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Damn it. Damn it damn it damn it DAMN IT! ugh. I can’t do anything right here. I hate my life so much.

The only good thing in my life is my girlfriend, Griffin. But I can’t get a hold of her. She’s not awning her phone.

I keep calling her and she finally picked up,

Griff: Love? It’s 2 in the morning. Are you ok?

Me: No! Meet me at the tree! Now!

Griff: Love, it’s 2 almost 3, your front door will wake your mom up.

Me: I’ll jump out of my window!

Griff: No! You are not jumping out of a 2 story house!

Me: Please love.

Griff: …, fine.

Me: thank you love! I just want you and need to talk to you.

Griff: ok love. Meet me there.

Me: I will!

I hung up and grabbed my purse and opened my window and looked down. Not only was I scared of highths, there was thorn bushes.

I took a deep breath grabbed my phone and purse and jumped. I felt the thorns dig into my body everywhere.

It hurt so bad. I got up and started running. About 10 minutes later I made it too a tree. On the side it had G+S on the side.

I smiled and grabbed onto the branches and climbed into the tree. I got up there and sat on the board we had up there.

It was kinda like our floor, our tree is kinda like a tree house, just no house and the floor. But with some of out stuff.

Like alway, Griffin was already there and she looked shocked when she saw all the cuts.

“Omg! What happened!?”

“Thorn bushes.”

I sat down next too her and put my head on her shoulders and she put my legs over hers bandaging them.

“Why did you want too meet her so bad?”

“Another fight.”

“Another one? This is the 4th time this week you’ve been fighting with your mother Sage.”

I closed my eyes and hugged her crying. She finished bandaging my legs and held me close too her.

Tears. Rolling down my face onto her brown soft shirt.

“Griffin…we’re 17…I just want us to live together already…I’m tired of coming home from school with her yelling at me for nothing.”

“I know love. Don’t worry. We will soon I promise.”

We layed down on where we made our little lay down area and she had my head on her chest and my leg over hers.

I felt safe. She took my phone and opened it setting an alarm so we can get up and go home, get ready for school then go.

She’s the only person who knows my phone password. And she’s the only one I’ll let know it. Busied my best friend Oliver.

Him and Griffin are the only ones who can get into my phone, touch my stuff, hug me. If it’s not Griffin or Oliver then I won’t let them touch me.

I fell asleep on Griffin. I love it when she scratches my head, and in this on spot in perticler. Ig helps calm me or help me sleep.

I wake up to the alarm on my phone. I turn it off and sit up. My hair tangled snow all sorts of shit. I shake Griffin waking her up.

“What time is it love?”


I lean my head back on Griffins shoulder. I’m not a morning person at ALL. I hate the morning so much.

I get out of the tree and Griffin jumps out too.

“Do you thank you moms will know if I come with you Griffin?”

“If I can sneak you in no. Come on”

We went too Griffins house and made it too her room. Luckily her mother was still asleep. I layed on her bed covering my eyes.

“Love, your not going to school like that.”

“Why not? I rather get dress coated for not wear an oprop shirt.”

Don’t worry, I was in a tank top.

“Love, really?”


She shook her head and put one of her shirts on me then her hoodie. She sat me up and started brushing my hair.

“Why are you brushing my hair if I’m just ganna put it up?”

“It looks pretty down. I like your brown hair.”

I smiled warmly and let her brush it. After that we finished getting ready and we went downstairs. We walked out of the house and walked too School.

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