TOSOM: The Other Side of Me-Freshman

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Chapter 36: Coolest Parents

Joey was surprised when the voice on the intercom called him to the front office. Joey couldn’t remember doing anything wrong. Then again, he couldn’t remember doing anything right or anything at all for that matter. For the last month, he had just been there, not making a dent in the world at all.

Joey was even more surprised to see his father in the office. “Come on son, or you’ll miss your flight,” he said.

“My flight?” Joey asked.

“Yes, your flight,” he replied. “I’ve got two suitcases packed, and your mother is shipping the rest.”

“The rest of what?” Joey asked starting to get worried.

“Your things,” he replied.

“Dad, I don’t understand,” Joey said.

“Nothing to understand,” he replied. “Your mother and I have discussed it, and we’ve decided there is no other choice. Get in the car, son.”

Joey looked in the back seat and saw two large suitcases.

“You’re sending me away?” Joey asked, slightly panicked.

“Yes,” his father replied blandly.

“But, I haven’t done anything,” Joey pleaded.

“Exactly the problem,” he answered.

“Dad, what’s going on here?” Joey asked.

“Miriam has agreed to let you move in with her,” he said, a smile breaking out across his face.

“What!” Joey’s heart jumped for joy. “I’m moving back?”

“Yes, son, haven’t you been listening?” he replied, still grinning.

“Oh man, this is awesome!” Joey said, unable to control his emotions, he leaned over and gave his dad a great big hug.

The flight took several hours. The layovers took several more. By the time Joey touched down at home, he was exhausted. He was overjoyed to see Miriam and Michael at the baggage claim.

“Long flight?” Miriam asked. She had a way of stating the obvious.

“Nope,” Joey lied, hugging his sister. “Thanks so much for doing this; I don’t know how I can thank you!”

“You can thank me by keeping your room clean and helping out with the grocery bills. I know how you teenagers eat!” She laughed, poking Michael in the stomach.

“I’ll start looking for a job tomorrow,” Joey said.

“No need, your folks already got you one,” she replied. “That’s the main reason why I agreed to let you stay.”

“Really? Where?” Joey could only imagine what fast food place he would be serving grease at.

“Aunt Judy needs some help in her back yard,” she replied.

“Raking leaves and mowing the lawn?” Joey questioned.

Michael laughed. “You know Aunt Judy is not that normal.”

“Let’s just say she’s found a new hobby,” Miriam laughed.

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