front of the gate. I nodded grimly. I went back and grabbed the standard colors that the book described. I grabbed some white and began to draw out the symbol. It was going to take some time.

I got the outline when screams echoed outside. I rushed over to the doors and saw the stone wall light up. It looked like it was being shot at with catapults. The rocks lit up in an orange glow. I knew it wouldn’t last too much longer. People came up to the cave and I saw people shooting arrows and clashing with swords, but the enemies were shooting at them. Even though it couldn’t kill us, it stung like hell. And it could incapacitate us and that could be fatal. I went back to drawing. I had to hurry. Screams and gunfire filled the air. The ground shook and the sky lit up. I saw chunks of rock fall to the ground and it even smashed a group of people. I couldn’t tell if they were good or bad. I couldn’t worry about that right now.

I went back to focusing on the drawing when I heard kids running over to a corner. I smiled at them and they went to me. “Are you okay?” I asked. They nodded. “I need you to be brave okay?” I asked them. They nodded. I glanced at the door for a second and then froze. A group of soldiers was coming towards us. I looked at the kids. “You guys like to draw?” They nodded. I pulled out the paper. I was taking a risk. But, I didn’t have much choice. “I need you all to color this in. Follow this picture directly.” I told them. I handed them the colors and I rushed off to the door. I really hoped they would complete it. I met the soldiers. “Matt, what an unpleasant surprise. Die!” The soldier shouted.

I dodged him and jumped over him. He started shooting wildly and I landed and spun around him. I flipped through them and landed behind one. They aimed and fired, but I was already gone. One shot his ally and the other targeted me. I spun around and snapped ones neck. I then rolled and flipped and kicked the third in the chest and he went flying. The fifth one actually shot me! The bullet went right through me and I looked at him in shock. “Well, done. You killed me.” I said with a grin.

I rushed him and snapped his neck. The one I kicked began to rise and I sprinted at him and punched my fist right through his chest and yanked out his heart. Vampires were running around. Some got the upper hand and others were getting slaughtered. I finished off my group and then rushed off to help whoever I could. “Everyone! To me!” I shouted. Vampires heard me and fought their way over. More soldiers were pouring out of the tunnel, but we were more organized now. Guards rallied everyone in a tight line. They shot arrows and hacked away.

“Matt!” I turned to see Tom toss me a bow and quiver. I nodded at him and then aimed. I didn’t have a lot of practice with this weapon, but I seemed to be okay. It took me a couple tries, but I shot an arrow right through a soldier’s skull. Another pierced a heart. Then more chunks of rock fell from our created ceiling. “It’s coming down!” Someone shouted. Just what we needed. I thought. We finished the group of humans that came pouring out and then there were just a few stragglers. We easily dispatched them. They got a few hundred of us, but it could have been a lot worse. We took out a thousand at least of them. “Did we win?” Someone asked. I looked at the sky and Drave said, “I highly doubt it.” I heard the sound of something I didn’t like. “What’s that sound?” Liam asked. “Helicopters,” I muttered. As if the word was a final command. The ceiling blasted open and three military copters flew down and machine guns blasted the ground.

We all rushed off for cover. They obliterated large groups and I watched in horror as the bullets ripped vampires in half. I conjured a thick ice wall. The bullets hit the wall and were lodged in. But, the constant assault of the bullets was about to shatter the wall. I rolled out of the way as it shattered and then I launched a powerful lightning bolt. It streaked through the air in purple’s and reds and yellows and blasted the blade. A giant fire started and the chopper spun out of control. It explodes in the air and some shrapnel hit another chopper.

It seemed to get damaged, but the other two were still air born. I had to think of something to do. Archers ignited their arrows and fired. But, they fell short. The two choppers launched missiles at us. “Run!” I screamed and we all dodged out of the way. Some large groups were blown up. “NO!” I screamed. An anger coursed through me. I couldn’t allow everyone to is killed. I launched a huge ice blast at the damaged one. It couldn’t seem to move out of the way in time and then-then I used wind magic to swing it around and I launched it at the other one. It collided and they both exploded. I felt weak. But, good.

