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Football kid

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A boy who loves football but keeps changing teams when ever any team played. Example city vs United he wanted United to win but city won 🏆 he would be celebrating. His name was Eyen. He was 10 and thought nothing about it.

Children / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Even was 10 years old and his grandad loved football. He thought he should start watching it. But for him and his family this was not going to be great. He stated supporting one team after a nother.

Gomon United

Go on city

Go on liverpool

"Well what have I taught my grandson."granddad said to her Elen.

Elen was Evens mother she had two other boys Ibrahim and David.

They loved football won chered for Mnchester United and then another one supported Manchester city.

There always was noise if you could here the house in silence you were up for a treat. Elen and evend dad heard silence for the time they they loved it they sat down for the first time and watched some nextflix. But when they started watching 5 seconds later they were arguing. Can you guess why?

If u guessed football. You were right.

One started throwing there toys down the stairs. Another started crying 😢 not again.

Not again.

"Could you stop fighting me and your farther are trying to have some peace and quite."

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