Deja Vu

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Chapter 6

Then the water stopped holding us under and we all came up gasping for breath. I don’t know how long we were held under, but no one looked all that great, but they looked relieved to be alive. “What’s the meaning of this?!” The boy screamed. Then a figure appeared standing on the water. The hooded figure looked tall but slim. So, I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. But, whoever it was seemed to be able to cancel out the boy’s magic. “Zolem! You said I was the strongest vampire in existence!” A voice echoed like the winds over the ocean. “No, I said I believe you to be because of my magic. But, there’re others who are stronger than me. Oh, and you’ve just met one.”

No one said anything for a moment. “Who are you?” The boy screamed. The hooded figure pulled back the hood and milk chocolate wavy hair fell past her shoulders and I saw her face. Smooth creamy skin, bright diamond colored eyes and ruby lips. Then I noticed a hot pink streak in her hair. “Who are you?” Jaise asked. “Zolem!” The boy shrieked. Zolem’s voice came again like the wind. “Hello, mother.” Mother? I thought. A majestic female voice echoed like Zolem’s. “Hello, son. I see you can’t stay out of trouble.” Laughter boomed all around us. “You know as well as I that humans with our power can’t always be controlled.”

Female laughter echoed then. ’Tis true.” The boy looked around in disbelief on what was going on. Then the woman spoke. “Jason, it’s been a long time. You know the rules. Matt and his group aren’t to be harmed. And yet you think you can kill them, and let him die out here alone? You know I couldn’t allow that. Until he takes the ritual and finds his true path, he’s under my protection. He isn’t to be harmed. If you attack him, I’ll put you down myself.” The woman warned. I got the feeling it wasn’t a threat and it wasn’t meant to be taken lightly.

I couldn’t really tell what Jason was feeling, but he seemed to stand up in shock and just stare. “Ran, what are you doing here?” Jason asked. “I just told you. Stopping you from killing them.” Jason tried to cast spells, but something prevented him. Or someone. “You’re canceling my magic.” Jason accused. “Yes, yes I am,” Ran said. “Isn’t your name from the Norse Gods?” I asked. She looked at me and winked. “You know about the gods?” Julie asked. “Yeah. I took an advanced summer course on the history and the religions of other countries and ancient countries.” I explained.

“Just how smart are you really?” Liam asked. I shrug. “How am I supposed to know what my IQ is?” I asked. They all gave me a droll look. “You seriously don’t know what your intellect is?” Julie asked. “I never pulled out my brain and measured the neurons and hooked it up with the jack to have the computer measure how fast the operating system is.” Ashlee snickered and everyone else just glared at me. “Enough!” Ran and Jason yelled loudly.

“So, you really are putting them under your protection. I can’t touch them until…” He started. “Until nothing. I’m not going to discuss that with you. You need to leave now!” She snapped. He didn’t argue. He vanished and Ran looked at us all. “You are going to be put in the middle of a forest that if you follow north, you’ll end up at the resort and then you can go into town. People won’t suspect anything. You can say you entered the forest from the other side which has a small town.

“So, you won’t draw suspicion.” She finished. “We don’t have any gear,” Liam said. “Won’t be a problem,” Ran informed us. She snapped her fingers and a young teenage girl appeared with three sets of camping equipment. Literally everything we would need she carried. “How strong are you vampires?” I asked. Ran laughed. Each year, we get stronger.” Jaise explained. “This is a lot to take in, and I don’t even understand all of this about me. Why am I so special?” I asked.

“It’s kind of hard to explain, but simply. We don’t fully know. All that we know is that you’ve been chosen by an ancient being that gives us our powers. Normally that wouldn’t be such a big deal. But, the problem is that this ancient being has already chosen someone. We’ve never had two people with the same powers before. We don’t know what that will do to the time sequence. We don’t know if that will cause problems with the balance either. But, we can’t do anything about that until the time comes.” Ran told me, and then her follower handed over the gear and they left.

“I don’t like this,” I muttered. “No, I understand that, but we don’t have a choice,” Liam said. “What are we going to do about this place? Are you forgetting that we are over a god damn island!?” Julie snapped. Ashlee rolled her eyes lightly and the rest of us gave her an embarrassed look and a sly stare. It looked like we kind of did forget with everything going on. “Sorry babe. We did I guess.” Liam admitted and held her tightly. “What are we going to do?” Ashlee asked. “I don’t know.”

We seemed to have floated in the ocean for a while and as the sun began to set, my strength started to fail. Ashlee had to grab a hold of me and hold me up above the water, but that would soon tire her out. “Ashlee, you can’t keep him afloat alone.” Jaise told her. “Watch me.” She gasped. He sighed and came over to my other side. The sun went down and the moon was bright and full in the sky before we saw a beam of light approaching. “Is that a ship?” Liam asked. The water was turning cold and we were all freezing by the time the ship came up to us and pulled us out. We all dropped to the deck and lay there, dripping wet and gasping for breath.

A woman in her early thirties approached. “Ah, so you’re the people Ran informed me about.” Jaise looked up at her and I couldn’t even focus. I was seeing two women and they were blurry. “She said she was going to help us, but all she did was give us these gear and leave us in the ocean.” He choked out. “Oh, she is helping you. She was given a choice. Get you out of the water, or give you the supplies you needed. But, she had your rescue already planned out. So, she chose to get you the gear and don’t worry. It’s waterproof. Now, I have the ticket you need. Here.”

She said handing me a golden square piece of paper. “Why him?” Ashlee asked suspiciously. “My, your girlfriend is a suspicious and curious young woman Matt. I think a little trust is important, don’t you?” She asked and winked. I could barely grab it, and when Liam tried to reach for it, the woman snatched it away. “No, no, no. He has to take it.” She said. “Who are you?” Julie asked. “Rayne. I’m an old member of the vampire council, but they exiled me long ago. Now, I support the Queen of the vampires. Matt, you have to choose. You will be given three choices that will all lead you to your future.

“But, depending on which path you take, depends on which future self you’ll be entering. I can’t tell you much about them. Only one will lead you down a dark path. One will lead you to power, but you may and will lose everything you hold dear and have the chance to get them back if done right and the third path will be full of compassion and love, but you may not have the most power and the ability to survive this war. So, I hope you choose well and I can give you one hint. You will also be given some questions that you must answer brutally honest.

No matter if you’re embarrassed or angry by them. You must answer completely and true. This will also help choose your path as well and things will be different by answering them then by seeing some outcomes based on the paths and going with that. Choose carefully and you will be all given room to stay. Matt, you will be alone so you can choose. But, I do have one question for the people with you.” They all didn’t know what to say. “Yes?” Jaise asked. “Are you willing to follow him no matter what?” Rayne asked. “Do you mean are we going to follow him no matter what choice he makes? What path he takes, and where his path leads him?” Jaise asked her. She nodded.

“I am, but I can’t speak for them,” He said. “I’m not going to leave him either. He’s mine. I’ll fight for and with him no matter what.” Ashlee vowed and then blushed a little at what she said. I only smiled at her and said, “Thank you.” Ashlee turned to me and grinned. Liam and Julie looked at each other for a moment. “You know? I have to say that I don’t know him all that well, and where a lot of people would leave by this point or tell him that he is on his own, and I’ve been known to do the same thing at times, I don’t know what his purpose or role is.