Then pain exploded through my chest and stomach. “You shouldn’t have let your guard down. I knew you were going to be the difficult one to attend with.” I heard the woman’s voice and anger raged through me. “Oh, I wouldn’t try to fight. It will only kill you faster.” She said. Then she stepped around me. “I’m going to love watching you suffer and die. While I kill the others.” She said. I turned towards the cave tunnel and saw more people now approaching through it.

Then I saw Trisha. She smirked when she saw me. She ran up to me and grabbed me by the hair. I wasn’t scared of her anymore. “You willing to die like a good little bitch?” She asked. I felt my fingers tingling and then I blasted her with air. She went flying. “Matt!” Tom screamed and knelt down next to me. He glanced at me and then at her. She jumped to her feet and faced us. “Oh, so you’re with him. I told dad you wouldn’t be stupid enough. I guess he won the bet. I told him you know? I told him you were a sinful faggot.”

I saw the pain in Tom, but he did his best to mask it. “Oh, you’re surprised. He worried about you. Now, I’m the favorite.” She told her brother. “Matt, get out of here. I’ll deal with her. Pain filled his voice, but there was a determination as well. I nodded and stumbled off. A vampire caught me and he had a white streak. He cast a healing spell on me. Before he could finish it, he was staked in the heart. He screamed and told me to run. Tears stung my eyes, but there wasn’t anything I could do for him. I ran on and met a small group of fighters.

“Matt. Where do we go?” I turned to look at the castle. Ashlee and Julie were waving at me. “Go to them!” I said pointing. Three more choppers came through the opening and two opened fire on the school. I had to do something. The bullet wounds had healed, but I was growing weak and tired. Then I crossed paths with the woman again. Sasha and Joy appeared next to me. “She’s our fight,” They said together.

I nodded and ran off. Two vampires appeared around them, but I couldn’t help them. I had to go and make sure I could get everyone out of here. I had to help as many people as I could. Groups of fighters were all over. The choppers were chipping away at the castle. It had magic, but the magic was fading. It wasn’t going to be able to hold out. Just hold on a little bit longer. I grabbed my phone and asked Nex, “Is the symbol done?” He responded with a thumbs up.

How cute. I thought. I ran into the school then and the children were done and beaming. I looked at the symbol and smiled. “Great-“ I couldn’t finish because a blast sent my flying through the air and I crashed into the wall on the left leading to the hallway to the training room. I fell to the ground. I glanced up with ringing ears and couldn’t believe what I saw. John was there glaring at me. I couldn’t hear what he said, but I read the lips. “You’re dead,” He said. I have heard that one before. I thought.

I climbed to my feet and went to go after him. He wasn’t alone though and his friends tackled me and kicked and punched me. I couldn’t find an inch of ground to get the upper hand. I closed my eyes and focused on the wind. It sent them flying. They crashed through the steps. I faced John. “You will pay for turning my son against me!” He snarled. “You did that yourself!” I hissed back. I grappled with him and I couldn’t get a solid hold on him. The two vampires grabbed me and my strength gave out on me.

I tried to break free. I couldn’t move. He held a stake and it pulsated with a violet aura. I paled. “Yep. You’re going to die. You know there’s no coming back from this don’t you?” He asked. He went to stake me and I closed my eyes. I waited for the pain, but it never came. I heard an intake of breath and when I opened my eyes, Sam was standing right in front of me. He took the blast. John looked at us in shock and then vanished. It was like he knew something we didn’t.

I turned him around. “Run, Matt. You have to get the others…” He said and then began to scream violently. A blast shot out from him and I was tossed across the room again. I looked up to see a pile of ashes where the two vampires with John stood and where Sam was. I looked at the shattered steps and five vampires rushed down the steps only to explode into a pile of ashes. “What the fuck!?” Liam and Julie asked at the same time.

They saw me and rushed over to help me. “John…He had a stake to kill me. But, Sam took the blow. Then it exploded and targeted seven other vampires. I guess each of them had a different element. The magic had to get seven different vampires to stop it. Five vampires lost their lives because of me.” I stated. “It wasn’t your fault!” Julie said. “Kids lost their lives because of me. I had them finish the symbol while I went out and fought. John…He killed them and it’s my fault. I should have protected them.” I said. “Dude, if you hadn’t joined us, we all would have died! It wasn’t your fault!” He screamed. I wasn’t listening. “The portal is done. It’s behind the steps.” I said.

