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Every Life Means Love

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A story of a kid that makes his life happier (Very Valuable Religious Story)...

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Every Life Means Love

I looked out the window, all with dispair;

But everyone outside was with little care;

I just went to bed;

With all of the negativity in my head;

Then the next day the all mighty God had appeared and mention;

"You shouldn't have to deal with all of this tension";

"I know lord I do repent";

"But these people are putting me through torment";

"Look, I get it that my people make your heart scathe";

"But be the light of their lives, and they'll pass their test of faith";

"Be the soul that I trust, be the one";

"'Cause that will let others see your sun";

I learned from God, no matter Satan's plan;

Always control his chains, and be the man

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