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The Song Of Symphony

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The world is infused with arcane magic, all which are used to better the progression of society within the era of medieval fantasy. One scholar distinguished among many, Elenor Smith, has decided to take matters on his own, a journey to discover the most incomprehensible message that is hidden within magic. Through his tireless effort, he discovers the Words of Power that are scrolls infused with a limitless amount of power; however, such power must be unlocked by humming or signing a rhythmic tune. A group of terrorists claiming to be the Song Of Symphony have become wary of the "misuse" of his work, stopping his progression and possessing his inventions to do evil. After conflicting warfare took place in the yesteryear, few kingdoms survived the onslaught architected by said terrorists; the surviving species now live in distraught, fearing that the worst is about to come. The story then revolves around a Human Swordsman and a Goblin Ranger; together they venture forth and deal with the dangers of the setting, going forth to build a name for themselves or following their own personal agenda. This story is inspired by a Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder campaign.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The First Verse

The first song. Many meanings within the rhythmic melody. The first song. So masterful, majestic and error free despite being the first among many. The first verse; it is powerful enough to bind even gods. The first verse; a symbol of hope, a symbol of power, a birthright talent to vocalize music. The song of Symphony, a collection of power words scripted in ancient times and safeguarded throughout history. Now unlocked, the beauty of such art can be spread once more, in the right hands. In the hands of evil, however, one could ever wonder…

“Music is love and life, hate and death. It is a feeling that resonates in the heart of an individual. It rouses temptation to chase after the wildest ambitions. Notes after notes, ever so captivating and meaningful. The Song of Symphony is no end without hope, but it is hope without end”Anonymous

No imagery is there to be seen. A dark room fills the void where no color can be perceived, at least temporarily. A sudden light illuminates the center of the space, a chair randomly being set in the middle, but for no one to claim it. A whistle is heard, looming ever closer; A goblin with a light green skin makes a scene; his skin is surprisingly pristine, unlike the rest of his kind, his height measures almost four feet tall. He is wearing a rugged shirt, pants that are partially torn, a bow and a quiver fastened on his back, He grabs the chair and sits facing towards the side that is meant for the back to lean. This one has a facial expression which is beyond cheerful, a wholesome sight to see… or perhaps his personality will test your patience.

-Luka: Greetings, readers from the non-fictitious world you name… “Earth”... odd name. Anyways let’s get started. My name is Luka Mabo. That’s right. Luka’s the name and my bow’s my game. I will be guiding you with an introduction, a review that will reveal the content that is expected to be read. Starting with the tags of the story, we have the action tag… what did you expect? I add multiple strings to a bow and make a song out of it? The title implies there will be music in it, but that is barely the case; and no, I won’t play music for you because that is boring. Comedy? You bet your bums I will do my absolute best to numb your throats due to excessive laughter… hopefully. Adventure, Fantasy, Medieval…

Luka begins to inspect his clothing, touching his shirt until one finger slips through one of its orifices.

-Luka: This is average attire in the setting, I am a Ranger and I don’t have a cell phone. The three categories combined reveals that the story resembles your typical tabletop experience in the medieval era with the theme of mages and casters… and all that stuff. Romance? I wonder who the two lucky love birds are. Finally, we have Ecchi. Oh hoho. Now, this is the hot stuff and personal favorite. Prepare to see me naked more often than you think. What? You thought the author would waste his time showcasing a slideshow of your favorite monster girl in her naked state? Go to horny jail! Bonk! Anyways, don’t take my explanations too seriously, especially around the “ecchi” part. Give your thumbs up if you like the content and remember: the author is working really hard to provide content that only degenerates such as himself would read. Well then, I’ll leave you to it and enjoy the story. As my kind would say: Rakatak besh belum, which stands for “I don’t know”; I don’t speak gibberish.

Culminating with the introduction, the Goblin walks away from the spotlight, bringing the environment to total darkness so the start of the plot can truly start.

Five hundred years ago

The story takes places in what seems to be an abandoned ruin, harmonious chantings can be heard from a distance. The collection of voices work together to create what is presumably a song. Yes, it is a song consisting of mystical powers used to submit a creature of great strength.

-Elenor: No! Let the creature live! You will bring doom to this plane of existence!