“Okay, we have the others leading as many people as we can to the destination. I screamed, “Portals! ACTIVATE!!!!!!” I felt all six charged and ready to go within seconds. They stared at me in shock. I sprinted out of the castle to see two of the choppers still blasting away at the castle. One was flying around trying to pick off straggling vampires. I went into a dark rage. I felt the shadow magic build up inside me. I was told that the elements would be hard to get back. I didn’t think that was true. Shadow magic filled the air and radiated out like a dark cloud. The dead rose from where they lay and I lifted them into the air and launched them at the choppers. The undead shrieked and howled in laughter. They grabbed a hold of the helicopter and pulled themselves up. They were shot and stabbed. But, they couldn’t feel it. They disabled the controls and it came crashing to the ground. Some of the undead even morphed into dark winged creatures.

The moon changed from a golden white hue to a blackish red light. The winged creatures circled the two helicopters. “Matt!” One winged creature called to me. “Sam?! How?” he laughed. “Magic. It brought me back for one final attack. One final act of revenge. Just know. I don’t regret sacrificing myself for you! You are worth it. Save the world. Save my family. My last wish! We will destroy these things. You get the others to safety. I know you have a proper plan! Go!” He shouted and he led whatever he and the others turned into and they assaulted the choppers. Screams rang down all around. A few vampires rushed as fast as they could towards me. I went out to help as many as I could. Ashlee and the others joined me and grabbed them too. We moved them towards my portal and then we entered it. The last thing I heard was a massive explosion that echoed around me. I even felt the heat as we went through the gateway and then I dropped onto the ground of the mess hall of the Nexus.

“How many vampires survived?” I demanded right away. “Well, I think forty-thousand died. So, we have over one hundred and fifty thousand.” Jaise said. I sighed. “How could humans do so much damage to us?” I asked. “Matt, it would have been a lot worse if you hadn’t helped.” A woman said. “I let kids die!” I screamed. “What kids?” Jaise asked. “A small group of vampire children.” I sobbed. “Matt?” That woman said uncertainly. I looked up at her with tears in my eyes. My daughter is the youngest vampire here.” She said and she was ten. “How? What?” I choked out.

“No, they were like six or seven.” I said. “Well, they weren’t vampires.” She said. “But, who were they then? They finished the portal!” No one had an answer for me. But, whoever they were, I owed them my life and so many others. “Now what?” Julie asked. “I don’t know. But, we should be safe here for now.” Jaise said. “There’s plenty of room for all.” Nexus said to us. “Who was that?” A boy asked.

“Nexus. He’s the brains of our new sanctuary.” I said. “Matt, there’s nothing you could have done for them. You have to believe that you saved more lives than you hurt. You destroyed four helicopters that were slaughtering us.” Ashlee said. I nodded, but I didn’t feel very grateful. “Where’s Draven and Tom?” I asked. “Hey!” I heard Draven call. Relief flooded through me.

“Where’s Tom?” I wondered. No one said anything. “No one has seen him?” I asked. “Have you?” Jaise asked. “The last time I saw him, he was facing off with his sister.” I said. Then I spotted Sasha and Joy! “Oh thank god you’re both alright.” I shouted. They smiled and waved at me. “Yeah, that bitch got shredded!” Sasha said. But, there was still no sign of Tom. I couldn’t face the crowd. Too many deaths on my hands. I leaned against a wall and dropped to the ground. I brought my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them and began to cry.

“Why so sad?” A male voice asked. I just shook my head. “Hey, it’s okay. What’s wrong?” He asked. “Tom. He’s dead.” I stammered through tears. “I am?” The voice asked. I froze. I slowly glanced up and held my breath. “Tom!?” I shrieked and then tackled him to the ground. He laughed and I hugged him tightly. “It’s good to see you too man.” He said. “What happened?” I demanded of him. He lost part of his smile. “Well, let’s just say Trisha won’t be bothering you anymore.” He told me. I nodded. I didn’t want to press him.

