Finding Jemimah

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Chapter 4

Richie and Lily went all the way up the street being very careful not to miss any boxes or corners Jemimah could be hiding behind. They knocked on every door to ask but nobody had seen Jemimah.

Mrs. Potts said she’d seen Jemimah last the morning before and she looked rather pretty sitting up on Dame Welk’s garden wall.

Mr. Lenny said he’d seen Jemimah when he was out for his walk since it was such a fine day – and wasn’t it nice for the children to be helping poor Dame Welk to find her cat?

Miss Rey had not seen Jemimah since the morning when she’d walked past on her way to school – and it was awfully nice of the children to be helping Dame Welk.

Jim from across the street thought he saw Jemimah crossing over into Mr. Tover’s yard. She must have gone exploring a bit far, that’s all.

Mr. Tover hadn’t seen Jemimah and neither had Mrs. Tover but they were welcome to search for her and take her home if they found her.

So Richie and Lily searched all over for Jemimah. She was still nowhere to be found. It was getting awfully late but no matter where they looked, they just couldn’t find Jemimah.

Poor Dame Welk. She would be so sad!

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