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The Brain Within

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Katrina is inside of Adara’s head. She controls what Adara does. Adara moves to Maui. Katrina doesn’t know what to do with this cute boy at her new school.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1 school

Sorry for any errors, I'm new at this.

Adara sits in the front row towards the teachers desk. Adara's hair is short and blond. Her eyes are green. She's wearing a cyan colored jacket and black leggings. I however am inside of her head. People think that there is a brain inside of their head but its not true. There are diffrent characters inside peoples heads. People call it a narrator and say that some people don't have one. They do have one but it is probably shy. I can also move a joystick to move her jaw. We also tell the person to do whatever.

Anyway, Adara sat in the front of the class next to her bestfriend Electra. She has short, bright blue hair. Her eyes are voilet and she's wearing a jumpsuit. Also pink cowboy boots with designs on them. Her eyes lit up, "I just remembered something. I am-". The teacher Mr. Fyrian walked in and pointed to the white bored. I tapped the keybored so Adara started to do the work on the white bored. Adara pulled out her planner and wrote down for her last class of the day.

•art work

I told her to start working on her artwork. She started to draw a yin-yang eye. " The thing I was going to tell you was that I'm moving to Maui", said Electra. I gasped and said, " Ask her why. Ask her why!" Adara said, " why are you leaving?" With a sad face, "I don't know why. My parents just told me this morning. At least we can text and call." Adara wiped her watery eyes, " at least we can text and call." I told her to pack up her stuff into her backpack. Adara smiled and then the bell rang.

I told Adara, " I can't believe our best friend is leaving us. Lets go to our locker and then on the bus." She walked at a steady pace. She put on her fake smile and sat down. She listened to a 1 hour loop of Ignite by Allen Walker on her blue head phones. Her green eyes stared out the window. She stood up and walked down her driveway to her house.

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