Draven walked up next to us. “I heard someone scream something about seeing a Tom.” He said. Tom stood up and then kissed Draven deeply. I laughed quietly and then got up and found Ashlee. I kissed her and realized we were all safe for the time being. We lost our home. But, we have another one. We will find something to do and we have plenty of food for now. We can always get more. “Oh, Matt?” Jaise said walking up to me. “We have a surprise for you.” I gave him a puzzled look. “Well, it was Zach’s idea.” Julie said. We walked to the garden and I saw a tree growing with literal dollar bills for leaves.

“What the heck?” I asked. “Yeah, one of the gods little ideas. They know we are going to need money. So, we have an actual money tree.” She said. I laughed. “We are going to have to protect this thing.” I said. “Oh, see? That won’t be a problem. Zach made sure that only a small group of vampires can reach it. Liam, Julie, you and me.” She said. “There’s a protective spell Zach and Jacob made. No one will be able to break it.” She said. “Well, this is one worry we don’t have to deal with.” I said. She smiled. “I think it’s time to get some sleep!” I said. Ashlee gave me a wink and yanked me towards the bedroom.

I would deal with any issues in three days. Right now? I was going to sleep in. Eat massive amounts of food. And relax. I was going to spend time with my girlfriend and maybe even get lucky. Maybe. However, we all know it isn’t going to be this easy for us to have a normal life. Something about this attack didn’t feel right. Somehow it felt too easy. I got my answer soon enough when a shooting pain hit me and I crumbled to the floor. “Matt!” Ashlee screamed. You think you are safe? You think you can escape ultimate destruction from my powers?”

The voice continued, “The council is in ruins! You and yours will die! How you managed to get so many out of the school, I must know. But, I can figure it out. Once I do, I can trace it back to you. Besides, knowing you foolish kids, you left whatever magic activated and I’ll just use that to get to you. Your end is now. Your life is over. Prepare. To. Die!” The voice screamed. “Portals in the school and sub, close your magic so know can use.” I felt the magic tremble through me and I knew they sealed and wouldn’t open. I didn’t know if it would do any good. But, it was something I should have figured out beforehand. I should have known that they would need to be closed.

Anything that is opened has to be closed. I felt Ashlee drag me to my feet. “What happened? What did you see?” She asked. Jaise and Tom were there in a flash. “Whoever attacked us isn’t done. Somehow we escaped his large force. The humans were just the warm-up. The scouting party. He said that the council lies in ruins. I don’t know if it’s true. But, he hasn’t lied yet. For an angry psychopath. He’s honest. So, do we check on the council? They can’t all be dead right?” I asked.

“I don’t know if checking on them is a good idea.” Jaise said. “Yeah, remember psycho ice bitch? The one who tried to have you-“ Tom didn’t finish. He didn’t need to. I remembered all too well. Besides, it hadn’t even been twenty-four hours yet. “So, what? We let them die if they aren’t already? Not all of them were bad. Zeke? Sally? They were on my side in case you remember. Alayne? She fought against Ryal to save me.”

No one said anything. It was like the sound was sucked out of the room. “Yeah, but we aren’t going to want to get back in the fight anytime soon. Everyone is so tired. I don’t know if they could handle another fight.” Ashlee told me. I sighed. “I’m not asking them to fight! I’m asking us all to go check on our friends and allies. You don’t think we alone are going to have the power do you? We are going to need the council. Besides, remember that they have their own army? Don’t you think we could use them?”

They gave each other an odd look. “What?” I demanded. “How do we know it wasn’t them who attacked us? I mean their human army was trained in taking down vampires. The soldiers tonight didn’t seem too surprised to fight us.” Tom commented. I just shook my head. “I can’t completely believe that they were a part of our assassination. I need. No, I have to believe they are on our side and I have to believe they aren’t all dead.” I said coldly. Ashlee stepped forward to grab my hand. I pulled away from her.

“Matt.” She said and I heard the pain in her voice. “It isn’t what you think. We are all just so exhausted. We need to rest. You need to rest. You used too much magic and are recovering from blood loss and exhaustion. You need sleep. Tomorrow we can go check on them if you’d like.” She said. “I’m not going to stop until I know what happened to them. I’ll go to bed in a few minutes. I’m going to the command deck, though.” I said and walked past everyone. I ordered them all to go to bed. “Nex will show you where you’ll be staying!” I shouted. Then I walked off and said, “Nexus? Seal this deck.”

