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Mouth of the river roe

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Mouth of the river roe is a story about a boy named monroe. Monroe is a very nice boy and loves nature. He sets up camp in the middle of a forest near his house. He met some people along his journey. What monroe did not expect is that many, many supernatural and weird things are happening.

Adventure / Thriller
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The home days

One day,in Montana, 1945 at 5:00 in the morning. A boy woke up. This boy was 13-year old Monroe Widtfeldt. Monroe had dreamed of getting a cat. He loved the fur of a cat and the purr. He loved the claws and the paws of cats. Today he woke up to a strange loud sound. “Click, click, click.” It went on. Monroe went to the living room to see what the noise was. Once he got into the living room, He saw his mom knitting a scarf. Then he looked down to see a knitting machine. “It was your grandma’s.” his mom explained. Monroe’s grandma had died when he was three. “Go get ready for school.” His mom ordered. Monroe had dreaded going back to school. When he suddenly realized. Today’s his last day until summer break. He ran to his room and got his bag. “Bye mom.” he yelled while rushing out of the house. The school day felt like it had been forever, But finally, the school day was over. He rushed back home to see what his mom was doing. He looked through his house’s window and saw a man who seemed familiar. He walked inside and saw that it was his uncle. “Hey bud, how was school?” he said in an Australian accent. “Good.” Monroe replied. He started heading upstairs to read a book when someone grabbed him. He froze in fear. He turned around and saw his uncle frowning at him. “W-what’s wrong?” He stuttered. “Sorry to say it but… your dad has passed away.” Monroe's uncle said. Monroe paused, The word echoed through his head. He was so surprised that he didn’t even know he was crying. Monroe’s mother walked to him and hugged him. His dad was 34. Monroe realized that the world, sometimes, isn’t a pretty place. He went up to his room, not blinking or thinking, But he was very, very surprised. He lied in bed and stared at the ceiling. His tears started to fade and Monroe started to feel droopy. He fell asleep very quickly. The next day he walked outside and sat next to a tree near his dad’s shed. He started to feel curious about what was in his dad’s shed. Monroe unlocked the door to the shed and saw tool after tool after tool. He rummaged through the mess of wires and screws, He reached the end when Monroe saw an instruction paper for his dad. The title read “Camp starter" Monroe had always wanted to leave home and live in the forest. Monroe jumped with joy and he started getting ready.

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