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Peace and Harmony

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There was a boy named Dan who wanted to ace a skill in Basketball but he failed and was bullied by boys in his school. He went with his Master to a forest where he taught him to play with peace and harmony so ha can overcome and situation.he practised the skill and in one attempt he performed the skill. Dan returned to his house with this note and happily he returned to his house. He went to school but when he as defeated by his elder schoolmates he became very sad. He went to find his Master but he was nowhere to be found. So he went to a peaceful place and brought food for some wildlife animals. He returned to his school but couldn't find his Master. He went to his school next morning and played basketball without peace of mind with his friends aggressively. Master was severely ill so he went to meet him. Dan took him to the forest where his Master had taken him to when Dan couldn't ace the basketball skill. Master couldn't recover. It was Basketball tournament after some days so Dan got busy in practising but he didn't leave his Master. He got some tricks from his Master and the day arrived. Dan won and dedicated his victory to his Master and went to the crowd and hugged him. THE END.

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The beautiful forest

Dan woke up and got ready for going to school. It was his Sports today in school. He was being bullied by boys in his class for the past few days. In his school, every child had the permission to play whatever they wanted to play in the sports period and Dan was trying to ace a skill in Basketball.

When, after several times he tried to ace the skill he was not able to and was being bullied by boys.He tried but he couldn't do it so he became irritable. His Master saw this and went to him and put his hand on his shoulder and asked,

''What are you up to, young man?''

He replied, ''I want to master a skill but I can't do so.''

Master said, ''The only thing which will help you master the skill is harmony.''

Master took him from the basketball ground and walked towards the corridor where children were studying in group. They sat on the chairs and waited for the school to finish. They then went to the forest after school and sat near the stream. Master said,

''Can you see the stones lying on the stream, Dan?''

Dan said, ''Yes Master.''

Master said, '' The work of the stream is not to stop anywhere but to flow around the stone.''

Dan understood the message conveyed to him. Dan stood up and went back to the ground. He took the basketball and without seeing around and with harmony he performed the skill in his first attempt. Then he realised the importance of harmony and having peace of mind to overcome difficult situations.

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