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Christmas Spirit

By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Children / Fantasy


Inspiration came from both "The Peanuts Movie" and the YouTube video "Kathy's 2012 Christmas Must See" by Gibsonblvd. The Peanuts Gang inspired the characters in this story.

Chapter 1

Pine trees were full of snow. Swans were swimming in their pools. Lakes were full of skaters, who were waltzing, moving gracefully, and dancing to cheerful and romantic music!

Ellie and her dog Mikey the Magical Puppy were serving warm Christmas cupcakes with red and green sprinkles to the skaters! Mikey was flirting with cute girls! Everyone seemed like ballet dancers! Ellie and Mikey were both amazed!

After that, Ellie and Mikey took turns pulling each other in a sled around a beautiful, snowy pine tree! Then, they helped their friends Doreen, Rikki, Melanie, and Sam make a snowman! This snowman was both shiny and handsome! They were all really proud of it! Out of the blue, everybody saw Saint Nicholas and his reindeer flying in the middle of the day! All of them waved to each other!

Later, Mikey and the kids found the beautiful house where Saint Nicholas and his wife lived! The inside was glowing with warmth! The outside was glowing with both red and green! None of them could wait until Christmas!

While the kids continued walking together, they noticed houses with Christmas lights that looked like stars from the heavens! What a Christmas miracle! They also noticed a group of singers near a church. They were singing Christmas carols. This really put Rikki in the Christmas spirit! She started singing along! Her singing was loud and off-key! Her Christmas spirit spread to Mikey, and he started howling! All of the members of the choir started laughing! Soon, the other kids were laughing! Christmas spirit was everywhere! They wished this could last without end!

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