Finding Jemimah

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Chapter 3

Lily, the girl who lived down the lane loved to visit Dame Welk and Jemimah. She went over today since she didn’t have school, so she could go play with Jemimah and maybe have some tea and cookies with Dame Welk after.

But Jemimah was gone.

“Gone? Gone where?”

“Oh my dear, I wish I knew. I do miss her so.”

“Don’t worry,” said Lily, “I’ll ask my friends to help look for her.”

“Thank you,” said Dame Welk, “I’ll just make some cookies for when you get back. I do hope you find her.”

Lily smiled and turned to dash off down the street. She knew someone who could help with the hunt for Jemimah. Richie Torrey was just the boy! Why, when Lily had lost her yoyo a while back, he’d helped her find it in only a few hours!

Richie hadn’t seen Jemimah, but he was definitely willing to help.

Together they walked back to Dame Welk’s house and looked around. She wasn’t in the shed. She wasn’t in the garden. She wasn’t on the lawn bathing in the sun like she sometimes liked to on a nice warm day like this.

She wasn’t sitting on the garden wall watching the flowers swaying in the breeze or even exploring the bushes near the house. She really was gone. Lily scratched her head. Where on earth could she have got to?

Richie then said they should look outside on the street. If they were really careful, they would surely find her. Lily nodded and off they went to search.

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