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Twisted Fates

By Arrowyn Jessica Campbell All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Adventure


Eryn & JB invite you to join them in this thrilling action adventure novel as they explore different realms looking for treasure. Sirius Develanka is a madman bent on making humans better, stronger and faster. But when Eryn's daughter goes missing, she is forced to confront a part of her past that she thought was long dead. When Eryn confronts Sirius about the experiments he did on her and plans to do on her daughter; things go awry when the two of them are sucked into another realm and are now are forced to rely on each other if they want to escape alive.

Chapter 1

(March 25, 1992)

Samantha’s progress is going remarkably well, however the child she carries; Eryn; will be even better at accepting the panther gene since she will already have panther genes in her. I’ve injected the embryo with blood and DNA of the panther genome; this child will be what we have worked so hard for: a combination of human – animal hybrid; someone who is as fast as a panther, with increased senses, skill and intelligence. Not only that though; but because of her unique ability to accept more than one gene: I will be adding more gene sequences to Eryn’s DNA, to see how many sequences her genes can absorb without causing her to go rabid. I have impregnated Samantha, making sure that the baby will carry not only panther genes but badger and wolverine genes as well. I expect great things from my child.

(May 25, 1993) The baby has been born, and is going to be turning 1 tomorrow. I’ve taken DNA samples from it and the gene sequence has worked completely. It’s amazing; the human DNA and the panther DNA have completely bonded together. It has completely absorbed and integrated the other minor genes of wolverine and badger; even though she possesses these genes, they have not affected any kind of dominance.

If anything they’ve become such a minor part of her, the panther genes have absorbed them and have become dominant, taking over and melding with the human genes almost perfectly, truly she will be a wonder.

(May 26, 1993) This child will be the prize of my collection. Her birthday has come; but the child is nowhere to be found. Her keepers said her mother had come in and taken the baby for a walk. One of the travel pods seems to be missing; I found the tracking device from both child and pod on the deck of the boat house. When I went to ask her mother about this, I had found her in her room; she had slit her wrists and bled out. Her child was now gone. She was one of my most precious and amazing creatures on this island. I loved her dearly. May she rest in peace.

I’m thinking about changing the tracking devices from arm bands to chips, to be inserted under the skin of the elbow, as well as making a fool proof way so that no one else can escape. Even though I’ve created a paradise on the island here for the patients…. Still they want to leave. I must concoct a serum that when the patients try to leave, they die. It’s the only method that will work.

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