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Box on a Box on a Box

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A Children's book in a normal situation where a young boy imagines a box to be his best friend and all goes chaotic... ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (I got this friendship book idea from my Amazon box)

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Chapter 1

It had became morning when I jumped outta bed;

With a very funny idea that got in my head;

I ran to a box and I gave it a rish;

And then I knew I finally got my wish;

I had all the fun in the whole world, I was filled with joy;

Because, I was with my box, Happy McRoy;

Then I thought of a new wish for my box;

I strongly wish that it talks;

He said to me, "what is your name";

I said to him, "Let's play a game";

He was very melancholy because I didn't respond;

He thought to himself, "is this REALLY a bond?";

I got up out of bed the next day;

Thinking again that later we could play;

But them, I saw Happy McRoy sitting against the wall all sad;

I had came to a conclusion, what I did was really bad;

I tried to make Happy McRoy feel better;

I felt like his ankles were locked with fetter;

I feel very sorry for you;

How would you like to have beef stew;

So, even though our friendship started out zappy;

It was great to know that we could both live life...happy

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