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[Die Today Live Tomorrow] Season 1

By QLMC All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Adventure


At first it was only Donte who kept getting reoccurring visions and bewildered illusions of a place where deep within a forest, something bright blue glows in the midst of a perfect, grassy, circle surrounded by the trees. But he soon finds out his friends, Ersala, Armel, Ina, and Virgil have all been getting them too. There can be no coincidences. Not for something like that. Mysteriously lured into the woods by an unknown attraction, Donte and his friends just never knew touching that emission of light would thrust him and his friends into different dimensions with each one individually beginning their longest journey to get back home. All they know is, their world just got a whole lot bigger. Much bigger. But maybe there is something darker happening. A reason as to why they were transported into worlds that seemed only capable within the cycle of a dream. Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

[Act I Prelude]

Act I: Where The Forest Calls

Act Genre: Supernatural Fiction \ Mystery

From light to dark, ashes to ashes, dust to dust........this journey ahead will only end in a long time coming.

The true meaning of this story is about--


Struggles, journeys filled with self trials.....

One may not know what they’ll find at the end of it.

Know your pain....try to shut it away and it’ll be sure to catch up to you when you least expect it.

Become someone better....but don’t become someone else....don’t become someone else’s identity.

Break down and let your old self, your old world crumble and die today....

So that a new entity, a new passion, a new world......a new you may take up the mantle....and live tomorrow.

Rage forward past the pain. But don’t let the rage consume you.

All pain will ever do is cut us down until our weakest self is revealed....our vulnerable point.

Sweet self, let you die in my arms today.....so that the next me will live tomorrow and follow a different path.

Forget the pain.....forget the pain...

Let your cries be sound....

It’s been too long that you’ve been silenced....

I’ve known you for too long old self....that me is gone...

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1. [Act I Prelude]
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