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Hidden Stories

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Enjoy your read... This is a collection of various stories written by me. These valuable pieces are indeed very motivative, emotional and adventurous.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The precious memory

This day was going to determine her future. This day was important. Way more important than any other day she had ever had in her life. She was nervous for this interview, it was a once in a lifetime chance, and she wanted this, very badly. On the way to the building, she patted around her left pocket in search of something. Something very dear to her. But to her surprise, she couldn’t feel anything. Calling her upset would be an understatement. She was frantically going through her purse and her bag. She hadn’t left it at home, she remembers holding on to it while getting in the tube. What had happened to it!?!? Oh no! She lost it. She lost the most important thing she ever had. And she just lost it. She fell to her knees on the sidewalk, filled with grief. Today was supposed to be a good day, a great day even. It was supposed to be the day she achieved everything she ever wanted. Even if her father wasn’t beside her, she was happy Knowing that his gift was. But the gift wasn’t with her anymore either. Could she even do this Anymore!?!? Could she pass this interview without her lucky charm? Without her father’s love? An hour had passed since Elena lost the last solid memory she had of her father, the teddy bear keychain from New York City. A sharp cry of hers echoed throughout the air. She felt like the sun had left her world and put her into eternal darkness. While grieving for her loss Elena suddenly felt Warm, tender fingers holding on to her, like an anchor holding her to earth, just as her father used to do, when she was ever feeling upset or discouraged. This ghost feeling of love gave her immense courage to get off the ground and go for a search for the key once again because it was the last memory of her beloved father, Mr. Devon. She was roaming around and around but still, her reply was “No, I didn’t.” but then she thought of waiting till a person return it to her. You may think that it’s odd to wait for someone to return the last memory of her Dad. But this happens in Canada. The people of Canada were encouraged for this. She gave feet a rest in the bus stand. She was remaining there for almost 8 hours from Morning 10 which made her think about her Father, Mr. Devon too much. Her eyes were filled with grieve thinking that she won’t receive it back. After a while, as no one expected a hoary person stepped beside her. She felt anxious. Suddenly he started talking to her and asked whether are u feeling wistful with the lack of something? Elena, after realizing the person, thought of updating the person with the Incident that happened. Hoary man, Mr. Alexander said something glad to her. She was sparkling as he said that He saw the key when he was walking through the road and had taken it and kept it safely inside his old cloth bag. He, Mr. Alexander, with a pure heart returned the most valuable either the last memory of her dear father to her. Elated tears started tumbling from her eyes and she didn’t know how to thank Mr. Alexander who stood beside her as a stranger but did a great help which no one had done before. Mr. Alexander was very old as he was adopted with a long stick to walk. Elena, as a rebound help she took him to her house and provided him with new clothes, delicious food items and many more stuff which filled the poor, Hoary man’s eyes with lively tears. Elena, herself had the quality of her dad in the same manner. She behaved and helped others as her dad, Mr. Devon did. And then from there she lived her life to the fullest. Just like her father would’ve wanted.

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