Finding Jemimah

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Jemimah the cat is missing and Dame Welk has no idea where she minght have got to!

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Chapter 1

Jemimah the cat lived in 4423 Marley Grove. She was a delightful Persian cat with long cream-coloured fur. The black patches on her paws and around her neck made her seem the most elegant anyone had ever seen!

The mistress of the house, Dame Welk, loved Jemimah to bits! She always sat with her staring out the window and remembering her youth as she rocked back and forth on her rocking chair. When Dame Welk went to sleep, Jemimah always curled up beside her in case the dear old woman woke up with a bad dream.

Jemimah loved every moment she spent with the dear old woman. She had raised Jemimah from a kitten and given her the best care any cat could receive.

In return, Jemimah kept her company and kept the mice away from the pantry.

The dog next door didn’t seem to like her presence much and often chased her off the property when she went to see how the bluebells were growing. She loved taking walks in the garden and rolling on the grass a bit. Much as she was a pampered house cat, she still loved how it felt to be with nature.

The butterflies were especially nice. She just loved to chase them. Everyone loved Jemimah, from the gopher in the garden to the friendly postman who would give her a pat whenever he delivered the mail. Even the milkman knew and loved dear sweet Jemimah.

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