I don’t know why people put so much weight on someone’s shoulders for destiny and all that. I can’t see how some scrawny fifteen-year-old is going to change the world.” Liam was saying. “Is there a point to this?” Ashlee snapped with ice in her voice. “Yes, I do know that despite the fact that I don’t know him very well, I do know and can see that he’s a very good person. I would be honored to stand by him as a guardian, ally, and a friend.” Liam finished. I smiled. Jaise rolled his eyes and grinned. “You didn’t say anything because you knew what he was going to say?” I asked. “What do you mean?” I stared at my cousin. “I figured if he was to be a douche, you would say something to him. So, since you didn’t, you had to have some idea what he was going to say.” I replied.

“No, I didn’t, but I had a feeling. I trust him. I don’t trust many people, but these three I do. So, I wasn’t worried about him being cruel or hostile to you.” Jaise informed me. “Liam basically said it all. However, he doesn’t speak for me. I would, however, also be glad to join you as a friend and someone to help on whatever mission you undertake.” Julie said. “Thank you guys, but I don’t even know what’s going on. I’m not even one of you yet.” I told them.

“We haven’t forgotten that you’re still a squishy human.” Liam said and winked at me. I laughed. “Well, I think you all need some rest. You have two days to figure out what’s going on. But, Liam and Jaise. You will be in one room. Julie and Ashlee, you will have the room across the hall.” They blinked at her like she spoke Chinese. “Say what?” Liam asked. “You heard me, boy. I will not have any of you do the dirty on my ship. Follow me.” She said. We followed her down to the lower decks and she leads us down a hallway that was well carpeted and with fancy lights. “Are we in first class?” Jaise asked.

The boy signed something and I barely caught it. I asked him what he said. He replied back, “There’s something dangerous on this ship. Something that is eying you and me.” I replied, “Are you sure?” He nodded. Then he quickly signed, “Don’t say anything. They won’t believe me.” I nodded. “Matt?” I looked at Jaise. “Yeah?” I asked. “Are you okay? What were you talking about with him?” I heard the boy take a deep breath and I said, “He was asking about food.

He is really hungry and I don’t think he was talking about a burger.” I told him. The boy let out a breath. Jaise eyed him quickly and said, “Well, I believe we’re all hungry.” Liam looked around the hall, but replied, “In more ways than one.” His voice came out in a grumbled tone. Rayne smacked his ear. “Now, I will have none of that.” Liam shrieked out a pained yelp. “I was meaning food and blood!” She gave him an apprehensive look. “Were you now?” She asked. Julie laughed. I smirked and Jaise shook his head. Ashlee was the only one who didn’t give any notice as to what the conversation was about.

“Ashlee, are you alright?” I asked. I wrapped my arms around her, but she didn’t move even then. “Ashlee?” I asked and kissed her on the lips and then she came to life. “Huh?” She blinked and focused on me. But, I got the feeling that she wasn’t fully there. “Are you okay?” I asked her. “Yeah, don’t worry. I’m just exhausted and hungry. She pulled away from me roughly and I just stood there not sure what just happened. “Ashlee?”

She turned to me and her expression was completely blank. But, her eyes were ice cold. “Just give me some time Matt.” She said and Rayne opened the bedroom door. Ashlee and Julie walked in and closed the door. Then Rayne opened the door and Jaise and Liam walked in. Before he closed the door, Jaise turned to me and said, “I wouldn’t worry about what just happened. She did everything to protect you and keep you safe. I doubt she’d give you the cold shoulder now.” He assured me.

“Yeah, man. I know she digs you. I heard she’s a firecracker in bed.” He said and winked at me. I just stood there frozen and rigid. Jaise smacked him. “Ow! Why does everyone keep hitting me?” He demanded. Rayne shook her head. Then Ashlee stepped out. “Maybe because for a smart guy, you sometimes say some really stupid shit.” Then she went back to the room and closed the door. I was just standing in the hall when the Jaise pushed Liam in the room and closed the door, giving me one sad look. Then it was just Rayne, the boy and me in the hall.

“You okay kid?” She asked. “Yeah, I’m kind of surprised you’re not happy with her giving me the cold shoulder. I wouldn’t blame you, though.” I said quietly. She sighed. “Matt, just because I didn’t want the horny kids to share a room with his girlfriend, doesn’t mean I want to stop people from being together. I know you’re good and pure. Even though you don’t want to be.” She said with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “I know how teenagers are. But, you are also willing to wait and to see if she’s the right one for you and that I admire about you. So, I know you two wouldn’t be doing anything.”

I blushed a bit and she grinned. “Now, you probably are wondering why I didn’t give you a roommate, am I right?” She asked. “Um, well.” I glanced at the boy behind me. She looked up and gave him a shocked look. “Have you been there the entire time?! Dear goodness. I seem to have lost my wits. I’m so sorry boy. What’s your name?” He made a gesture. I caught it as Zeke. “Zeke huh?” She asked before I could translate. “You know how to read sign language?” I asked.

She laughed and said, “I didn’t understand a word he said. But, I was able to pick out a few thoughts from his mind and that told me his name. But, I’ll leave the translation to you since you know signing.” She told me. I smiled at him and he smiled shyly back. “Well, we will find him a room as well,” She told us. He replied to that and I translated. “He wants to go back to the school. He said his job was finished.” She focused on him with a fierce stare. “Which was?” She asked. He signed, “To get them out alive.” She sighed. “Very well, you may go. But, I hope you know what you’re doing.” She said. He nodded and vanished then. Rayne opened the door at the end of the hall and it looked like a king or president would stay in.

“What’s this?” I asked. “Your room?” She said with a questioning tone. It was almost like she was thinking I was brain dead or something. “I know, but why do I get this fancy room?” I demanded. “You don’t think you deserve it? After everything you’ve been through?” She asked me. I got the eerie feeling that she knew something, but wasn’t willing to say. “What is it that you know?” I demanded. She studied me. “There’s nothing but the truth that I could say that would appease you is there?”

She asked curiously. “No, I don’t want people hiding things from me and I don’t like people are not being honest with me,” I told her. “I’m really sorry. But, I’m not able to say. I mean I literally can’t tell you. I can talk about it after you complete the trial. But, not before. I’m sorry.” She left then and I was standing in the middle of the hallway alone and unsure of what to do. I walked into the room and closed the door. I went and sat on the bed and then focused on the ticket in my hand. I wasn’t sure of what to do, but I kept focusing on it and then after a while…I was feeling frustrated.

What was the purpose of this?! You must believe if you are to succeed. I heard a male voice say to me. “Who’s there!?” I said standing up. No one appeared, but I felt like someone was watching me. You must believe. The voice came again. I sat back down on the bed and focused on the ticket. I closed my eyes and let everything wash over me. I realized that I was putting everything to the back of my mind and trying to pretend this wasn’t happening. But, I had to realize that this wasn’t some horribly long nightmare. I wasn’t watching a movie based on my life. I was really here.

This was really happening. I focused and believed with everything I had and then the ticket started to glow. I left the room and floated through space. I could see stars and the planets, the galaxies, and everything else. I couldn’t believe I was here and then ten floating heads came out of nowhere and floated around me. “Are you the one who has been chosen?” They all spoke together. I couldn’t tell if they were female or male. But, a cross between the two. “I guess so,” I replied. They all hissed at me. “There’s no guessing. There is ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If the answer is no, then we will devour you. Choose! Are you the chosen one or not?”

