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The cafe.

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Hehe. Gay.

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“Aspen! Hurry up with the coffee!”

“I’m trying!!”

That was boss yelling at me. I work at a cafe in New York City. I run out from the back with a small try of coffees.

I run giving each person there order, almost spilling the coffee. My skirt got cought and I tripped.

Luckily, when I was little I did dance and I have my own ways. I layed there on my stomach and flipped back catching the tray.

I didn’t spill, once again. I gave the coffees to everyone and went back to the back just to realize someone didn’t get there coffee.

I looked out from the little window too see who didn’t get one. It was a beautiful girl.

She was on her phone sitting at a table in the back. She looked my age, maybe a little bit older. Black jeans, a white shirts with a brown jacket.

I grabbed her coffee, only the plate with the cup on it and walked out too her.

“Here’s your coffee ma’am! I’m so sorry about the wait.”

“It’s fine. I just need it so I can go to work and deal with a bunch of shit heads.”

“Oh- we’ll have a good day ma’am!”

I turned around and started walking back too the back when I heard her say,

“Hey blondy!”

Grate, what does she need now, we have lots of orders today. I turned around looking at her.

“Yes ma’am?”

She looked at me before saying,

“Cute skirt.”

I turned and saw my skirt was ripped.

“Ugh! Again? Sorry, this is embarrassing ma’am-, thank you for telling me.”

I ran into the bathroom and looked at my skirt in the merrier. Damn it, this is my 2 skirt of my uniform.

If I go to my boss for another skirt I’ll probably get fired. Then I heard someone walk in and I turned around.

It was the girl.

“Ma’am. Is there something you need? I need to fix this.”

“I have a question, what university do you go too?”

“Business and editors university. Why?”

“I go there and i thought I saw you.”

I just looked at her, is she stalking me!? Or maybe it’s just me-


“Let’s make a deal.”

I looked at her,


“You help me with my school stuff, and I’ll fix your skirt.”

Well, I do need my skirt fixed. I can’t just go get fired. I hezetated before I said,

“Fine. I get off at 12. Meet me at the front.”

“Deal, I need your name?”

I looked at her, now my name?

“Aspen. You?”


“Ok Griffin. I’ll see you later.

[3 hours later]

I jumped in my car and stepped on the gas. I need this skirt fixed. I hope her works easy. Plus, when I was younger I was alway in the advanced classes in school.

I parked my car and jumped out, I never lock it, meh. I ran to the front of the school and saw griffin there.

She’s really pretty. Shorter than me too by 3 inches. Haha.

I walked over too her and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and saw me

“Come on Griffin, we don’t have all day, get in the school.”

“Ok ok!”

She went inside and I followed her,

“Where are we going to work on this shit?”

“Damn, you really don’t like it huh? We are going to the music room. It’s quite in there and no one likes music anyways.”

We walked to the music room and she pulled her assignment out.

“Ok so I need help with- Aspen?”

I was over sitting in a chair tuning a guitar.

“Aspen, you know we can’t touch other peo0les instruments!”

“What if it’s my instruction?”

Her eyes widened. I smiled at her and strummed the strings. I’ve had this guitar for 8 years. I was humming a song.

I zoned back into reality and set my guitar in the chair next too me.

“Sorry, I just had too Tun it.”

I started to get up and Griffin put her hands on my shoulders pushing my back down. My cheeks went red.

Next thing I know she sat on my lap. What’s going on? Did I already catch feelings for her? I told myself I wouldn’t fall in love.

Yet I’m here in love. It feels good being in love. I put my arms around her waist. And looked up too her.

She was beautiful. Oh lord. I’m having a gay panic.

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