TOSOM: The Other Side of Me-Freshman

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Chapter 32: Trip to the Museum

The museum was closing. Where was she? Joey couldn’t believe he lost his niece. What kind of an idiot was he?

You can say that again! Amarea laughed.

Amarea! Joey almost yelled. Where are you?

Trader Joe’s with my mom, she replied.

Can you come over to the museum? I’ve got a small problem. He sounded panicked.

Sure, Amarea said, I’ll be right over.

It took Amarea less than two minutes to cross the street, but it seemed like forever to Joey.

“What’s up?” Amarea asked.

“Nice hat,” Joey said about the yellow ducky and bunny fluff hat she was wearing.

“Thanks,” she replied, “I just got it.”

Don’t panic, Joey said. He grabbed her by the shoulders.

What? Amarea asked.

Don’t panic, Joey repeated.

Ok, Amarea shrugged.

I’ve lost Meghan, Joey admitted.

“What? You’ve lost Meghan?” Amarea almost shouted.

“Hush!” Joey whispered. I didn’t really lose her. She’s in the museum somewhere, and I just can’t find her.

Did you tell the guards? Amarea asked. She began to look around.

Are you kidding? Joey said. My sister would kill me!

Where’s the last place you saw her? Amarea asked.

By the mummy’s case, Joey said. Amarea walked over to the museum map. Joey followed behind her.

Did you check the gift shop? Amarea asked. She pointed to the spot on the map.

Yup, Joey nodded.

Movies? Amarea pointed to the next spot.

Yup, Joey repeated.

Food court? Amarea asked. The museum wasn’t that large. Where could Meghan be?

Yup, Joey answered.

Bathroom? Amarea asked.

Um, no, Joey admitted, I forgot about those.

All right, let’s split up. You take the first floor and I’ll take the second, Amarea commanded.

Joey searched the bathrooms and found only empty stalls. Watch me get kicked out of the museum for being in the girl’s bathroom.

Just like at school, Amarea laughed.

Shut up! Joey blushed. If you weren’t always running in there, I wouldn’t have to come after you.

Any luck? Amarea asked.

None, you? Joey replied.

Nope, she admitted.

The search continued for several minutes. The loudspeaker announced the museum would be closing in five minutes.

Crap, Joey said.

Joey turned a corner and nearly cried in relief as he heard singing coming from behind the bathroom door.

“Meghan?” Joey called as he entered the bathroom.

Meghan let out a blood curdling scream. “Get out! Get out! You’re a boy!”

“Ok, ok, are you all right?” Joey asked.

“Yup,” Meghan replied happily.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Waiting,” she replied as she began singing again.

“Waiting for what?” he asked.

“Toilet paper,” she replied.

“I’ll get you some,” he said entering the bathroom.

Meghan let out another scream, this one twice as loud.

“Ok, ok,” Joey said, “I’ll get help.”

Found her! Joey called out. Bathroom by the paintings.

She ok? Amarea asked.

She needs toilet paper, Joey said.

What? Amarea replied. Joey could imagine her laughing.

Just hurry, ok? Joey pleaded.

Be right there, Amarea replied.

Amarea arrived just as the loudspeaker announced the museum was now closed. A security guard was trying to reason with a screaming five year old.

“But honey,” the guard said, “I work here.”

“You’re a boy!” Meghan screamed.

“Thank goodness,” Joey said seeing Amarea.

“Hello, sweetie,” Amarea called, opening the door.

“Amarea!” Meghan screamed running over to her with her pants around her ankles. She gave Amarea a hug.

“What’s wrong?” Amarea asked, “Why are you still in here?”

“I don’t have any toilet paper,” she said as she waddled back to the second stall.

“Oh,” Amarea said noticing the empty roll. “Did you check the other stalls for paper?”

“Nope,” she said.

“Next time,” Amarea said, “It’s ok to check the other stalls.”

“Ok,” she said as Amarea handed her a wad of paper from the first stall. “Thanks. You know what?”

“What?” Amarea asked as she helped Meghan wash and dry her hands.

“Two boys tried to come in here,” she said.

“No way!” Amarea laughed, “You didn’t let them in did you?”

“Nope,” she smiled proudly.

“Good girl,” Amarea replied taking her hand and leading her out of the bathroom.

“Here you go,” she said handing her off to Joey.

“Hi,” Meghan said, unaware of any trouble she caused. “I’m hungry.”

Thanks, Mar, Joey said gratefully.

You’re welcome, Joey! Amarea smiled. Stay out of girls’ bathrooms!

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