“Yes!” I screamed at them. “Very well. Choose now. Three paths have been opened to you. You will see a glimpse of each one, but not what doorway leads to which. It’s up to you to choose that for yourself. Your Destiny has been written long ago. Once you choose a door, then Fate will take over, leaving no room for change. Choose wisely after you see each path.” The voice said. I focused on the voice and I heard someone familiar in it. Mom? No, it couldn’t be. “Choose now!” That was definitely a mom. “I want to ask a question first,” I told them. “I sighed.

“Is there a secondary option for this trial? Questions perhaps?” I asked. The voices stopped speaking and they stopped floating. It was like time froze then and the only thing not affected was me. “You wish to take the questionnaire?” Mom’s voice asked. “No, I wish to take both trials,” I stated. “No one has ever been able to take both and survive. No one has been strong enough. The human body isn’t strong enough. Not even a vampire or wolf has been able to survive both. The last wolf in this world died in here. You’ll follow the safe fate if you insist.” Was that concern in her voice?

“Well, I still wish to undertake both trials. Starting with the visions and then the questions.” I told them. They all sighed and the lead one which was my mother’s voice gasped. “We can’t deny you that right. But, know that you won’t be making it out of here alive.” I didn’t even blink or flinch. “It doesn’t matter. Get on with it.” I commanded. “Very well.” Three doors appeared and were glowing in different lights. “Choose your first path. As stated before. You will see a glimpse of each path, but only you will choose your true path. This isn’t a choice.

This is an insight into your final choice.” I walked towards the door with the white-blue lightning surrounding it. I opened it and froze in place. A vision hit me and I felt like I was going to get sick. Then I found myself walking this old courtyard. “What is this place?” I asked aloud. “Don’t you remember silly?” Ashlee said walking towards me. “No, I-I’m afraid I don’t remember anything,” I told her. She gave me a concerned look. “This is the castle that was granted to you by the council. We are going to live here and rule. We are going to rebuild this place and raise a family. Julie is going to be our master healer.”

I looked at her and even though she was smiling, there was a pain behind her eyes. “What? What is it? Where’s Jaise and Liam?” I asked. “You really don’t know, do you?” I couldn’t believe how I could have forgotten all of this. Why didn’t I remember what was happening? “They died in the final war. They sacrificed themselves to stop the resurrection of the ancient Goddess that would annihilate us all. Nergal, the vampire king was going to lead her army. But, you and Jason stopped him, but couldn’t protect Jaise and Liam. So, they died a hero.” Ashlee said.

Couldn’t I protect them? I let them die? I dropped to the ground in shock and pain. Ashlee knelt beside me. “It isn’t your fault. Even Julie doesn’t blame you.” I choked back sobs. “Matt, the workers are here to start the reconstruction and repairs. Should I let them in?” Julie’s voice called out. She looked at me and there was no hatred or resentment in them. Only pain, and it could be a pain that never goes away. I noted.

“Yes, please.” She smiled and walked away. “Matt, they knew what they were getting into. They knew the risk and their fate. From the very beginning of this journey, they knew they wouldn’t survive. You were honest with them. They could have left and stayed alive, and you wouldn’t have blamed them.” She told me. “But, they knew that if they left, then the world would have been destroyed and they couldn’t allow that could they?” I asked her. “No, they couldn’t. They wouldn’t allow the world to be at risk. ‘What’s the point of leaving to live, if there’s a chance that the world is going to end?’ Is what they both said.

Two vampires could have taken their place. But, the chance of success wasn’t as high. They wouldn’t take that risk.” I looked up to see Jason standing there. “It doesn’t change the fact that they are dead.” I mumbled and choked back tears. “No, it doesn’t. But, you’re not alone.” He said kindly. I heard footsteps approaching and turned to see…My mother approaching. I stood up quicker than I thought possible. Then I noticed I felt different. Stronger even.

“Mom?!” I asked. “Yeah, kiddo. You rescued me and I was able to survive their assassination attempt thanks to Alan and Jeremy.” I just couldn’t believe this. I didn’t know how we even got to this point? But, I had to say that I wasn’t sure if this could be a good one or not. Then I felt myself being lifted and taken somewhere. I don’t know where I was going, but then I found myself in a small hut with everyone still around me. This had to be before the fight. “So, the Fates have decreed that two shall be sacrificed fighting A’langro.

The ancient goddess of suffering and torment. She’s not known, but she’s powerful and she doesn’t need followers to keep up her strength. The other two will fight Nergal, king of vampires. He is destined to lead her army as it sweeps over the world.” Liam and Jaise looked at each other and grinned. “What crazy stupid plot do you two have?” Julie asked. “We want the goddess,” Liam said with an excited gleam in his eye. Everyone just gasped and stared at them. “What the flying fuck!?” Julie screamed and then body slammed Liam to the ground. “What?” He asked calmly. “You’re wanting to get yourself killed?! You’re wanting to leave me!?” She screamed like a banshee.

“I don’t want to, but would you trust anyone else but us to complete this mission?” He asked. “He’s right Julie. From what I could tell, we are the only ones guaranteed the success of winning. Right?” I turned to the warlock. He kept his hood over his face. “They are the only ones promised to stop her at the cost of their own lives. Anyone else would die as well, but the chance of victory is slim. Unless….” He turned his attention to Ashlee and me. “What?” She asked.

“If we take their place, we are going to win as well,” I answered for him. “What about Nergal. The warlock gestured towards Jaise. “They have the power to take him down together. While Jason leads the army against the Ferol.” He explained. “I won’t allow you to kill yourself cousin. It’s my job to protect you. That’s what I’ll do for you. Protect you.” He said and his tone left no room for argument. “What about my duty as your cousin? Man, I love you! Shouldn’t I protect you as well?” Jaise only smiled and shook his head. “I’m the older one. It’s my job to keep you safe. Your mother wouldn’t allow me to live if I allowed anything to happen to you.”

That floored me. I felt my stomach hit the floor. “My mother?” I asked. He wouldn’t say anything else on that. We all know our jobs then?” The warlock asked. “No, not really,” Ashlee said. “You and Julie are to lead the fighters against Nergal’s followers,” He said simply. Then I felt myself being pulled away again and through the air. When everything stopped spinning, I came to a stop, standing in a bedroom with Ashlee completely nude in front of me, all spread out in front of me. I grinned and felt a stirring in my boxers. “Matt, I think it’s finally time.

After everything, we’ve been through. I think it’s time to make love for the first time.” She said and gently rubbed the blanket down between her legs and I felt myself rise more. “We haven’t had sex yet?” I asked. She laughed and in a blink of an eye I was on top of her. My boxers were straining to keep my member contained. “I think you would have remembered your first time.” She told me and then kissed me before I could respond. She was right. I would have remembered that and then I found myself standing back in front of the doorways. “Choose.” The voices said. The door I chose first was gone. Then I chose the door with the blood red shimmering light around it.

I entered and, at first, the same feeling and then I found myself walking out of the tent. This time, I didn’t really have any control of what I was saying. It was like I was watching and listening to someone else, but it was still me. I couldn’t believe it. “Matt, where are you going?” Ashlee asked. I turned to her and she gasped. “I’m going to end this bloody rebellion of the people who was supposed to stand with us and have betrayed us. They don’t deserve to live!” I said coldly. “Is Jason possessing you?” She asked. “Who’s possessing who?” Jason asked. He seemed different.

