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Failure Of Education System

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"After all, why did this book affect the lives of 5000+ of students". The stories written in this book are based on true events. The purpose of writing this book is to tell this clearly. How can we improve our life without depending on anyone like "education system". 7 steps have been given in this, which will affect your life in this way. which completely changes After all, why is the education system so poor, why are we all not able to see its reality. This education system does not give us any guarantee of success. It is only engaged in making the students workers like robots. If we talk about the school system, then many questions arise in our mind. As per Records in the last several years 2009 - 2018 India Bengaluru: Twenty-eight students on an average committed "suicide" every 24 hours during 2018, according to a 'National Crime Records Bureau' data analysis. This year's figure. Over 10,000 was the decade's highest. December 31, 2018, 57% killed themselves in the past five year, including 10,159 in 2018, the data revealed.So there are many such questions. The answer to which is not certain. Due to examination, 1 out of every 5 students lives in diseases like stress or depression, only because of the education system. - This summary is the part of failure of education system book by anubhavauthor

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If we talk about the school system, then many questions arise in our mind. As per Records in the last several years 2009 - 2018 India Bengaluru: Twenty-eight students on an average committed "suicide" every 24 hours during 2018, according to a 'National Crime Records Bureau' data analysis. This year's figure. Over 10,000 was the decade's highest. December 31, 2018, 57% killed themselves in the past five year, including 10,159 in 2018, the data revealed.So there are many such questions. The answer to which is not certain. Due to examination, 1 out of every 5 students lives in diseases like stress or depression, only because of the education system. So if we look at it from this perspective, Education system will look very bad to us. So if the matter is true, then I will open the curtains of some evidence and the dark side of the education system in front of you. You will be shocked to read this. 2nd July 2019 In IIT Hyderabad’s hostel, a boy called Charles is found dead. The last line in his 8 page suicide letter was, “Live a little everyday. You get only one life.” Abhimanyu, a 16-year-old boy in his 11th grade commits suicide in the midst of his exams. Do you know what was written on his chemistry paper? It said, "Education should be about understanding and applying your knowledge. My death should be a lesson and a reason for the system to change." From 2009 to 2018,

81,760 students have committed suicide due to exam pressure.

But if you see today, there's no change.

And you can't even imagine how dangerous this is.

In our education system, be it school or college, wherever we go, we hear the same thing, "If you don't score well, you have nothing." Today, 1 in 4 children suffers from depression. Students do attend college but not to learn rather to maintain 75% attendance. But have you ever wondered, "What's the reason for all this?" Today, everything is on the Internet and everyone has it. Still, why is the students' situation so bad?

And most importantly, to change this, what steps can we take at our level? If you are a school or college student or a parent, then this book is going to be very special for you. The year 2020, finally after 34 years, our nation gets a new education policy which was a huge change in our education system. It's been two years since and all of us are still here. But there has been no visible change. From 1986 till now, our government has claimed that every year, it spends 6% of our GDP on education alone. But if you look at our government-run schools, the situation is this. Our education system is so amazing that it has neither education nor system. But have you ever wondered about the thing that every child in our nation suffers from, how did it start? This story starts in 1835 when India was ruled by the British. British's East India Company had entered India for trade and taken everything under their control. But the main reason for their invasion was business and profit. As most Indians at the time were neither skilled according to the East India Company nor could they speak English,

due to which East India Company had trouble in achieving its goals. And since, they decided to play long term. East India Company invites a person called Thomas Babington Macaulay from England. He's also known as the father of education system because he designed India's education system then. After this move by the British, these two problems were solved for a century. They now had the skilled people who would work for them without any questions. And as English was made the primary language, the language barrier was also removed. Then came the year 1947. India became free and the British left for their home. But there was one thing that they left behind, and that was their education system, which we are using even today.

