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Adventure / Other

Chapter 1 - The Protagonist

In the semi-darkness of a room on the outskirts of Madrid, sitting in front of a window with eyes lost in the twilight, the grandson of the late Earl of Son Sierra. Try to gather His thoughts. Suddenly His eyes are directed to a shelf near the window, maybe I Understood That memories are stored in the depths of every man or maybe not? I gets up and picks up a book. You Might be looking for an explanation for His misfortunes. Clearly That Is not Thinking About His childhood not so far.

From an early age I Showed an unusual intelligence, Both His parents and his teachers Realized and Decided to give private lessons; not finding a suitable school for Their knowledge. I HAD A Benjamin all physical Lacked intellect, was a sickly child and with little appetite. Did not Have many friends to play with, His father imposed a physical education teacher, Because I Said as “healthy mind Incorporate healthy”

At nine years They received information of a private school in recent opening in Madrid to great minds and soon His parents Informed of the details of the Said school. It Seemed They Had found the perfect place to Benjamin. But nothing is further from reality before the end of the course was two years older than the Children With him. If we Consider That All Were Children with an IQ out of the ordinary ....

The manager called His Father.

Sir Benjamin, I appreciate That there eat Understand That your time is very valuable, but we must talk about prep prep prep prep prep prep prep your child.

- To fact some mischief?

- Do not! His son is a model of virtue, even Performed With Their antics are exceptional delicacy, never offend anyone His jokes make people laugh, in short if I had a child want it to be like him. Last week contrived, so That When the teacher to sit on the toilet seat, the hall Sounded the alarm.

But That Is not what I want to talk.

I puts down Their education in Their hands. Acting ACCORDING TO His conscience (the father of Benjamin was a righteous and strict man).

Precisely That is why what I have called. Your child needs an education here can not be guaranteed.

’I see it is not up to this school.

No, it’s not quite the Contrary, Precisely Because You have called your child needs more, we fall short With It STI is much higher coefficient than other children, your child is ten years old and I is not alone With twelve, tops.

We are truly a case than what is naturally and do not know where is Intended, You have a photographic memory, but what impresses me is MOST When He Begins to Reflect on any matter, leaves us unable to refute Often.

’I perplexes, what can I do you’re the teacher?

- Have you thought of sending him to the United States?

Having a child -Never Thought That Might Become a problem.

And it is not. If you are willing to assume the costs Represent That Can Pursue Their studies in the United States. ,,,,,, Although the costs would not be in full.

Explain, please.

I have sent a report to the college kids like yours and Have accepted it. Internal I would be in school. This would bear the costs of accommodation and living expenses. Transportation and extras: such as clothing and other necessities, would on Their Own.

That would not be to Problem- answered the father

-You Must learn English in the summer months. Which I do not think it’s a problem for him.

- And When Should I answer?

-Has Time Until the weekend. But note That, At this university, not go around the world and is an honor Which Have ADMITTED.

The boy is practicing judo, you May Continue with the sport. It is so weak That I must learn to defend themselves.

If you agree to Have all your needs covered. Not only will you learn judo possibly Develop physically, much more than you think.

It’s very painful for me to leave my son, it has-been my support since her mother died, but I think Their interests and not on mine. Should I think I would never be at peace with my conscience Otherwise accept. I leave everything in your hands, you know better than I what my interests are.

Three months Don Benjamin Accompanied His are to the United States. For many years only Benjamin came to Spain in summer and as much about ten days in his life unfolded Christmas far from home and his father. At twenty years I have published in a prestigious scientific journal Noun, quantum physics and Its development over time and space was not the last twenty-four year old carte blanche ADH in Nasa, met Dr. Severo Ochoa and Gold, and the Spanish, Among many other figures of physics and chemistry.

His body HAD developed was a young one meter eighty strong constitution, His body was pure expert fiber in martial arts, though despised violence Which Said That “was the product of underdeveloped minds” and That self-defense was to be used to neutralize the danger of Those minds. I never wanted to compete Because I Said, the competition was the product of human egotism.

The school principal called Benjamin to His office.

You -da permission.

Benjamin Go ahead, Please sit down.

Benjamin sat before the WHO Director-Admired i respected almost as a father, as He Had Been His father and confessor in recent years a man I Admired about way and she trusted blindly.

Will -you say.

As you open NOTED students here come and go at will Their free, no fixed rules, His mind progresses and Their actions are correct.

If I know, but do not think I’ve called for that.

Aye, I received a communication from His country. His father died and must return home, will Have to take over the assets of His family, and you are the sole heir.

- And When I died?

-On Friday night, the morning and closed this phones Were I received a telegram, Surely His Father and was buried open.

-being and When Should I leave to?