“You mean…” I stared at her with calculating eyes. “What happened to you?” She asked me. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just fine.” I said and then I walked away. I felt more confident than I ever thought possible. “Matt. Stop.” Jason yelled. I turned to him and crossed my arms across my chest. “Why? Why should I listen to you? You don’t have the power anymore. You are weak. You care too much. You aren’t going to stop this war. I am. I don’t care who gets in my way. I’ll kill you all if you interfere.” I said and then left.

Jason rushed at me and tackled me. We struggled on the ground. Ashlee was screaming for us to stop this, but we weren’t listening. “You think you could beat me in a fight?” Jason asked. “I got…” He wasn’t able to finish the sentence. I had a dagger and I got it loose and as he came to tackle me, I stuck it in his heart. “You don’t have to be stronger. You just have to be quicker and smarter.” I told him. He shakily climbed to his feet. “What did you do to me?” He gasped out.

“Oh, this? It’s a special compound of the box jellyfish. I had scientists make it stronger.” I explained as he collapsed on the ground, shaking and trembling. He started to sweat vehemently and to convulse. “What is happening to me?” He asked coughing and spitting out blood. I knelt down next to him. “I’m killing you. You have betrayed me. Now, you’re going to die.” I said and jammed a purple glowing stake in his heart. He screamed and choked. I stood up and walked away. “Matt,” Ashlee said quietly. I turned to her and I felt nothing for what I did. “He knows the rules for betrayal.”

Then I left. I walked to the front gates where the soldiers awaited. A young man about eighteen stood there with my swords. I took them from him and nodded. Well, they weren’t really Swords. At least, not traditional swords. I walked out with the soldiers at my back. We rushed out into battle and the enemy was there. Hundreds if not thousands of human soldiers. None of them used modern weapons. They all carried bows, machetes, and swords.

“Sir, do you think we can beat this many?” A soldier asked. I glared at him. “Are you afraid of a fucking human?” I demanded. “No sir!” He said. “Good. Men! Kill them! They have betrayed me! Betrayed us! Kill them!” The hundred vampire warriors rushed into the battle and I followed after. I grabbed the two hilts of my swords and three human soldiers came at me slowly. “Kid, you’re attacking us with toy lightsabers?” I grinned. “Who said anything about toys?” I flipped a small switch and then two beams of light shot out of the hilt. “What the fuck? Are they real sabers?” The closest soldier asked.

I laughed at his stupidity. “No, fool. They aren’t focused beams of light created by science.” Of course, they were beams of light. Magical energies. Two of the soldiers charged me and I blocked them both easily. I parried and blocked their sloppy thrusts. They came in high and low and I stopped them both easily. “You humans are so slow and weak,” I said.

I continued to play with them for a while, but they soon bored me. I cut one down with my left sword and he convulsed on the ground and flopped around like a fish. Little sparks of electricity shot out and into the ground. “Your sword is made out of lightning?” The other man asked scared. I grinned wickedly at him. “Magic,” I said. He came at me hard and I dodged and brought my sword up to meet his. My right sword seemed to melt his. The red light changed to dancing flames.

“It’s made out of fire!?” He shrieked. I laughed wickedly. I slashed and hacked at him and he tried his hardest to stop my attacks. But, I was too fast and my sword cut through him like a knife going through butter. The flames melted the flesh off and burned through bones. He screamed high and loud for a moment before he died. I walked up to the third soldier and he begged for me to spare his life. I laughed at him as I cut him in three and then walked on. My men weren’t doing as well as I had hoped. I could see a dozen or more lying dead or dying on the ground.

How did mere humans kill them? Some still had weapons in their hearts. I examined them and hissed. Stakes! “Shit,” I exclaimed. “You didn’t think we would be unprepared, little weak humans did you?” A voice said behind me. I spun around and held both swords at the ready. “You don’t think you’re going to leave this place alive do you?” I challenged. “I have no delusions about leaving alive. But, do you think you’re going to win?” I blinked at him. I spun around and hacked up a soldier’s head with my lightning sword. Then I brought my fire sword just in time to swat away a knife that came out of nowhere.

“You’re faster than I originally thought,” I told him. “I have the power of the wind behind me. It enhances my speed.” He admitted and then pressed in on me hard. I could barely keep up with him! How does a weak human get enough speed behind him to beat me?! “Who gave you that power?!” I demanded. “A powerful royal vampire. Jason, I believe he said his name was.” He pressed in hard on my left side and feinted to the right and I barely brought my sword up in time. I spun back and forth and around, bringing the blades in an arc to counter and parry and thrust.

Our weapons met and kissed. Then he feinted one way and I didn’t catch it. He slashed up across my back deep and hard. I screamed out from pain and fell to the ground. I crawled away and dropped my weapons. Couldn’t I match him? Jason was going to win from the grave!? I couldn’t let that happen! I screamed at myself. He went to finish me off, but he seemed to have slowed down a bit. I didn’t think he realized it, though. I was able to spin out of the way and grabbed the lightning sword and then brought it up to block his attack. Then I pressed the attack on him. He tried to fight, but he continued to slow down until he was moving at normal human speed.

“I think your power supply has just officially ended sir. You know what that means? You’re dead.” I said. I cut through the sword and the lightning shredded his throat. He fell to the ground holding it. Blood pooled out and I walked by. Soldiers on both sides continued to fall. Jason betrayed us all! I walked past several vampires who begged for help. But, they were dead. They just didn’t know it yet. I walked up to the center of the battlefield.

“You want to face a real vampire!? Come and attack me you pansies!” I screamed. Human fighters came charging at me like locusts and I cut them down one after another. I was hard pressed in on all sides, but the only thing on my side against so many was speed and strength. I didn’t even have access to my magic. Somehow I got cut off from it, so I could only rely on physical attacks. I countered several with one move and Parried and did up under and uppercut attack. I did a sweeping kick attack, bringing my Swords around in an arc and then spun really fast. Dozens dropped in seconds.

The battle didn’t last too much longer after that. I took down most of the army within two hours. I dropped to my knees gasping for breath. Less than three dozen of the fighters I brought with remained and they all gathered around me. “Sir, we’ve won.” A soldier said. I stood up and grinned. “Thank you, captain. But, I think we have one more fight ahead of us.” I told him. “We do sir?” He asked me. I nodded. “You see that factory ahead of us?” He nodded. “Sir?” I laughed. “The leader of the resistance is there.

Of course, none of us were meant to get out of here alive.” I told the men. “We weren’t?” A younger warrior asked. “No. Jason enhanced the captain I fought with air magic. Making him faster than even I could hope to match. We were all meant to die in this fight. If I hadn’t of killed him before coming here, we would all have been slain. Now, it’s time to crush these betraying maggots.” I said and led them towards the building. A few human fighters were standing guard, but I cut them down without resistance. I walked in through the dark building and then towards the end, I kicked open a door, entering a room that was well lit.

“I see you’ve finally made it. Of course, I wasn’t expecting you to be alive. But, the only thing I can think of is that if you’re here. Jason must be dead.” I smirked. “Your ally has fallen. He shouldn’t have crossed me. No one should.” I replied. “I am getting that. But, you don’t think we’ve remained here without a backup plan do you?” The old crippled and wrinkly guy asked. His teeth are cracked and many colors. “I do have a question before your tongue is ripped out. How did you get your teeth to turn a rotting green color? And do I see blue and gray there on your teeth as well?”

