TOSOM: The Other Side of Me-Freshman

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Chapter 8

Joey cleared his throat. Jimmy jumped. “What are you doing?” Joey began.

“Nothing,” Jimmy said, standing and walking towards the door, pushing Joey out of his way.

Thanks, Amarea thought a minute or two later, I thought my bladder would explode.

I really didn’t need to know that, Joey said. What period is it? He tried to change the subject.

End of third, Amarea replied.

Is that all? Joey mused. The bell rang.

Yup, five more minutes until Mr. Paul, Amarea said.

I think he enjoys his job, Joey replied.

He doesn’t do his job; he just sits there. How can he enjoy his job? Amarea questioned.

Because they let him do nothing, Joey replied.

I mean, honestly, fifty minutes of busy work is too much! Amarea said in disgust.

Are you in there now? Joey asked.

Nope, I’m headed there slowly, Amarea said.

So, you have 50 minutes of Mr. Paul, Joey stated.

Great, depress me, why don’t you? Amarea exhaled loudly.

I’ll be here if you need something to do. You can help me with my Spanish pronunciations, Joey hoped.

Joey! We have a sub, Amarea squealed.

No way! What luck! Joey replied.

Fifty minutes later, Amarea broke into Joey’s thoughts. Wow! What a weird teacher.

How was class? Joey asked.

It was wonderful! I never knew history could be so interesting. The sub actually taught the class. She even threw out all of the busy work Mr. Paul left. That’s not even the best part, Amarea said.

She doesn’t believe in homework? Joey asked.

Nope, I’ve got lots of homework, Amarea replied. Mr. Paul’s mother is sick and he moved to Wyoming to take care of her.

What? Joey asked.

Yup, the sub, Mrs. Castle, will be here until the end of the year. She may even teach next year! I’m so excited! Amarea bubbled.

That’s great Mar! Joey replied. I haven’t heard you this excited in a long time.

Amarea walked off, leaving Joey standing in the hallway. “See you tonight,” Joey called after her.

Amarea just nodded.

Mrs. Moore picked Amarea up at 6:30 on Thursday. Amarea was dressed from head to toe in black. She was even wearing a black ski mask.

Nice touch, Joey said.

Thanks! I brought you one too, replied Amarea enthusiastically.

Thanks! Joey replied, not quite so enthusiastically.

What are we going to be doing? Amarea asked.

I don’t know, Joey replied. I guess we’ll find out when we get there!

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