The sooner, you can no longer Because, see, ,, His father,, Although, if you must tidy up your finances and possibly her new life.

No, my life is here in America, waiting for me at NASA and as you know I am directing various projects.

Look Benjamin When You Entered the center, like many of the students come here WHO. If one thing I have in mind and true, it is That sooner or later, each person must choose summarizes His Life and Their destiny.

But my destiny is this. you can not tell if you do not experience in other places and meet other people and other ways of thinking or living.

- What will happen That With all the projects I have in hand?

’You’re not the only one in the world capable of carrying them out.

Forgive me if I sin of immodesty.

- Do not! do not apologize.

- What Should I do?

’I can only tell you what I would. First, I would care of my economic interests, and then a to to to to to with Letters That I have prepared my studies in Spain would harmonize, even if I HAD to pass a test, would be very easy Which for you. Then I tries to know the country and Its customs check later for job opportunities. Surely When returning to Their Roots, These will captivate and start a new life.

Forgive me, but I think not, my life is here, but follow your instructions to the letter.

Here is the telegram sent me and here Have the credentials to be Submitted to the directors of universities That Have Chosen him in Madrid and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The choice was easy Because You Have Both possessions in capitals.

If I know them from my vacation.

-Remember Not want to see before two years.

As always I obey, Although I do not take so long to return.

The manager got up and Went to Benjamin This was to meet and melted in a tight embrace, like two great friends Who Do not know the time to turn it Took to see.

Benjamin made the baggage and Said goodbye to all her friends; Went the next day towards her new life.

While the plane was in His thoughts wandered Among His memories. The figure of His Father always ready to offer help and support. Summers possessed at His farm Where That Requena wine cellars His father inherited and much work HAD HAD Become profitable, Achieving good vintages and a gap Between the best wines.

Friends of Madrid, barely Remembered, vaguely wanted to memorize Their faces. Memories crowded her mind while trying to stop thinking Struggling With Their stay at the university, Which just HAD HAD Been left and That His Life.

The words of the director Sounded again and again in His head.

You must choose summarizes His Life and Their destiny. I do not want to see it before two years.

Gradually I fell asleep and when to she opened her eyes to to to to to coming to Madrid Were, Had Always Been to pick it up His father, Surely no one would be waiting for him at the airport.

When I came to the door of the airport Seemed immense, Never Had stopped to watch. I made the gesture of calling a cab When I Heard a voice saying The Lord Benjamin! I turned saying.

-Yes, I am.

’I sent Mr. José Bernat to pick it up.

The good Bernat, The Man Who more than servant, Had Been the best friend of His Father and Who Had the telegram sent to the principal.

They Went up the luggage and left in the direction of His home in Madrid, on a street overlooking the main square of Madrid. The house had more than enough room to Benjamin and Lacked ACCORDING tranquility. So even being whole edifice of His father, Benjamin liked the attic, Where I Could have more tranquility, and Which His Father HAD reserved for When coming on vacation, the other six houses Were rented, the People Who strong sums paid rented to live in the area and in large floors. The ground floor would be shared Between a shoe store and a jewelry shop fashions.

His father used to spend much more time in Requena Where His mother was and Where His grave, there was happy making wine, Between memories and HAD Been With His wife buried there; I never remarried.

On arriving home, Bernat was waiting for them, with signs of impatience.

Benjamin saw an old man, with footprints over time had left in His hair and on His face, His body was bent. Never in His Father’s life HAD noticed Such a thing. Perhaps Because His Life His father When I came to Spain filled.

The manager Told him to visit His country did not need HAD commissioned His father every summer, taking it from a different region and every corner of the country Knew.

Sir well come home, have you had a good trip?

Joseph If what you like is?

Very well within what is possible, we get old master, willy-nilly. But let us go we’ll Have time to talk.

They took our bags and headed for the attic. There Bernat Introduced His nephew Francisco Bernat, The Man Who Had Brought him into the car from the airport.

Francisco HAD studies completed administrative and did not work. Actually, I wanted His uncle was to take His place, as far as we tell the family Could, becoming the confidant of Benjamin, Assumed That Mr. (as I called it) would be a long time away, even Out of country.

Josep Bernat felt old and tired, Had Been the shadow, friend, confidant, her life turned HAD Mr. Benjamin environment and Did not want another life, happy and HAD Been His death Until,

In the days That Benjamin had a lot of work, as I Told the manager. First it was the notary and tidied His property after the bank, Where I found His father HAD That left him a lot and finally visited the winery Requena, Along With Bernat and nephew.

