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Chaos in a Nutshell: Nonsense is our thing

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Char's life changes drastically from her "normal" routine of killing demons at her job and staying up too many late nights scrolling Discord for memes and/or spending time with her boyfriend. All because of two people, Luna and Strider, these people begin the start of something beyond reality breaking with the encounter of Blackhole. How will they defeat this grudge-holding evil? Only one way to find out, you know.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Beginning of it all

Kinda excited, hopefully, you like the story, no matter its success or lack of, I'll be sure to make sequels.

Char wakes up in her apartment after a long night of scrolling through Discord

She looks at the clock and then at the other end of her bed, her black-haired boyfriend, Kenchi, mysteriously isn’t there

Char shrugs, thinking he went to the bathroom or something, but little does she know that she was right

Kenchi comes out of the bathroom, yawning and stretching

Char starts posting memes on her phone to her friends

“Mmmmm......” She wipes her eyes, “Hey, what time is it?” Char drowsily asks

“Starbucks time” Kenchi puts his sandals on

“Yeah, sure, we’ve become regulars there anyway” Char playfully rolls her eyes

Kenchi grins a bit, starting to putting his "normal" baggy clothes on

About 20 minutes pass and they finally get ready to go

They leave their apartment, off to Starbucks, which isn’t far away

“Hey, Jimmothy, how's your girlfriend-....uh...Diana?” Kenchi asks the cashier, doubting his guess about this unimportant information

“Mina, and she’s doing pretty well, what can I get you two today?” Jim asks

“The usual” Kenchi replies, all cool like

“Right, right, I’ll be back” Jim starts making their coffee

Char and Kenchi start talking to each other in low tones about...something referring to demons?

Jim finishes up and returns

“Here you go, black coffee for the misses and black coffee for you” He gives them their drinks

“Thanks” Kenchi puts his money on the counter

Char takes a swig of her coffee, the bags under her eyes start to fade away, and it's almost as if her hair straightens itself

Kenchi and Char leave Starbucks

Shortly after they leave...

“Hey, do you mind if I go somewhere really quick?” Kenchi asks

“Idc” Char responds like she’s still in Discord

“Are you coming or staying at the apartment?” Kenchi confirms

“I d c” Char repeats, Discordly or...Messagly...Messagaly? She says the letters, there

“......Come on-” Kenchi motions

They go to a reserved bar

“We just got coffee why do we need to go to a bar?” Char asks

"To spike them" Kenchi sarcastically answers

Char squints at him

“I just need to talk to someone,” Kenchi forces a laugh, “It’ll be quick”

“Okay, but I’m not drinking after...last time” Char says firmly, a small fire in her eyes, a hint of regret

“Alright” Kenchi shrugs, looking away a bit

They start walking over to a man in a heavily armored black suit, almost knight-like, and a girl with black hair with a grey mark under her right, blue eye

“This is.....Strider” Kenchi waves to the armored man unenthusiastically

Strider gazes right at Kenchi

“...I-uh-thought he’d be a good addition” Kenchi slowly looks back at Char, intimidated

“He looks.......kinda....overpowered?.......I wonder if Blank would like him?” Char questions

“I think he’d be a good addition-” Kenchi notices the girl Strider's sitting across from

“Hi, I’m Kenchi-who are you-?” He stares at the girl

“Oh, my name’s Luna” The girl smiles, “Me and Stry fry are friends”

“........You wanna join?” Kenchi stares at her, wondering where she came up with Stry fry

“I don’t have anything better to do, why not, sounds fun” Luna beams

“Alright, c’mon” Kenchi leads, walking out, Char following

Luna chugs her margarita glass and goes out with Strider in tow

After a short walk...

“...We’re being watched” Kenchi stops, surveying the area

Strider uncaringly starts walking ahead

“Okay, I guess not” Kenchi shakes his head, following Strider

“LUCE” A quickly approaching man yells

“John?” Luna looks around

“HEY” Another man heavily guarded, but in grey armor, waves from across the street

“What-another one?” Kenchi's eyebrow raises

Strider stops and waits

“DID YOU GET THE VIDEO?” The man runs up to Luna

“Yeah...I question if you’re okay sometimes, Banch” Luna sighs, laughing a little

“...You seem familiar” Char strokes her chin

“Oh...that's weird” The big guy seems confused

“...Dunno-were you in a movie?" Char squints

“Hm...” Banch stares at Char

Char stares back, waiting for an answer

“...Welp, I’ll see you later, have fun with your new friends” Banch waves at Luna

“We will” Luna smiles

Strider waves at him

“I guess it fits, two guys in big suits make sense for them to be friends” Kenchi shrugs, going back to leading the crew

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