When I arrived on the command deck. He acknowledged by sealing and locking the doors. I went to the control station on the right. “So, what are you going to do? There isn’t a lot you can do from the bottom of the ocean.” He said appearing in holographic form. “No. But, you are basically an alien spaceship are you not?” I asked him. “I don’t know about the alien. But, a spaceship? Virtually, yes. I am from the world that is in the future and have been equipped with many features.” He said.

“So, you can change your shape?” I asked him. He grew thoughtful for a moment. “I could yes. But, we would need everyone to go to a safe place.” I thought about it for a moment. “Don’t you have some kind of field you could place around everyone’s bed? That way they can’t move or be moved while you change?” He knew what I was talking about. “Yes. A containment field. Everyone is in their room. Except for Jaise. He’s outside now and really pissed off. I could get Nex to knock him out if you wish.” He suggested. “It’s a nice offer, but let him in. He’s not going to go anywhere.” I said. He nodded. Jaise entered the room and he glowered at me. “I don’t want to hear it.

Nex came in through the doorway keeping a close eye on my cousin. “You don’t need a bodyguard.” Jaise hissed at me. “I think for right now, I am. I’m going to be kind of busy and I don’t have time to watch you too.” I said to him. “What are you doing?” He demanded. “Making us fly.” I said straight-faced. He laughed and then sobered quickly when he realized I was speaking the truth. “You’re serious?!” I nodded and then went back to the controls. “I don’t know how to make an airship or spaceship or whatever. But, if I could see some designs from games I have played, it might make a difference in choice.” I said. I looked through photos and found one that I really liked. It was ‘the high wind’ from final fantasy seven.

It looked like a Star Wars spaceship. I flat, but semi pointed nose. Along hull and then it entered into a giant long cabin underneath which connected to a propeller. The first couple decks then led to the back and it connected up to two more giant engines with spinning blades that looked like helicopter propellers. All in all, it was huge! At least, the size of three football stadiums and I think it would be big enough for us all. “Okay, Nexus? You know what to do.” I said. He nodded and then everyone including Jaise and I were locked in a strange orange glowing field. We couldn’t move I could feel the change happening throughout the sub.

“Nexus. Let everyone know that what they are experiencing is okay, and we aren’t in danger.” I told him. He did just that. I heard the announcement. “Matt, we have a problem.” He said. “What?” There’s someone in the power core. He’s trying to destroy it!” Nex shouted. “Let me go then!” I ordered. “You will be flung all over.” He told me. “What? You’d rather just let him destroy us?” I snapped. He nodded and I was released. I was flung over the control station and barely held on to the railing.

“Let me go with him.” Jaise shouted. “No. I have to do this alone. I brought you all here. It’s my responsibility.” I told him. I used a small gust of the wind from both hands to stable me and I created a downward pressure to help keep my balance. I moved as fast as I could to the power core. Even with the magic helping me, it wasn’t enough to keep me completely stable. I was still sent sprawling into walls and I had to take detours because of the transformation.

But, I finally made it to the ladder and jumped down. The doors were sealed so I stabilized myself with one hand and sent a powerful meteor crashing into the door. Two strong hits sent the door blasting in. The man barely looked older than twenty. Polished and even short hair. Dark skin. “Who are you?” I demanded. “Oh, I’m the one who’s trying to cripple you. That way my boss can kill you.” He said as calm as asking for something to drink. I couldn’t believe how he didn’t care about the lives here. Or his. “I can’t let you do this.” I stated.

“I don’t think you have much of a choice.” He answered back. I rushed him and quicker than I thought possible. He brought his elbow down hard on my head. I crumbled to the floor and got the wind knocked out of me. He then kicked me hard and I went flying over and blasted into the wall. Sparks rained down upon me. I knew Nexus couldn’t help me. He was fully helpless due to the transformation. “I see you picked your time well to try this.” I wheezed out. He smiled at me with pride. “I had a feeling you would try something like this.” He said turning away from me.

