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Why Rainbow Fish Live Under the Sea

By Lauren2Lexi All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Children


The Rainbow fish got bullied but they fought through and became bullies. In the end everything was good.

Chapter 1

Why the Rainbow Fish Live Under the Sea.

Lexi Blesy and Lauren Pukay

Grade 10

Once, many years ago, fish lived on the land. While this may sound strange, that’s what happened before they lived under the sea. On the land the fish were happy because they were living in a peaceful neighborhood. There were many houses and scrumpdillyicious parks where all the animals would gather for community fiestas. Parks were filled with many trees and flowers, making it one of the most pulchritudinous town.

But then a horrifying event occurred. The Crazy Cats! The cats were a new developed gang armed with guns and mean words. They were rainbow colored creatures which was a culture shock to all the other animals. The fish quickly became scared of the cats. Because the cats had legs that allowed them to walk, they bullied the fish that flopped all around.

“Haha I can walk and you can’t” the cats sang immaturely.

The fish soon became sick of being picked on and wanted to change that. So they flopped to Jeremy the wizard and begged and pleaded for the ability to walk. The wizard was filled with many powers and was believed to be controlled by Jesus hallelujah.

“Please dear almighty one. Please give us legs!” said the fish.

The wizard thought about it for a while and then replied, “On one condition! Never make fun of other animals for the ability that you were given. Remember different animals have all different characteristics.”

“ Yes! Yes yes yes! We will do whatever it takes almighty one! ” exclaimed the fish.

The wizard then waved his wand around in a circular motion like a chopper in the air and said, “bibbity bobbity boo you will become legged”.

The surrounding air swirled and danced like multi colored leaves on a windy fall day. Slowly they grew and developed legs! What the fish did not realize is the spell would also turn them into foxy lookin’ rainbow creatures like all the other cool cats. Thanking the wizard they left with great joy.

“But remember” the wizard said while waving his finger. “ You must continue with your side of the deal. You must not make fun of the other animals.”

After the fish returned home and went about their everyday life, it almost became impossible for them not to boast about their new color and legs. There was so many animals without these features that could not perform all the tasks that the rainbow fish now could.

One day, while working in the park garden with the other animals it became annoying to the fish that the animals without legs weren’t doing as much as they were.

“You useless stingrays! How can you not do these simple tasks?” The fish exclaimed angrily.

Later that day, the fish were still making fun of the stingrays, the wizard appeared and said to the fish, “ Why are you making fun of these animals for an ability that you have and they don’t? You said you would not do such a thing and yet you turn around and do it anyway! Because of your behavior, you now have to live without legs!”

The fish pleaded at the wizard, “Please don’t take them away! We promise to never do it again!”

But the wizard had no sympathy left for the fish and continued to cast the curse on them. The fish legs were taken away but the color remained as an ugly reminder of what they once had. DUN DUN DUNN!!!!!!!

At this same moment a crowd of cats had gathered to see what was happening.

“Look!” Exclaimed one of the cats, “The fish lost their legs! Now they flop around like weirdos again! Haha! Meow. Haha! Meow meow!”

This made the fish extremely upset and they went to their houses and cried a whole butt load. They cried nonstop for many weeks and months. Soon the whole village became flooded and filled with water. The salty tears created a mass of water so big they called it the ocean.

The wizard appeared again and said, “How dare you flood this village! What are the other animals going to do? They will be forced to leave the humble hood! From now on you must stay under the water and if you appear on the land you will die!”

They pleaded one last time but the wizard did not give in.

The fish were upset but after few weeks of living in a nightmare, it became as good as a dream. They loved being in charge of the ocean and turned this curse into a blessing. And that is the story of the rainbow fish. <3 <3 <3

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