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The Night I disappered

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Anna Robinson is a 12 year old girl that doesn't think shes too old for bedtime stories.On Night Anna's mother comes into he room.She tells Anna about a world no one knows about.Anna wishes on a shooting star not know what she was doing.She accidentally went there for six months.How will Anna survive in another world ? Will Anna Find her way out?

Adventure / Fantasy
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The Bedtime Story

I had just come home from school to hear my moth er and my step father fighting about money or something.

As soon as my mother saw me she told me to go to my room. When I got to my room I started working on my homework. I think it was five minutes later when I heard a loud bang!

I would have gone to check, but I knew I would have gotten in trouble.

What would happen if I went out there ?

What if something happened to me. Later that night, my mother came into my room with a bruised eye. She looked horrible.

“Mom, your eye !" I said.

“I..." She paused. “Had an accident." She stated.

I guess she didn't want me to know what happened to her so she lied. It's okay, because I knew she was lying. Then she began to tell me a bedtime story, about a world that no one knew about.

She said " You can wish for anything there. To go there you would have to wish on a shooting star."

My step father called my mother for something. Ever since my mom started seeing the jerk I never liked him. I felt like he was taking my mom away from me.

She hurried to give me a kiss goodnight on my forehead. We both told each other goodnight before she left. Even though I didn’t believe her,I did it anyway.

You know the wishing star to go to the world no one knew about.

I was just messing around. I didn’t think about it ever coming true. After all it was just a bed time story right ? Once she left I dosed right off to sleep, not knowing my life would change for a while.

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