He cackled at my questions. “You have a sharp tongue don’t you? Maybe I’ll eat it from your face while you live.” He threatened. “You know? I don’t like threats. It gets my adrenaline flowing.” I retorted. “And yet you come into my home and threaten me?!” He spat out. “I’m not making threats. I’m promising that you’re going to die now. Instead of this pointless banter, should we just get on with it?” I demanded. “If you think you’re going to live more than five minutes, then you have foolish notions.”

I shrugged. Soldiers poured out of the side doors and I wasn’t expecting that many. “Oh, and I think you may be looking for him.” The leader said. He pointed to the person he had in chains. “Is that…?” I started. “Why, yes. It’s your Squire I guess you would call him. See? This is what happens to the people who serves you directly.” The young man had his hair down on his face. Long jet black strings of hair covered in dirt, sweat, and blood. He looked like he was horribly beaten and tortured. They stripped him of his clothes, except for his underwear.

Or, jock strap. I have to say, girls should be raping him, but that’s not really the point. Just know he’s an attractive, handsome young man. “Chris.” I said and then I glared at the old man. “You’ll pay for this,” I vowed. “I really didn’t think you cared about anyone,” He said to me. “Release him and I’ll make your death quick,” I promised. “No, see. I want you to suffer and this is one way to do it. Why should I spare his life? You didn’t plan on sparring my men.” I heard the fighting all around me. Despite the advantage of the enemy, my men seemed to have found a strength and a reason to fight back. They use to be holding their own.

“You aren’t going to make it. You may kill me. But, you’re going to die along with me.” He whipped a jagged dagger with an onyx and emerald hilted dagger at Ryan. The boy looked up weakly and saw the dagger coming at him. But, he was too weak to even try and stop it with his ice magic. He caught my eye and gave me a sorrow filled stare of pity and pain. It was almost like he regretted his actions and he felt guilt. He felt like he failed me. In a flash, I was in front of him and blocked the dagger. The old man laughed. “I knew you’d be able to do that. But, that’s a special enchanted dagger. You won’t be able to save him for long!” He cackled. The dagger came around and then multiplied. Three now were coming at us. I blocked them all and then they multiplied again. Now, I was up against nine.

Then eighteen. Thirty-six. He was right, I was going to fail. I closed my eyes and focused with all the strength I had in me. Zolem! Please, don’t let him die. I know I fucked up! But, please give me the magic to protect him! I love him! He’s one of the closest people I have left to family in my life. Please help me save him! I prayed. You should have thought about that before you executed people on your side. You had the people and the power to defeat Nergal and save the world. Now, you have failed the war. The world is under siege by his forces and it’s going to be destroyed by the ancient goddess. How do you propose to fix that? “Zolem! Jaise and Liam aren’t fucking dead you moron! Please!” I screamed and everyone froze for a moment.

“Your champions aren’t dead?” The old man asked with a scared and shocked look on his face. I gave him a wicked smile. “No, you fool. I’m evil and a prick. I’m not stupid.” I replied. “Matt, I think it’s time we joined the fray. Don’t you?” Jaise said from a high railing. Liam jumped down with a small force and Jaise joined him on the ground with one of his own. Together they were able to destroy the human forces and I was blocking groups of daggers. “Zolem!” I screamed.

Then a burst of pure white light mixed with blue lightning spread out and vaporized the daggers. The old man grew angry with fear. “You…You!” He sputtered. “Yeah,” I said simply. I cast a freezing spell on the chains and it got so cold that they shattered and I caught Chris before he fell to the ground. He looked up at me and gave me a painful look. “Matt, I’m so sorry. I failed and betrayed you. You should just let me die.” He whispered. “Oh, I’ll totally grant you your wish!” The old man laughed psychotically. He seemed to change right before my eyes. He grew three feet and his skin turned a dark smooth gray. His eyes began to glow a golden blue.

He grew larger as well and more muscled. His teeth became sharp and white. Black feathered wings sprouted from his back, eight feet wide and he crossed his arms with a wide grin. “Leave me. Get your people out.” Ryan begged and I wasn’t going to allow that or accept his plea. “No,” I said icily calm. “I won’t.” I whipped around and unsheathed my swords. Lightning and fire shot out in a controlled beam, but much more intense than before. Static energy supercharged in the air and the temperature went up almost thirty degrees.

It wasn’t long before everyone was drenched in sweat. It didn’t faze me, though. “Will someone turn up the air conditioning?” Liam asked. I would have had a witty response, but I was too pissed off. I turned to the leader of the humans and I only saw him in a swirling black smoke and purple flames. “You think you have the power to fight me?” He asked. “I don’t know,” I said with ice in my tone, “But, I will cause you pain more than you’ve ever experienced before.” He didn’t respond; he just lashed out at me. Two long scythes came materializing out of the air and he grabbed them tightly in his hands.

He attacked me and I countered, blocked, parried. Then his blades and mine met high and low. We spun around and our weapons clashed together. They met in the air and slid along the blade. His weapons were made out of something that even my fire couldn’t weaken. “You don’t know anything about who or what I am!” He snapped. “You know? I also really hate it when the bad guy doesn’t shut the fuck up and either die or kills the person he is fighting. You, bad guys, talk too damn much.” I hissed.

We pressed against each other harder and spun around and everyone just stared as we danced around each other, our weapons clashing together. I don’t know how long we fought for, but I knew my anger grew over the course of the time. “I’ll end you!” The dark skinned man screamed. He pushed me back and I did everything in my power to hold him off. Our weapons hissed through the air and clashed with a booming ring. The lightning crackled all around and seemed to come alive against the scythe in his left arm. The flames snaked their way up the scythe in his right.

“What’s happening?! What are you doing?!” He demanded. But, I didn’t have a clue! The magic began to build and build. Then this huge boom echoed around us and we were sent flying and the room was blasted. It started to crumble all around us. I climbed to my feet and so did the other man. He turned back to his old man self. “We need to get out of here.” Magic built in one corner. I could feel it, and when I looked, I saw this figure standing in the one corner.

Normally, I’d think it was a shadow because that is what it looked like. But, shadows, for the most part, have a darkness about them. Nor necessarily an evil aura. But, darkness. This one was void of magic. It’s absent of elemental magic. “What the hell is that thing?” Jaise asked. “I am the absent of magic. The void of life. I am the reason of tragic and find pleasure in strife.” It said.

“I hate rhymes,” Liam said. “Rhymes are answers to the divine. Knowledge is all we give in the fight. Your souls will soon be mine. Your utter demise is soon in sight.” Liam made a gagging noise. I charged it and it blasted me away. I couldn’t feel magic at all. I hit the ground hard and then rolled back to my feet. “Well, for something that doesn’t have magic, it’s quite powerful,” I commented. “Death is what you will find. Your life is over. I will have your powers in a bind. Trapped within a mystical clover.”

Liam screamed in frustration and annoyance and rushed at the thing. He struck it hard and went to blast it with earth magic. I saw his finger start to glow and rocks and vines shot out but vaporized in the air a foot before they reached it. “What was that?” He asked stunned. “He’s the absence of magic. Magic can’t work on him!” I said. Liam backed off, but he didn’t get very far. Faster than I thought possible, he launched himself at Liam and jammed his fist into his heart. Liam gasped and choked. He shook a little bit and trembled.

“Death is your fate. The time is now. Your final hour is late, with your heart in hand, I’ll take a bow.” Then he yanked Liam’s heart out of his chest. We all couldn’t even breathe. Then the thing vanished and in its place stood a boy no older than ten years old. His hair fell down to his chin and slightly curled. For his age, he had a chiseled chin and a muscular body. If he was to grow up, he would be quite strong and built. He wore designer jeans, black sneakers, and a sleeveless black silk shirt. His bright diamond blue eyes seemed to shine.

