TOSOM: The Other Side of Me-Freshman

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Chapter 34: Ello Luv

Amarea jumped. Her pocketbook buzzed beside her. Who could that be? No one ever texted her.

“Ello, Luv,” the message said.

Joey! Amarea called out, only to remember he was too far away to hear her. She pulled her phone into her lap and replied back, “Joey!”

She wanted to flood him with a million questions. She had never missed anyone so much. He had been gone for a month, and it had been a LONG month. She had not heard from him at all. She sent letters and emails, but didn’t know how much to write or how much to say. It didn’t help he hadn’t written back.

Her phone buzzed. “How are you, Mar?” Joey typed.

“Gr8 n u?” She replied.

“Wow! Quite the text master, aren’t you?” Joey typed.

She wasn’t a text master, quite the opposite. She was staring at her lap, not paying attention, and trying to find the right keys.

“I miss you,” she wrote. Amarea wasn’t able to read his response, if he sent one. Mr. Braddock, her second period teacher, had walked up behind her and taken away her phone.

“But,” she began, “it’s Joey.” Sadly, Mr. Braddock didn’t care who was texting her.

“You can have this back in 24 hours,” he said, putting the phone in his desk drawer.

Amarea didn’t know if she could wait that long. She slumped in her desk and waited for the bell to ring. During lunch it occurred to her that Mr. Braddock was sitting at the teachers’ lunch table. She thought up a plan. She dumped her trash and quickly headed back to Mr. Braddock’s room. It would be unlocked, she knew, because he never locked his door.

Amarea found the door unlocked. What was she thinking? This was stealing! This meant detention, serious demerits, or worse. She walked over to his desk and opened the drawer. She just wanted to text Joey a message and tell him about her phone getting taken away; just wanted to see if he missed her too.

She took her phone. She had a message waiting.

“Too,” Joey replied.

Amarea began to text Joey about her phone getting taken away. It was taking forever! She dropped her phone when the door opened.

“What exactly do you think you are doing, young lady?” Mr. Braddock said, the door slamming behind him.

Explain as she might, Amarea wasn’t spared a week’s worth of detention. Her parents took away her cell phone and computer for a week. It was the longest week of her life. When she got her phone back, she almost cried. Joey had typed:

“Where are you?”

“I’ve got news.”

“I hope you are ok.”

“Txt me back.”

“Mar, where are you?”

“Oh well, see you soon.”

What did he mean, see you soon? Amarea could only hope. The six short messages made her so happy. The last message was two days ago. Amarea texted back several messages, but they were unread. Joey must have turned off his phone.

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