Finding Jemimah

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Chapter 5

Dame Welk had set a place at her table for Lily and Richie. She gave them both teacups and filled them with tea. She brought out some cookies and they sat together to tea.

“You’ve both worked so hard today. Thank you for looking for Jemimah.”

“I’m sorry we couldn’t find her,” said Lily, “We really tried to look for her.”

“I know. You’ve both done very well.”

Then Richie sat up quite suddenly almost spilling his tea.

“Careful Richie!” cried Lily. Before she could ask him what was wrong, he had excused himself and run out of the room. Dame Welk and Lily looked at each other before following him out the door and into the back garden.

“What is it Richie?” asked Lily who ran to catch up with him.

Richie beamed and put a finger to his lips. He crept slowly up to the bushes they had searched before and listened. Lily listened too. Her eyes grew wide for a moment before she realised what it was.

“Dame Welk! Dame Welk, we found her! We found Jemimah!” she said running to fetch the older woman by the hand.

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