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Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1- the seashore

"TAYLOR ARE YOU READY YET!" My mum shouts from the car. Every school holidays our hole family goes to our beach house for a family reunion. Little did I know I would find out about our family secret this year.

"ALMOST!" I yell back at her while I pack my swimmers. Once I Finnish packing I go downstairs and get my favourite cereal. I then get into my dads car. Soon we drive away and I grab my phone from my bag. I then start texting my friends.

About an hour later we reach our beach house. In the driveway I see my favourite cousin, Laura. Before I get out of the car my mum makes me say the rules. "Don't go out to the beach without a parent and don't go in the water," I say with a tone in my exited voice. I then get out of the car and run into my cousins arms. We hug then she helps me get my bag out of the car.

Once we get all my stuff sorted into my room we go into the living room and continue the puzzle from last time we were here. "Taylor do you ever wonder why we can't go near water?" Laura questions me. "Umm.. i guess. Why?" I say. "Well mabey we can find answers in the basement," she answers. I agree and we both stand up and we head for our room.

We move the bed and underneath we find the hatch that leads to the basement. No one else, of our cousins, knew about the hatch Laura and I found it last time we came to the beach house. We lift the hatch and we enter one by one. We turn on our flash lights and it brightens the darkened basement.

Soon we find a box filled with old stuff. Laura helps me drag the box out of the basment. We then lock our door. We soon look through the box. We found necklaces and jewellery. We also found some old photos. Other than that there was no hard evidence why we weren't alowed in the water.

So we made a plan when everyone was asleep we would sneak out and go for a swim. We went back to my puzzle and no one had noticed that we had left. After hours later we had dinner. Me and Laura sat next to each other

After dinner the family started to get ready for bed by watching a movie and taking turns to shower. When it was time for bed me and Laura faked going to sleep.

When we were sure that everyone was asleep we go out of bed and grabbed a torch from the kitchen. We walked down the side of the house.

Soon enough we reached the seashore. "OK so are we sure we want to do this," I said out loud. "100%," Laura replied....

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