“There’s just one thing you didn’t count on.” I said. “Oh, and what’s that? A weak little vampire prince who thinks he has had it so bad in life?” The man mocked. “Nope. Just…Me!” I screamed and charged him. He went to strike me again and I dodged and connected a punch right on his jaw. Then I elbowed him in the stomach and open palm struck him in the chest and he went flying away from the power core. I felt bones cracking from the blow.

He grabbed a hold of the railing and held on glaring at me. “You won’t win. I’ve already sent my boss your coordinates. Missiles will be here soon. You haven’t changed enough to get away.” He mocked. “Transformation complete. Power core stable. Ready to go at your command!” Nexus reported. I gave him a cocky smile. “What was that you were saying?” I asked. He glared at me. “Oh, if looks could kill. Nexus! Go!” I shrieked. Then he rose into the air and I had to grab hold of the railing to keep from falling. I turned to see the man smile and vanish right in front of me and behind me, explosions rang out of the water. We seemed to have been propelled forward and then I heard us exit the water.

I bet everyone was freaking out. “Matt, we can enter space if you’d like. We have enough oxygen and it’s always being recycled.” Nexus said. “Yeah for now. No one will be able to get us there.” We stabled out and I walked out and onto the main deck. People were coming to see what happened. “Don’t worry people. We are safe. I promise. I looked out one of the large windows on the first deck and I gasped. I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was. The stars, the planets, and the lights.

Everything looked amazing. People were coming to see as well. “Are we in space?” Someone asked. “Yes. We will be safe from our enemies up here.” I said. “I don’t want to go back to earth.” He said. “We have to at some point. We can’t let them all die. Besides, we are going to need supplies at some point.” I told him. Others were too fixed at the site to want to talk and some were really scared and tired. I went back to the command deck and Jaise was watching the scene.

But, he turned around when I approached. “You’re so lucky you didn’t die. I would have found someone to bring you back so I could kill you.” He threatened. “I love you too.” I said and gave him a big hug. He hugged me tightly. “I’m glad you’re okay.” He told me. “Thank you, man.” He let me go and then I watched the sites. A shooting star flew passed us. “Well, I think we will be fine for now here. I think this is the safest place for us to be while we heal and rest. But, I hope people don’t think we can stay up here forever.” I said.

“Well, not at the moment. But, how about when this fight is all over. You and I travel the universe? It isn’t like we are going to get any older.” I turned to see Ashlee walking towards me with a big smile on her face. “I could live with that.” I said. God, I hoped this war ended soon. I felt a masculine, but sweet laugh radiates all around me. “What’s the matter?” She asked hugging me. “Nothing. I just feel like some divine person laughed at me for a thought.” She chuckled. Zach laughed again and I heard others as well. As if mocking my wish. They were basically telling me to not get my hopes up.

This war was just beginning and you all have ways to go. Good for them at laughing at our expense. I groaned. “You need some sleep.” Ashlee scolded. I winked at her. “What kind?” She only stared at me and then said, “I..No. Not yet. Later when you’re a good boy.” He told me. My face fell playing with her. “Well, we will see. How about that?” I nodded eagerly and gave her a wink. She laughed and then we went to bed. She fell asleep cuddling up to me and I couldn’t have been happier to have her next to me than at that one moment.


Well, the past couple nights has been great. I’ve cuddled with Ashlee for them and have barely left the room. We’ve all been growing closer. I’ve opened up to her about everything. All my fears, doubts and even about how my mother is apparently alive. But, I was afraid to go looking for her. But, she only smiled and held me. “Matt, she’s your mother. You don’t have to be afraid of looking for her and if you see her, well maybe you can work things out with her. You don’t have to be afraid of her. You know that she didn’t want to leave you.” I smiled and kissed her quickly.

“It isn’t that I’m afraid to meet her. It’s that I’m afraid of how she’ll act and what she’ll do when we meet. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know how she’ll feel.” I said. She gave me a sad look. “Well, that’s the only way you’re going to know for sure. But, you have to go and find her.” She told me. “Now?” I asked with a laugh. “Well, if you know where to look. I just shook my head. “Excuse me, guys. I think I may know where to look if you wouldn’t mind the interruption.” Nexus chimed in.