If someone tells you (in English), "I don't think you are on the right path. You can make some improvisations and try again," then you may think what an intelligent person, maybe they are saying the right thing. But if someone says, (in Hindi) "What's this rubbish work, do something else." Then I'm sure 99% of people will be angry. Interestingly, both sentences in Hindi and English

have the same meaning. We still have the mindset that

if someone speaks English, they may know more. Maybe they are more intelligent than us. According to an ASER report, 83% of educated Indians are unemployable. And on one side that there are no jobs in India. There are lakhs of jobs but lakhs of us are unemployable. Because 90% of things we learned in school or college are useless in the practical world.

But this is not your fault either. If you can't solve Math equations,

memorise Sanskrit shlokas and names of kings,

then alas, you can't pass. and this world will call you illiterate and uncivilised. So what if our education system

intellectually bankrupts us? As there are hidden profits in crores for many people. Have you ever thought about why your teachers said that if you don't score well, you'll have a terrible life. If you don't get marks, you'll never be successful and the world will never respect you.

It's not their fault because 75% of their time will be spent in a school or college. And interestingly, even their career highly depends on your academic performance

Because a teacher excels in their career when their students perform well, scores well. Education is a hardcore business in India today. There are colleges everywhere that take lakhs of rupees from children

and give them a degree. But when the student exits college after studying, no one employs them because they don't have the skills that are practically required for working in the field. Have you thought about the coaching centers with 200-300 students, why do they display only 3-4 students' photos? Who is that? Is he Sharmaji's son? Well, let me tell you. It's the student who scores 90-95% without tutoring. They join tuitions only to maintain a study routine. And when they score 95% or 98% which they would have scored without tuitions anyway, then these tuition centers get their new brand ambassador whose hard work they use, whose photo they use to market themselves. They profit from you and your parents' dreams. But the most important question, why are all these things so dangerous for us?

Look, when everyone has to study the same syllabus

and take the same examination, then it does nothing but birth a very big thing, which is called unhealthy competition. The unhealthier the competition, the more impact it has on the competitors' mental health.

And no doubt, 1 in 4 students are depressed today.

Things weren't less bad already that even social media is added to the mix which has put us in a constant state of anxiety where we look at other's happiness and loathe ourselves. But while doing this, we forget that no one posts their failures Actually, no one's life is as happening as it looks on social media. And this puts our brain in a constant state of comparison where we look at others' lives and compare our lives with their lives.

Now the question is, what can we do about it? So together, we'll have to take these 3 critical steps.

Number one, practical versus impractical. Be it school or college, whenever you learn something always ask yourself this question, whatever I have learnt, what are its practical implications? And yes, if you can't find a practical implication, don't hardcore memorise it.

It's high time that we understand the difference between skills and degree. Having a degree is no big deal today.

At the end of the day, what matters is your skills, how skilled you are. Because even if you have a degree

and a company employs you, but if you lack skills, the company will fire you. And if you get skills and degree somewhere, then its a really amazing thing for you.

Second step, learn to embrace failures. School and college, you'll be told the same thing, if you fail, your life is destroyed. But let me tell you honestly,

failures will teach you what success cannot.

It's okay to fail sometimes. No exam can decide your entire life. Everyone has something unique, and you have to find your uniqueness. We cannot change the entire education system even if we want to. But we can all take small steps at an individual level. We can develop our skills to fight back against the education system. Third and most important, for both students and patterns, stop comparing. When you compare yourself to someone else, you see the results and not the efforts.

You see their results but not their hard work. And most importantly, while comparing you see the other person's outer layer, what they show you on the outside, you compare your inside to them because you know everything about yourself. And moreover, in the world of social media, 90% of results are fake. If watching others' house, vehicles and money online would have changed something in your life, it would have changed by now.

Don't fall in the trap of comparison. If you want to compare, compare future your yesterday to today.

Compare what you were yesterday to what you are today which will help you see whether you are growing in life. And for parents, it's a humble request

to please stop comparing your child to other children.

Because the day your child compares you to other parents, you'll feel very hurt. Let your child be themself.

Education is very important but it's high time we realise that degree and education are very different. It's important for us to understand that children can have a degree and still be uneducated and a child can be educated even without a degree. Comparison kills your joy of achievement.

Whenever you compare yourself with someone,

you'll not be happy about your achievements in life.


Chapter: - 1 "Dark Side Of Education System"

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