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What was that all about ?

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What happens when a teenage girl has gone through a lot? Will she be okay? What will happen ? What if it was just….. something ? Read and find out 😉

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Chapter 1

I could feel the heat burn my skin, I could see the light even though my eyes were closed.

I know I should open my eyes but I really don't want to because if I do then that only confirms that I am awake! And who want's to be awake when you can live in a dream land all the time. I mean that would be amazing right? Escaping reality and having absolutely nothing to worry about well seems like im out of luck.

"Come on Selene your going to be late" my mother bangs on my bedroom door to try wake me up but I win this one because I am awake, five more minutes please I grumble but she was having none of it this morning.

Get out of bed right this second Selene I mean it i'll be back in two minutes and if your not up and dressed by then your walking to school mum says with a threatening voice. I crack one eye open and regret it straight away the sun is blinding me I guess I forgot to shut the curtains before I went to bed last night.

I could see the door handle turn and I have never moved so fast in all my life, I jumped out of bed failing to realise my feet were tangled in my bed sheets and I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes its fine my head took most of the hit, "what on earth are you doing on the floor Selene your not even dressed!".

I smiled up at my mother, oh you know mum just admiring this beautiful floor ive never really seen it up close it is absolutely marvellous where did you get it from ?.

It was on the house Selene it has always been there now stop playing and get up your late move.

I rush around getting a quick apple as I have missed the time to eat, I jump in the car as we speed off so i'm not late for school, listening to the radio and all I hear is that there has been a crash with a lorry a bike and a car I hope everyone is alright.

Okay bye sweetie be good and ill see you later have a good day my mum gave me a cuddle and drove off.

"Hey you ready for first period?" That was all I heard as my head was shuved in my locker, I pulled my books out to see to see my two best friends Celeste and Blaze. Celeste was a beautiful girl around 5'6, blonde and brown eyes she was truly stunning, Blaze was 6'2 blue eyes and dark brown hair he was quite the ladies man. Where as me? I am 5'3 yes im short I get it get all your jokes out now whilst you can im 5'3 with green eyes and long brown hair nothing special.

''Do I look ready?'' I say as we walk down the noisy hallway.

''Hmm...Let me guess. You're tired again?''

''Duhh,'' I say as I roll my eyes. ''Nothing gets past you two, does it? .

''Hey, don't be mean. You know we're here for you, girl,'' Celeste says as we continue to walk to class.

''I know I know I'm just really tired, alright? I didn't sleep good,'' I huff as we take our seats in history class.

''Everyone meet our new student,'' said Mr Thompson walking through the door. ''This is Bellamy. Bellamy this is everyone, please take a seat next to miss Hallow.''

''OMG he is gorgeous, said Celsete from beside me.

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