“Oh?” I asked. “There was a file that uploaded as soon as we arrived but it was marked ‘sensitive.’ I was a little apprehensive about giving it to you, but now I think it’s about time that you see it.” He said. “Okay, well let’s have it.” I told him. He appeared in holographic form. “As you wish. I’m displaying it on the screen now.” He said and pointed. A document appeared on the TV and I glanced at it and froze. “Matt?” Ashlee asked in concern. Nexus only gave me a concerned look. “What is it you’re seeing?” Ashlee asked. How was this possible? I wondered. I climbed out of bed and didn’t even pay attention to the fact that I wasn’t even really dressed.

“What does the file say?” She asked. “You can’t read it?” I asked. “No,” She said simply. “It says that it’s from my mother. That’s her name!” I replied. “Where that squiggly looking symbol and that weird pig like hoof thing?” Ashlee pointed. I only gave her a blank look. It’s English you know?” I said. She only rolled her eyes in reply. If you say so.” She muttered. “Ellen Caran. That’s her maiden name. It says that she’s….” I didn’t know if I was reading this right. “What?” She asked. “It says that she’s trapped in a distant prison. It’s located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. There’s a small island that has been hidden from satellites and explorers.

But, the magic is fading and people are wanting to go to the island. According to this report, they are sending a small force to the island. They fear that whoever or whatever is on the island isn’t going to be human or friendly. So, they are going to annihilate them.” I said. Ashlee only grabbed a hold of me and gave me a feared hug. “We can’t leave her there,” She said. “No, but we can’t do anything about it now.” She only gaped at me. “What do you mean?” She demanded. “It’s too late,” I said turning from the screen.

“I don’t understand,” She said. “The file was dated. The date was for two days ago. The soldiers were already sent and anything on that island is going to be killed. We don’t have the time to go and get them.” I said. She slapped me really hard and I only stared at her in shock. “You can’t be seriously giving up now? We aren’t normal people. We are freaks. I don’t think we can be slowed down by them and I didn’t think you would seriously condemn your fucking mother to death.

This is a chance to get her back in your life! You’re going to throw away this opportunity?!” She snapped. “No, I don’t…” I started. “Well, good, I really didn’t want to kick your ass,” She warned. “I would help!” I turned to see Jaise entering the room. Liam and Julie followed behind him. I smirked. “Of course, you would be listening,” I said. “No, actually I was coming to see if you wanted to be a dork and nerd and play a board game. But, I heard the conversation.” He said with a grin and a glare in his eyes. “Well, what are we waiting for?” I shouted. “We have our next adventure!” I said with a light in my eyes and a grin a mile wide!

This was going to be awesome! I couldn’t wait for this fight. I couldn’t wait to see my mom again. All this I blamed her for abandoning me. I just recently learned that she didn’t and she wanted me. She would have stayed if not for John. I seriously didn’t think she wanted me. But, I’ve learned though some close people around me that I was the most important thing in her life. I wonder how she’ll react if she sees me? Would she be happy? Would she be sad? Scared? Would she turn from me after learning what I had become? I wonder how much that would put a damper on the relationship. It was all questions that I would be able to answer soon enough. I just felt scared and anxious. Ashlee and Jaise sensed my unease and came up to me. “It’s going to be okay. I know she’ll be happy to see you. Don’t let it overwhelm you.” Jaise told me.

“How can you be sure?” I asked. Just gave me a droll look. “She died inside when she had to leave you behind. Do you really think she’s not going to be overjoyed with the fact that you’re not with John anymore and that I’m with you? The fact that you’re happy and safe?” He asked. “Of course, but then there’s the other voice,” I said. “What voice?” Ashlee asked. “What if she blames me for everything that’s happened after she left? I mean we don’t know what she has been through. We don’t know what she has gone through. They might have broken her and tortured her into believing I’m the reason behind her pain.” I said. Jaise hit me hard.

I stumbled. Ashlee gave him a cold look. “We are at that again?” He roared. “NO!” I shrieked, trembling. “But, you know as well as it’s a possibility.” I snapped. He paused and sighed. “Yeah. I suppose. But, I doubt it.” He said. “Well, I can assure you of this. It won’t stop me from going to see her one way or the other!” I vowed.

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