He turned to look at me and his jet black hair moved a little. I noticed a golden streak and then he smiled revealing perfect white teeth. “Who are you?” I asked. He laughed. It sounded like music. Full of magic and power. “I am Myrlin. King of the vampires. You’ve met my servant.” He said. “How are you able to control someone who’s the void of all magic?” I demanded. Myrlin smirked at me. “I can’t reveal all my secrets. This is the part where the bad guy doesn’t stop talking and the good guy finds a way to stop the bad guy or, at least, halt their plan. See? I’ve been around way too long. I’m not speaking.” He said and I could hear some foreign accent.

I don’t know where he came from, but it was unique. “So, are you going to kill us now?” Jaise asked. He was trying to keep his voice calm, but it shook with rage, pain, and grief. I saw him glance at Liam’s body. Then what I was secretly dreading happened. Julie and Ashlee appeared in front of us and Julie screamed like a banshee enraged. She glanced at me and her eyes began to glow with holy fire. “You’re the one who caused this. You got him killed! If you wouldn’t have faked his death and would have joined Ashlee and me on the mission to stop A’langro, then we wouldn’t be in this situation!” She said tears fell from her eyes and even though they didn’t see me react to the news, it tore me up inside.

I thought to choose the path of being a hard and cold. It would save the world. But, was it that I ended it sooner? With a blinding white flash of light, I found myself back at the starting point and I dropped to one knee gasping for breath. “We told you that you won’t have the strength to survive both trials. If you can’t handle two visions, then there’s no way you’ll survive the questions as well. Now, enter the last door and see your final path that you could follow.” I entered the last door and wasn’t expecting what I saw. Jaise, Julie, Ashlee, Liam and I stood around an octagonal table with battle plans and maps spread out on it.

“What is the plan now? We are about to lead a small army against all the vampires in the world. Good and evil are joined forces because they don’t think we have the power to win.” Julie said. I sighed. I’m really sorry guys. I shouldn’t have been so quiet and talking about peace. I should have been tougher.” Ashlee wrapped her arms around me. “Matt, it isn’t your fault. You’ve done nothing wrong.” Jaise smiled over at me. “Yeah, dude. We will find a way to win this fight. All you have to do is believe and fight with all your strength.” I smiled and nodded.

“So, what’s the plan then!?” Julie demanded. “I don’t know, but I think we need to look at backtracking and trying to find a new road to take that will aid us,” Liam said. “I agree, but I can’t seem to think of anywhere-.“ Then I looked up with excitement. “Matt?” Ashlee asked. “I read something a while ago about ancient magic. It allows vampires to summon a celestial spirit animal to aid them in a fight. Powerful fighters or mages that is a representation of the vampire’s power.” I explained. Everyone looked really excited about that. “That sounds promising!” Liam said. “I agree, but where we have to go to gain this power?” Ashlee asked.

“You kids won’t be able to figure it out on your own. You’re going to need my help.” We all turned to see Rayne standing in front of us. “How did you get in here?” I asked. “You didn’t spell your tent very well. Thirty-five hundred years limit? Do you know how many vampires exceed that age by quite a bit?” She asked. None of us had an answer. “Well, I can teach you how to summon these companions, but not all vampires are even able to summon them. The summons needs mental control.” Rayne said. “How come you didn’t mention these abilities a long time ago? We’ve met sooner when you joined us. How come-?” I began.

She cut me off and said, “It wasn’t time then. It is now.” She said simply. “How will you teach us?” I asked. “Carefully. The elements and the celestial creatures are temperamental if not handled right.” Everyone gave one another a sideways glance. Over the next couple of days, Rayne put me through a bunch of rigorous training both physical and mental. Weeks passed and then she had me kneel down and clasp my hand together. “Focus with all your will and power. Call to the Celestial Plane. If you’re worthy, you will be contacted.”

I nodded and then when she left the tent, I did what she asked. I closed my eyes and focused with my entire heart and soul. “So, you dare call on me. Who are you to think you’re worthy!?” A voice called. It was definitely male, but majestic. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to bother you. But, I could use your help. Please aid me in my fight. The world and all those who I love and care about need all the help they can get. The world needs it.” I said pleading. I didn’t get an answer for a while, but I thought the best way to handle this was to wait. “You are seriously calling not for personal gain. But, to protect the world?” The voice asked. “Yes, of course. I know it will strengthen and empower me.

I will benefit from your power. But, I ask for your help only to help others and as a future and potential friend.” I told whoever I was speaking to. “It’s not every day a powerful vampire with an ego problem calls on me asking for help and saying they want to be friends.” Then an image of what appeared to be a giant jellyfish. But, it wasn’t a typical looking jellyfish. It was lime green with specs of purple, blues, and reds and you could see through it. Its legs looked like they were from a centipede and it had pincers in the front of it with fiery glowing eyes. A universal single black leather and feathered wing sprouted from its back. I don’t know how it worked. It was kind of like a unibrow, but of a wing that fanned out on both sides that flapped together up and down quickly to keep it in the air.

He hovered over me. “So, this is the one who summoned me? You don’t look like much.” He said vehemently. I sighed. “I’m sorry. I’ll do better. I’ll work harder. I’ll do anything you ask. Anything, I promise. Please help me, though!” I begged. He landed in front of me and then walked over to me staring at me contently. He walked all around me. “How do you do anything? You’re weak.” He accused. “I don’t do anything alone. I have people who help me. I am stronger than I look. But, I wouldn’t have gotten this far without my cousin, friends, and girlfriend.” I said blushing. He stopped in front of me again. He sniffed at me and then snapped his head back.

“This is a first,” He said with a shocked tone. “What is?” I asked. “I’ve never served a virgin before. I think this is going to be interesting.” I blushed furiously. “I know I’m not…Wait, you said you’ve never served….Does that mean you’ll join me?” I asked half hopeful. He grinned and it was a scary sight. “Yes, and it’s good you catch on quick. You’ve answered all the questions honestly and humbly. I’m really impressed. So, I will aid you in the fight. Just remember, I have the power to refuse you if I feel like you’re not keeping your promise.” I nodded. “I know there’s going to be situations where you won’t help me,” I said quietly.

“No, that’s not what I mean. I will follow your command without question. There’s going to be hard choices that you have to make. That’s fine. I won’t judge. But, if you purposefully use me to kill innocent people when you have a choice. Or you try to use me for destruction when there’s another option. Then I’ll refuse you. I am royal among the Celestial’s. So, the normal rules don’t apply to us. I can kill you where they cannot. Remember that.” He warned me. I nodded. “Thank you! I won’t let you down. I promise!” I exclaimed. He smiled and then his image cleared and solidified. I wrapped my arms around his neck to give him a huge hug.

“Well, this is new,” He said. I jerked back in shock. “Sorry, but I can speak,” He said with a laugh. “I know, but I thought it was telepathic,” I admitted sheepishly. “I can talk through telepathy as well. But, I prefer to talk like this. But, there’s going to be a lot of times where I’ll need to speak to only you. So, telepathy comes in handy.” I petted him on the head. “So, when you said, ‘this is new.’ What did you mean?” “I’ve never served a virgin.” I felt my face go deep scarlet. He cackled at me and I flushed worse than before. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. I don’t judge anyone, I’m just surprised is all.” He said.