The last days of His Life His father lived in a room next to His office ADH in the cellar, Which was another small room Equipped with, Where I used to sleep Bernat and a small kitchen and dining room for workers. The old house was About a hundred meters slightly higher on a mound. Nobody HAD long lived and was leaking. After all the details of Informed of the winery, from the door of this house stared at the old.

Bernat tell me how is the old house you can live in it.

Sir, the house is for demolition, full of leaks and beams are eaten away, there is danger of collapse.

I Remember That there was a large basement, with passages like caves, I Also remember to large jars with wine and oil.

’Mr has a good memory.

Bernat, Mr. died, my name is Benjamin Benja or for friends and want the old friends of my father are my friends and not my servants. Do you understand?

I prefer to treat me like a are.

’I cost sir, but I’ll try.

Another thing you want to live Where? In Madrid or here.

Here I have more memories, but I have no home, I have always lived With His father. I never thought that ...

A Bernat eyes welled With tears and Could not continue the memories of His friend Were too recent.

I’m not asking you to leave, rather than you to stay Where you want, you could stay in your rooms and live as They always miss as you retire!

Needless I retired two years ago, but I have Followed with His Father.

Well from now I want you to live as you want and you do what you please want you to be happy, if you need money Just have to take it, I know You have in the bank firm Has Told me direct the bank, but not I have you removed. Now I want to see the old house night before eating. Tomorrow would talk to His nephew.

Do not go to the house can fall.

If You Have not fallen in so long it is not going to fall now. Where is the key?

It’s a bunch That is on the office wall Where all, now I bring.

No I the’ll catch, rest.

Benjamin Took the keys to the house and Wentz. Upon reaching the door to chill ran down His back memories came into His mind, I Recalled passages of His childhood With His parents, I imaginatively His father is sitting in the rocking chair on the porch of His house while getting dark. I opened the door and stepped inside electricity still worked, the floor creaked under His right foot in the place Where the basement was, I risked not go upstairs. Bernat Said Were the leaks seen, down to the basement and it was not NOTED That I Remembered as great as small; I DECIDED it would look better plans and decide what to do With the house. Should the next day to talk francisco and know what His intentions were. I Could not tell His uncle and needed a trusted person,

During the night I DECIDED That the house would be His home and workplace When I was in Spain, topple and make a great basement like a boomerang With exits by some of the corridors or cellars and entrances and exits for air.

With These thoughts in mind I got up, heading to the kitchen Where I found Bernat, heating milk.

Benjamin Told not to bring breakfast to the room, Which desayunarían together in the kitchen; Then He Said.

- When Could habar With His nephew?

Whenever you like, you are washing the car.

If I’m not mistaken and what have you Chosen as His replacement, or am I wrong?

It does not seem right if I send home.

Bernat not if you’ve Chosen will Have Their Reasons, if my father trusted blindly in you, I’m not one to doubt. I would like to speak With eating before, come on now I have one job to do.

Benjamin locked himself in the office of His Father. At one point called Francisco at the door.


Benjamin sat at the table of His father with Several sheets of paper on the table.

-francisco Please sit down. Francisco sat opposite him.

Will -you say.

’In the first place, I like to make things clear, if your uncle has Chosen as His replacement. I want to know why; you think of me and if I could be faithful to me as it was His uncle with my father, I must warn you not want a servant, but a friend to cover my back when I’m gone.

Look sir, I can be anything but unfaithful and ungrateful. My studies are limited to administrative, my father was the One Who raised me, my mother left us when i was three, my father was a bricklayer and I cleaned the house and cooked. When I was fifteen, my father found a lady with Whom I Could not live with. I did maletilla and I started I got bulls debut with the help of my uncle and his father, I do not know what is fear and That meant I had a strong fuck that cut short my career. After more than one year and five reconstruction operations lead regular life I can. I can not marry Because it does not serve as a husband; It is the price I Had to pay. After I finished my studies and his father Took me as a driver.

Tell me why should i trust you?

Sir Benjamin. What can make a person neither you nor I know, what I can tell you do not think it will do much good. Only time can tell whether or not I deserve your trust.

I realize what I’m asking Gives You.

If Mr. and I think I’m the right person.

I think so, and If You Had I Have Doubts any dissipated. From now on I do not want gentlemen, call me or Benja Benjamin as you like.

Now let’s what interests us. From now on You You have to take care of everything as if it Were your own, your uncle and ask him to put Helps you abreast of everything.

’As for the old house, she must take care of the tear down and build it as it was. But before the foundation will Have to make on These plans That I have on the table. We must make an entry for one of the tunnels through Which you can enter a vehicle and park in the basement, the farther and more undisguised the best entry. Then we can enter with a tractor and Transporting wine, oil or laboratory equipment.

When you arrive in Spain I want to use the basement as a laboratory, so if you leave any problems You should act According to your conscience. Respects the tunnels, I prefer them larger than Eliminate them.

