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The Two Mushrooms

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Red Mushroom has to leave home for the first time ever. On the way he meets Blue Mushroom. They travel across the rocky shores of California to find a place to call home. But does home actually exist?

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Spring is the happiest time for a mushroom. That’s when the spores fly and the mushrooms plan their travel. Yes, travel. That’s where our friend Red Mushroom comes in. He’s planning to travel too. “You sure you have everything you need?” Asks his mom, “Where you’re going, you’ll need all the help you can get!” She hugs him tightly and waves goodbye as he leaves home for the first time.
Wherever you go, the wind always follows you to remind you of home.

On the way, Red mushroom sees something strange, two mushroom feet, like his walking, except they weren’t going anywhere. They were in the air. While the owner of the feet’s head was stuck in the sand! “Mrrf! Mmph!” Cried the legs. Red Mushroom pulls the legs out of the sand and out comes the mushroom that was stuck in the sand. It was a blue mushroom, the mushroom was shorter than Red Mushroom and was stubby as a whole. “I could’ve gotten out myself.” Said the mushroom. She walked off and began her trail, tripping and falling from time to time. Red Mushroom caught up with her. “What’s your name? I’m Red Mushroom.”
“Blue Mushroom.” Blue Mushroom falls again. “Maybe you need someone with you.” Blue Mushroom turned her head the other way but she still kept walking with Red Mushroom.

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.” — Tennessee Williams

There were many attacks throughout the first day of their journey. Not insect attacks, not shark attacks, not human attacks. “EE!” Squealed Blue Mushroom as the waves moved closer to where they walked. “The waves won’t hurt you.” Red Mushroom kicks a wave coming towards them. “See?” That threw Blue Mushroom into a frenzy, every time a wave came near them,(which happens every 7 seconds) Blue Mushroom would run over and kick the waves coming near them. “Just because you’re no longer afraid of them does not mean you should hurt them,” said Red Mushroom. Blue Mushroom got angry, but she stopped.

After walking for a while, Red Mushroom realized that the sky was becoming dark. “The sun’s settling in the sky.” None of them had been outside during the dark, what would it be like? “Don’t worry," said Blue Mushroom. “We have light.” As the sun said goodbye one last time, everything started to glow, the waves began to glow blue, and the sand was blue, too, almost like the stars and the crescent moon above. "You're making light, too." Said Red Mushroom, the blue mushroom was barely visible except for her dots, which were now a light blue. "So are you." Red Mushroom's dots were a salmon color. Throughout the night, they walked, unafraid of the dark.

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