“Why is that?” I asked him. I wasn’t sure if was ready for the answer. He gave me a sideways look. “Why? Isn’t it obvious? You’re smoking hot. You’re stunning and I figured girls would be lining up to ride you like it’s the end of the world.” I felt my cheeks burn at that comment. “Well, I hope at some point my girlfriend and I will be able to experience that.” I laughed awkwardly. “Oh, so you’re serious with this girl? You’re not one to run around or sleep around. I admire that. Not too many people are like that. Now, enough of this talk. I need to go back to my plane and discuss with my friends. I know that you’re allies and friends are going to want to summon them as well?” He asked.

“Yeah. If they would join us.” I told him. “Oh, they follow their own path, but they do take what I have to say to heart and they use what I tell them to help make a decision. Don’t let that fool you, though. There have been a lot of times where I said that they should follow some people because I could tell that they were good souls, but celestial beings didn’t listen. But, soon came to realize that I was right. Now, I haven’t picked the best people. But, I can sense good in others. And bad. I just don’t always follow it. I guess, I am like you humans or those organic beings. I believe that you all can change.” He admitted.

“But, let me guess. So far, it hasn’t been proven true.” He shook his head back and forth sadly. “Well, I may be able to change that. At least, I hope so.” I told him. He grinned and it was a freaky sight. He then faded away and I walked shakily out of the tent. “I thought the sun was down when I started praying. How long has it been?” I asked Rayne. “Five days,” She replied. I just blinked at her. “How was I in there for five days!?” I demanded. “Sometimes with these kinds of spells, you can be casting them for weeks,” She explained to me. I shook my head profusely. “Shaking your head won’t change anything. I know it’s a lot to process, but it’s been five days. Now, what have you learned?” She asked. “I learned that I can summon a powerful celestial jellyfish.” She blinked at me.

“You got Jala? I can’t believe he joined you.” I gave her a quizzical look. “Why’s that?” I wondered. “After the last one, he helped, thousands of innocent people were killed in a crusade that he thought was justified. It was the worst vampire in history. And that was just the one event that was documented in our history.” I nodded. “I read something a long time ago about the vampire wars. But, there wasn’t a lot of information in them. It just referenced the war against the humans who were allied with the witches and hunters.” Rayne looked impressed. “You know more than most vampires your age. I think all vampires would do well to learn about the history and the death and destruction caused by their predecessors. Just like the humans do when they go to history class.” I nodded.

This was when everything changed and I walked into the main part of camp. My army was set up in a foreign stretch of forest. No one knew where we were. We took every precaution on making sure only the main leaders knew where were going and we protected our minds from being scanned. Our magic has more use than offense. It can be used to protect and shield us. This is the plan we put into motion. Liam, Jaise, Julie, Ashlee and I used our magic to shield our minds from being scanned. We brought the soldiers and everyone with us was in small groups brought to this spot spelled against those we didn’t have good and loyal intentions.

Magic is tricky, but when used properly and in the right form, it can be used to scan the emotions of everyone here and it detects disloyalty. Every person here was divided up five groups. Each of us was given us our own group that we were responsible for. If someone was to act out against us, the magic would detect or sense it and we could get an alert and a feeling as to who it was. So far no one was acting out. As I walked into the center of camp, the sky overhead started growing darker and darker. A strong wind began to blow and the temperature dropped almost twenty degrees. I noticed that the spells on the walls were still strong as well. Nothing seemed to be amiss.

“It looks like a storm is coming,” Ashlee said walking up to me. “This isn’t a typical storm. Something is coming. Something…I can’t quite explain.” I told her. She looked up at the sky. “Well, whatever it coming, we will fight it together. We have nothing to fear as long as we are together.” She said and walked over to where Julie was waiting. “Matt, you’re doing everything you can and now that you passed the ritual. You have a powerful force on your side. We may have a chance to win.” He said. “I don’t know how. I have one summon with an army. Against a bleeding horde. I don’t know what our chances are. But, I won’t give up without a fight.” I said. “This is why we fight with you. You have been through so much. You have lost so much.

But, you haven’t been broken! You survive and lead us. You put us before your own desires. We will always follow you because of your relentless dedication to us and your cause.” I just shook my head. “We are failing this war. We don’t have the manpower. Have you ever read the Fire and ice series by George R. R Martin?” I asked. Jaise shook his head. “Well, there’s a character. He became King of the North. He had an army and was winning, but took a bad turn after love got in the way of a promise. He was betrayed by the people who offered protection and to aid him if his uncle married one of their daughters.

“But, even though they had the right of protection under their hall, they didn’t have the manpower to protect themselves against the enemy. The people they were housed with betrayed them and slaughtered them at a wedding. All because they didn’t have the manpower to protect themselves. We are in the same boat. We are going to be slaughtered in our own sanctuary. The enemy is doubtless on their way,” I said looking up at the sky, “this isn’t a normal storm.”

I finished and then walked into the center of camp. A light rain began to fall and lightning flashed across the sky. “Matt?” Liam asked coming towards me. “We stopped Nergal from rising. We know who was going to become him. But, we stopped it. Why do I sense anguish in you?” I kept staring at the sky. “Was it supposed to end that way?” I asked the sky. “Were we really supposed to stop him from rising like that? Weren’t we supposed to meet him in battle?” I felt Jaise and Liam glance at each other. “When did he become so engrossed with a storm?” Liam asked.

“He thinks it’s more than a simple storm.” Jaise explained. “Really?” I kept staring at the sky and then I asked, “You don’t feel it? You don’t sense it?” I wondered. “I don’t sense anything.” Jaise said and lightly rested a hand on my shoulder. I froze for a second and then I screamed, “SOLDIERS!” Everyone launched to their feet and rushed towards me. Every single one was around me. “What is it, Matt?” They asked confused and scared. “Jaise, prepare them for a battle! We are going to be in the fight of our lives!” I ran towards the gate we built.

It was the only place not as protected as the walls, and I watched out through it to see if I could sense anything coming at us. “Matt, what is it?” Ashlee asked. “Death,” I said simply. “You’re scaring me, Matt! Tell me what’s going on.” Ashlee begged. “Death,” I said again. Every soldier was ready and behind me. Two enemy vampires slipped through the gate and smirked at us. “I see your spells didn’t last long, did they?” A red haired woman mocked. Her skin looked wrinkly and her eyes seemed dull, but she had all her wits about her. “You won’t beat us.” Jaise said confidently.

“Won’t I?” She asked. “You don’t have the power to beat me. You need more than your powers you weak prince. Now, you’ll pay for your defiance.” I heard a female voice say in my head. It sounded like snakes hissed over rocks being scraped together. “A’langro,” I said quietly. “What?!” Liam asked. “She’s here,” I said. I turned and walked towards the center of camp where a woman with six arms each wielding a different weapon smiled at me as I approached. “Matt, you can’t leave us!” A soldier shouted at me. “He has the fight to do.

We have our own. Focus on the enemy.” I heard Julie snap. “Matt!” I heard Ashlee and Jaise call to me. But, I couldn’t answer them. I knew a lot or all of them and myself were going to die here. But, we had to win. Otherwise, the world was going to be lost. I knew we had to stop them here. I summoned my two swords. “You know you can’t win right?” I didn’t respond. I attacked her then. She brought all her swords and axes around and down. I blocked, dodged, countered, and parried. She pressed in hard and I used all the skill, training and practice I had to hold her off. But, I couldn’t keep it up forever. She landed a few good hard hits and blood slowly started to pool on the ground.