When you want you can start your uncle has signed in the bank, ask everything you need. TO! tomorrow I’ll need the car to go to Valencia.

The following day was dedicated to Benjamin Standardize Their studies in the country, delivering the letters I HAD Given the director and passing some tests more as an obligation than as a necessity; after two months was Examined as all students in Valencia and the following week was Discussed at Madrid, at universities They Were Both perplexed Their knowledge, much higher than Those of the best teachers.

The chance wanted while talking to the professor of chemistry at Madrid That, came into the office a young woman with a huge brash. I knocked on the door was open and snuck giving a kiss on the cheek teacher.

Pardon me Pesky?

No no annoying daughter, I want you to Professor Benjamin, Who has completed His studies in the US and collaborates With NASA.

-Nice To meet you miss. Benjamin leaned offering His hand.

- Ana sir! Dad left you with American, I Told You It was close. Well, I’m closer than you can believe.

Be careful not get into trouble.

’I do not aré neglected. Goodbye Mr. American. And as I left I HAD Entered at full speed.

Excuse me Mr. Benjamin my daughter is young and mind just think weird things,

DESPITE studying anthropology dead languages ​​Studied for ITS account, I do not know very well to serve and then ... well I not want to His head with warm Their fantasies. I factotum factotum factotum factotum factotum factotum believes it is something like a researcher of humanity and the occult.

Something I think you’re right there are many things to discover hidden -in, waiting for science to do so in the future.

With men like you I have no doubt. If you come with me I’ll eat.

- Somewhere in particular?

No to the restaurant of the university.

’I go with you.

While filling the tray in the self Benjamin Ana spotted alone at a table eating while leafing through some papers.

Professor Look there’s your daughter.

Well let’s sit With Her.

- Is there room for two?

Pope -A what you’ve Become American nanny?

’I’m American, I was born in Valencia and spent my childhood in Madrid. I Attended my first studies in the school Nimes.

-Nimes That is not the school of gifted.

I would not say much more of the Developed Countries.

The conversation was in crescendo, almost unaware That His Father would not doubt That young congenial. They left the university chatting amiably. Ana stopped.

Well American gentleman got things to do.

When I see her again. Benja and please call me.

Well Benja will be difficult to see us go to the mountain Saturday morning to practice climbing, I have a project for Which I am training.

And I Could not Accompany her, I have nothing to do.

Ana Laughed. You climb?

If you can me too.

All right I’ll take the team, where do you want to collect? at five o’clock and Appropriate clothing.

-in The Puerta del Sol.

Young people fired. Benjamin thought how happy and nice it was Ana did not realize I was in love with her at night silhouette Reflected again and again in His Mind, His smile charmed him was something About Her That kept her from sleep there was barely asleep When the alarm Wentz off.

At five o’clock Ana picked Benja and headed to the mountain. Ana Benjamin HAD not gone unnoticed, it was completely different from the guys who knew him Could Talk About interesting things and Also found him very handsome.

They spent the day climbing or as training Ana Said. After dinner They Were lying a good time and looking at the stars, before entering the tent. The adventure ended, living in the small apartment Both Ana, just outside Madrid.

In fifteen days like two schoolboys They Had in love and planned to get married, Anne returned When I thought Undertake the trip. They Decided to go together to buy engagement rings as a symbol of Their love.

Said Ana. I know a store near here, at Least the rings join us, be our secret symbol.

Well we buy our symbol. Young laughing out towards the jewelry.

The clerk brought` them a tray of rings, Were in pairs. Ana chose to pair; When They Were trying on rings, a man with a handkerchief over Wentz His mouth saying.

Do not lay hands on the neck and Their move you put the jewelry in this bag.

The clerk pressed a button with His foot and fell onto the counter screen Preventing the mugger to go inside, the alarm rang. The robber Took That Were the rings on the counter while Ana told.

Those rings are ours. - Ana cried trying cogerlos-.

The robber in a huff fired the gun, while Benja tugging the credit card in her hand to her face, Which made him a cut on His Nose mugger and distracted him long enough for Benja Could you reduce it, then a to to to to to pressed on to point of the temple and left him unconscious, turning Realized That Ana was on the floor in a pool of blood, the bullet pierced His heart ADH. Benja pounced on it, but soon found That I HAD lost forever. I wept like a child on the body of Ana.

During the following days I have locked himself at Ana, staring off in the distance, I Could not Take His mind, again and again cursed His luck and the mugger. I Could not Understand how I HAD gone from being extremely happy, to feel the unluckiest man in the world.

Ana’s smile was Repeated over and over in His Mind. But unfortunately HAD His life changed.

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