Math and Mimi

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Children / Fantasy
Sabrina Ettey
Work in progress
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Dreamy Mimi

“No, This is so unfair! You can not do this to me. I want that pink cotton candy.” She cried out loudly, hitting the ground with legs continuously.

“Mimi darling, candies are not right for you. You know, candies will harm your teeth. You won’t be able to eat anything. You don’t want that, right?” A blue teddy-bear grimaced to Mimi while licking the candy noisily.

The girl pushed out her lower lips with a frown face and said, “Go away, I will never talk to you.”

The blue teddy bear laughed and said,

“You’ll miss me.” Teddy played with his words.

“Never!” Mimi crossed her arms.

“Ahah, you will.”

“Go away.”

“I’ll never leave you.”

“I hate you.”

“You don’t.”

“Mommy, tell him to leave. I don’t want to see him.” Mimi cried again hitting the ground furiously.


“I don’t want to hear you again. You are bad.”

“Mimi, listen to me!”

“No, go away.”


“Leave! Leave! Go from here. Oh, Mommy, where are you?”

“Mimi, it’s me, Mommy. Wake up!”

Mimi stopped screaming. It took her a moment to understand what was going on. Then, she opened her eyes. Mimi saw a blurry face leaning above her. She felt a warm touch on her cheek. That face was caressing her gently. Then the vision got clear, and Mimi found her mother.

“Wake up, sweetheart. It’s morning,” The mother said with a smile.

Mimi jumped up from her bed and grabbed mother’s neck tightly with her little hands.

“Mommy, you are here!” Mimi said with a mouth full of happiness.

But her happiness flashed away from the face within the next moment. Soon, her mother took her hand out of the throat and announced the saddest news of the day.

“Now let’s get ready, Mimi, quick. You’ve got Math exam today, remember?” She said with a smile, picking up Mimi from the bed.

They headed toward the washroom.

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