I blocked and feinted a move to the right and spun left quickly enough for her to have to bring all but two blades down that I blocked with my left hand. Then I brought my right up and cut at one of her arms. The blade cut through her middle left arm and it fell uselessly to the ground. She only smirked. “You think that’s going to be considered a victory?” She asked. I still didn’t respond. I heard the battle and I knew it wasn’t going very well. Jala, please join the others in their fight. Help and protect them. They need you more than I do. I thought to him silently.

“That’s a lie, but you’re willing to risk your own safety for them?” He asked. “They are the only thing that can hurt me.” Without another word, he flew off to join the fight. “You think he’ll help?” She asked. “He can’t hurt.” I finally responded simply. We continued the battle. Bringing our weapons around in taunts, feints, and jabs. I was able to cut off two more arms, her left right, and her lower left. But, she cut me badly as well and the wounds weren’t healing like they should be. I dropped to one knee and blood puddled underneath me. “You should just give in now. You’re weak.” She said.

I knew she was right. But, I had to find a way to save them and kill her. There has to be a way to beat her. I don’t know what it was yet, but there has to be a way. “Matt, I am giving you all my strength and magic. Use it to send this bitch back to the nether realm.” I felt power like nothing I’ve ever felt before flood through me, but then I heard Jason’s dying scream. “You won’t die in vain. I will make your sacrifice mean something.” I said to the universe. “You’re foolish. He committed suicide for nothing.” A’langoro laughed.

“We will see,” I said. The wounds only healed a little. But, I pressed in on her harder and faster than I thought possible. I hacked and stabbed and sliced at her. Even though she was able to spin around me and give me a sharp cut up my back, I was able to remove her second to the last arm. “You won’t survive this,” I said. I went to press in on her and with a wicked smile, she jabbed something into my chest. I looked down in shock to see a purple glowing stake. It wasn’t glowing the normal dark purple, but a neon shade. “I knew he would give you his power. So, I enhanced the stake that would kill you. Foolish. I can’t die. But, you can.”

She said and I laughed then. “You can’t huh?” She gave me a confused look. “Area Megwa Ser Jakal megornailo Ses Decesto!” I screamed and her whole body began to glow and vibrate. She looked like she wanted to scream at me, but couldn’t. Then she exploded and chunks of flesh went everywhere and I used the strength that Jason gave me to bring him back. He looked around in confusion.

“Matt, what did you do?” He demanded to kneel over me. “I brought you back,” I said choking. He looked towards the gate. “Go, save them,” I said. He nodded grimly and then rushed towards the gate. The only thing I could hope for was that the others survived and would be able to live their lives. The only thing I had been why wasn’t A’langoro more powerful than that? Was she not up to full power yet? Or was there something more at play? I wondered. Then something knelt over me. “Your death is now. The end is here. But, rest with your faithful vow. I will be the end of their painful cheer.”

Then I found myself standing in the room with the three doors and the faces staring at me. I could barely stand. “Now you see the paths you have. Only you can determine which one you take. Only you can choose the correct way to walk. I will give you the choice now.” The voices said. “No! I want my questions!” I demanded. “You don’t have the strength.” The voices said and I was adamant about my right to the second set of trials. “You have that right. These two trials are going to help shape your path and future. Your trials will now come into play, but the risk is too great. ”

I shook my head in exasperation. “I want the trial,” I demanded. “Very well. You will have it. I just hope you know what you’re getting into.” It said. “I honestly don’t care. I just want to know my options.” I said. “As you wish. Question number one: What role do you wish to play during the final war?” The voice asked. I focused on the question. “The role I wish to play is that I want to fight with everything I have in me to keep the world safe,” I replied. “Next question: What is your goal during the fight? How do you plan on helping the humans, lead the vampires and stop this war? What are you going to do to keep the risk of them dying down?”

I had to choose my answer carefully. “There’s no guarantee that I can save the people in this war. But, if we all join together we can do our best to protect each other and we have a better chance to stay alive. Also, if I can gather a full army. I can set out factions to look after the humans and keep them safe. I can also lead them appropriately and fight the enemy whenever she or he rises. But, I am going to need an army. Without one, we are all going to die.

We won’t stop the world from being destroyed. How do I plan on saving the vampires? By reuniting them under my roof. Offering them shelter, security. By making them a part of a group that makes a difference. How am I going to keep the humans safe? By putting allies and friends all over watching out for them and befriending them. At some point, they may be able to open up to the humans to who or what they are. This might be the only way to keep everyone safe or at least protect as many people as possible.

This war if we can unite human and vampire, is going to be the only way the Earth is able to survive annihilation. There is no guarantee in people dying. War comes with casualties. But, we can save a lot of lives by working together. If I can unite the vampires under one roof. If I can unite the Marquo under me, then we can change this war for the better.” I explained to them. “So, you have a plan on splitting up a part of your army around the area where the final fight came from.

But, wouldn’t that weaken you?” I shook my head with a smile. “No, maybe for a time. But, when we can pinpoint the location where the war is going to happen, then we can evacuate the people and bring all the soldiers back together. Reform our army and fight this war with everything we got. I can’t vouch for those who will be with me. But, I will fight with everything I have in me. I will die fighting for this world!” The faces all separated and looked at me in a confusing and strange way. “You are willing to give up your life?” The one who sounded like my mom asked. “If it comes to that. Yes, I am.” All the faces lit up. “Well, we know based on both your tests that which path you’re going to be on. You can either take our result. Or you can choose for yourself.” They all said in unison.

“What can you tell me about the path you’re going to have me walk?” I asked. “We can’t say anything. In this, it’s all about trusting our choice for you. But, you can choose your own path. I know they say Fate or Destiny can’t be altered. But, this? Right now? This is the only way to change what your course is going to be on. Normally, we don’t authorize anyone to see and choose. We just let it unfold and let them make the choices they are supposed to make. But, you are either the key to saving the planet or destroying it. You will still have all the temptations.

You will still have the choices that can end everything or save it. All paths have the same choices and can have the same outcomes. So, what’s it going to be?” An elderly looking male asked. I looked at the four doors that now were in front of me. I looked at them all. I saw the first three doors. I don’t know how I end up with either one of their results. But, I do know that I really didn’t like them. So, what’s my best option? Choose one of them? Or take a leap of blind faith? “So, what’s it going to be? If you don’t choose soon, we will choose one for you.”

“You know this isn’t an easy choice to make.” I snap. They gave me an uncaring look. “We know and don’t care. CHOOSE!” They all hissed at me. Then the red glowing door began to slide towards me. “I will take the door you created! I choose that one!” I screamed and the door froze in place. “Are you sure?” I nodded. “I am.” The red glowing door slid back into place and this wide onyx oak looking door slid towards me. When it got in front of me they said, “Enter and follow your path. Just know. It’s not going to be easy. But, nothing is ever easy is it?”

I shook my head and then slowly and with shaky hands went to open the door. “I just should let you know. There’s a little chance of you waking up.” Before I could respond, I found myself being sucked into a vortex. I felt myself floating down through the ceiling of a room and then I turned my head to see my body sprawled out on a bed and Ashlee and Jaise were around me. “He needs to wake up soon! If he doesn’t, then he might not ever wake up.” Ashlee sobbed. Jaise kept a blank look, but his eyes showed more pain than he was letting on. I floated back into my body and then I shot up gasping for breath!

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