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I am a one whole flat, plain and super clumsy girl with chocolate brown hair. I've got so many detentions and moved to a variety of schools. I've never met or made friends as there were so many rumors about me roaming around the school like a wildfire. Moving to Royalwoods High School on East 81st, gave me a chance to make friends. During our orientation, there was some sort of gas filling up the room. The auditorium was misty and dark. There came a hand which grabbed me and all I could feel was ~PAIN~.. Read more to know what's going to happen next.

Adventure / Thriller
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Chapter 1

“How do we make a soap to float in water?”, asked a figure standing in front of the class. She had her red hair tied up high. She wore a pair of spectacles and dressed a red and blue outfit which fitted her perfectly. Many eyes stared at her speechlessly. My hand rose at a very far distance. All the other eyes turned towards me as I stood up. “Heating up the soap will fasten up the molecules and the soap would float”, I answered with my hands crushing up a paper. I trembled for a second at the gaze of my teacher, but in no time, there was an applause to honor my brilliant answer.

I am a one whole flat, plain and super clumsy girl. I’ve got so many detentions and moved to a variety of schools. I’ve never met or made friends as there were so many rumors about me roaming around the school like a wildfire. Moving to Royalwoods High School on East 81st, gave me a chance to make friends.

Royalwoods High School was this High-tech building overlooking on East River. This was one of the best boarding schools in the East. As the bell rang, I walked of my class heading towards my locker. Clover, a blonde-haired girl, wearing red leather heels, red jeans and a leather jacket studded with punk rock buttons had her intense blue eye staring at me. There were six other shinny eyes joining hers. They were Rachel, Kelli and Tammi. They all wore cheerleaders purple and white uniforms. My legs eventually moved backwards as Clover came forwards. “Hands off her”, said a shrewd voice behind me. It was a girl with frizzy black hair. She wore a black court shoe, grey hoodie and a tight skirt. She had ghostly grey eyes. I caught a glimpse of her face and hairs on my arm stood straight up. Along with her two other girls followed. One wore black leather boots, black jeans and tattered leather jacket studded with punk bolt buttons. Her hair was dark and choppy, and eyes were emerald green. Another wore best blue dress and white snickers. She had blonde curls falling below the high ponytail. The three of them had their names in a very elegant necklace. Well-In fact they were the friends I met at Royalwoods High School. They were Kate, Liz and Emily.

Clover’s intense blue eyes glared at Kate as she was overpowering the world.

“Don’t you dare speak to me-”, snarled Clover.

“I dare to” Kate replied with no relay.

“You do know who I am, don’t you”

“Of course, you are the ugly daughter of Mr. Ewing, one of the famous businessmen. Seriously Clover, you are using your dad’s power. Very pity of you. I can imagine you if your dad was poor.”

“You all are losers...! You’ll don’t even deserve to breathe the air I’m breathing”, releasing her heavy footstep as she dismissed with her other colleagues into their boarding room. Liz, Emily and I exchanged looks with a slight giggle on our face. Kate walked towards me keeping her arm on my shoulders. “You should stand for yourself, girl. Don’t be afraid of anything or anyone.”

I do love the advice given by Kate because they mean a lot.

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