The bound man who looks like a scholar begs before a group of cultists to cease the ritual that is being performed upon the weakened dragon. It fights with all its might, however, it pales before the strength of the enchantment spell being casted upon it. He fights continuously, but the bindings keep him restrained to the ground.

-Elenor: Stop it!

-Cultist Leader: Silence!

The Cultist approaches Elenor and kneels to his level.

-Cultist Leader: You want me to stop? Can’t you perceive the beauty that you created? You think these words of power should be thrown away like… some useless tool?

-Elenor: You don’t know what you are doing! This is bigger than me, the dragon you are binding and certainly bigger than whatever ethos you base your ideology upon!

-Cultist Leader: You are right. This is bigger than any of us. We have living proof before our eyes. The strongest and most frightening creature recorded in history is bound to our commands. And you? You are a laughing stock of an individual.

The cultist pulls a scroll from within his robes. Elenor stares at it alarmingly.

-Elenor: What are you doing with that?!

-Cultist Leader: I just wanted to show you how you wanted to ruin your potential. What is this?

The Cultist unrolls the scroll and reads its content.

-Cultist Leader: Song of Revival. To think that you would use this on your dead loved one.

-Elenor: Don’t bring her up so casually!

-Cultist Leader: Would you like to be lectured? What makes you think that there can be a cycle of life if no death is in it? For a scholar who doesn’t understand that lacks quite a dangerous amount of common sense.

-Elenor: You are not gonna get away with this!

One cultist approaches them

-Cultist Apprentice: We are ready, master.

-Cultist Leader: Excellent. All of you were properly prepared. I will give you the honors to complete the spell.

-Cultist Apprentice: Understood, master.

The chanting continued. The collection of voices sync, combining their vocals to say the following statement: “Drakalis dominius. Drakalis servantis!”. The end of the chanting results in a radiant light emitting from the wielder of the Word of Power, a scroll which possesses a powerful magical affinity. This scroll floats idly before its wielder, turning to ashes then; the wielder glows a powerful aura after assuming power of the scroll. He menacingly stares at the dragon who continuously suffers from a decaying willpower.

-Cultist: You shall be the envoy of the new era that will soon dawn upon this impure land! Become my servant!

The power word resonates across the area as the dragon is stung by the cultist’s finishing strike. The dragon moves no more, or at least does weakly. Elenor could not believe what his eyes could see, a dragon under the hands of the enemy could spell trouble to all opposition.

-Cultist Leader: You see, Elenor? The potential of your project. Let us, The Song of Symphony, continue your work. Having you around to monitor the progress… may not be the best of ideas, considering how regressive your ideas are.

-Elenor: Stop this. Nothing will come pretty after corrupting the mind of a dragon. Many kingdoms will go against you!

The Cultist pulls another scroll from his garment, settling a smug look upon Elenor shortly afterwards.

-Cultist Leader: “Nothing will come pretty”. I differ with that statement. Worry not, you will witness your accomplishments you already deviated from in another plane of existence. Hmm, a foolish decision indeed.

The scroll begins to release a stench of the lifeless, a putrid smell now becomes the cultist’s aura as he intends to cast a spell upon Elenor.

-Cultist Leader: Mortis exia Vitalis. I command you to be exiled to another plane of existence!

Elenor starts decaying, until his flesh is long gone. He was somehow able to speak and scream in pain despite his whole body being just bones under a garment. He slowly dissipates as he is forcefully being teleported to another plane along with a curse.

-Elenor: Curse you!

Elenor is no longer there. The spell is completed.

-Cultist Leader: Well then. The oppositions have been removed and the dragon is under our control.

-Cultist apprentice: Everything is ready, master.

-Cultist leader: As it should be. It’s time to bring the fight to the entire continent should they refuse to accept the beauty of our ideas. Here starts the work of the brilliant Song of Symphony. Assist your brothers near the capital. We will start spreading terror from there and subjugate all oppositions.

The cultist regroups with his comrades and casts a teleport spell to appear in a designated location of their choice. This is the beginning of their evil agenda, the fight taken to a vast scale and decimating legions of brave and elite soldiers across the nation. Kingdoms were brought to the ground by this same faction, forcing them to join the history of a bygone era. Some kingdoms were fortunate enough to survive the onslaught, but at what cost? It took a long time to bring a prosperous city back on its feet. To protect it at all cost is the objective. The Song of Symphony, a cycle of good and evil…

Five hundred years later…

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