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Der Rat Story: Der rat hunter's

By Candice Hall All Rights Reserved ©

Children / Humor


It's a funny story of two rat brothers who soon discover that their town has no more cheese, the older brother suggests they go on a shirt to travel to another country to find cheese. ON the ship they bump into their older sister who helps them find cheese on the ship.


It all starts out in a small town of Fish Hoek in Cape Town, two grey, scruffy looking rat brothers Sam and Dean live there and only live for one thing, cheese. Every day they go hunting for cheese, and all through the day eat as much cheese as they can find. After months of cheese enjoyment, it soon has to come to an end, the rat brothers discover that their town is running out of cheese, what can they do, where do they go to find cheese again?

One day the rat brothers Dean and Sam are sitting in the park under an oak tree eating a large piece of cheese between them. ‘Mmm, dis is der best cheese ever, what you say bro?’ Sam asks his older brother while munching on his side of the cheese. ‘Yeah bro, this is the best cheese ever, there’s nothing like it.’ Dean says

agreeing with his baby brother. ‘You right bro, you can’t get good cheese like dis anymore. Tell me Dean, what’s gonna happen when we do run out of cheese?’ Sam asks Dean. ‘We’ll get more, what else Sammy.’ Dean says munching on his side of the cheese. ‘But what if we can’t, I hear dat cheese is so expensive now dat no one can afford it anymore.’ Sam tells Dean. ‘Hey listen Sam, we’ll find a way to get more cheese, trust me, we’ll never run out of cheese, okay?’ Dean assures him. ’Really hope you right Dean, ‘cause wifout our cheese, we’ll starve to deaf.’ Sam says to him. ‘Hey Sam, have we ever run out of cheese before?’ Dean asks his naive brother. ‘No, but…’ ‘But nothing, relax bro, we will always have cheese.’ Both rats continue enjoying their large piece of cheese.

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