Finding Jemimah

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Chapter 2

Jemimah was missing. She wasn’t sitting in the driveway waiting for the post man. She wasn’t inside waiting for her milk. She wasn’t sitting at the window waiting for Dame Welk to sit in her rocking chair.

She wasn’t in the garden. The butterflies hadn’t been bothered in a while. She wasn’t even next door. Brutus the dog was still asleep and that meant that he hadn’t been bothered in a while. Jemimah hadn’t been by that morning. Where was she?

Dame Welk was worried. Jemimah had never been out so long. She would always come right back home.

The postman stopped by to drop off some letters and Dame Welk told him the sad news.

“Well, I haven’t seen her,” he said scratching his head worriedly, “but I’ll be sure to let you know if I do.”

Dame Welk thanked him and went on to deliver more mail.

The milkman was over with some fresh cream. He hadn’t seen Jemimah either.

“Such a nice kitty too. I’m sure she’ll turn up soon. Don’t you worry none. I'll let you know if she turns up!” he said and was off to deliver more milk.

Well, by lunchtime, Dame Welk was all flustered and worried. She had asked everyone she could if they had seen Jemimah and they hadn’t. She’d just – disappeared!

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