Lydia Takes the Leap

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Chapter 20

On Sunday evening, Lydia rang her friends to tell them the awesome news regarding the event. The phone call ended up turning into an impromptu business meeting, each on the other line taking notes.

“Ohmygosh! This is crazy, we only have a week to prepare for the show,” Veronica started to fret.

“Look, guys… we’ve already sold downtown and I’ve gone to the Craft Crawl practically every year with my mom. It will be a piece of cake!”

The confidence in Lydia’s voice was reassuring to the girls and they began to brainstorm a list of things needed to be accomplished before Saturday’s event. They concluded that the only way they could get things done fast enough was if they split the duties. As the ring leader, Lydia gave herself the responsibility of getting more supplies from the store.

“I will design a booth!” echoed both Veronica and Karen.

There was an immediate awkward silence following as both girls stubbornly awaited the other to back down. When neither retreated, they started to bicker over who would be best at the job.

Lydia had to do something. “Ok ladies, calm your nerves down.” Shocked by Lydia’s tone both girls simmered down almost immediately. “We’re getting a huge break in our business and the two of you just had to get at each other. Come on guys, we’re all friends! No one will fight with one another over who does what, and we’ll work it out. Deal?”

“Deal!” they said again in unison, this time sounding happier than before.

“All hands have to be on deck now and we have to make more products.”

“I love a good challenge!” screeched Veronica over the phone.

“See? This will be easy as pie!” Lydia added.

“Mmm, why do you have to keep referencing sweets? You’re making me hungry!” Karen laughed into the phone.

“I am so glad I already bought my yarn, I need to get crocheting like NOW!”

Veronica insisted Karen and Lydia go shopping for the supplies they needed without her since making pot holders would be consuming her life for the next few days. They ended their phone chat with Veronica by cementing plans to have a club meeting on Thursday to design their booth.

When Veronica hung up, Karen and Lydia made their plans to meet up on Monday after school to walk home together. Mr. Wyley had Monday off and agreed to take the duo shopping for the things they would need for their first craft show.

However, when Lydia approached the meeting spot on Monday afternoon she saw a small round face pop out from behind Karen. He waved wildly, almost tipping over from his oversized backpack. It was Karen’s little brother, she was saddled with him for the day while their dad was working. Being an only child, Lydia didn’t see a problem with the kid hanging around, much to Karen’s relief. The duo turned trio made their way to Lydia’s house, but unfortunately, it took much longer than usual with an imaginative eight-year-old tagging along.

He wanted to stop and collect every flower from roses to the dandelions while singing “I’ve got that FLOWER POWER BAY-BEEE!”

When they finally arrived at the house, Lydia felt like she would never be able to get his random song out of her head. They marched in and found Mr. Wyley waiting for them in the living room. Mr. Hackett had already cleared it with Lydia’s parents that they would have Charlie over as well, and (luckily) Mrs. Wyley volunteered to hang out with him while the girls went shopping.

“Alright ladies, what types of supplies will you need?” Mr. Wyley grabbed his zip-up hoodie and car keys from the front hall.

Lydia needed a heck of a lot more glue, some more laundry booster, and colored dye. Karen only needed to pick up a bag of popsicles, some twine, and beads. They also wanted to pick up a few things to decorate their booth with.

“Ah, I have a great store in mind! It will most likely have everything we need.”

They piled into the car and drove to one of Mr. Wyley’s supply stores to pick up more materials at a specially discounted family price. When their arms were filled with everything on their lists, Mr. Wyley drove home while Lydia and Karen gabbed away like they’d known each other forever.

After dinner that evening, Mr. Hackett came by to pick up his kids in between shifts. An exhausted Charlie had to be carried to the car and Karen was sad she had to leave. The girls gave each other tight hugs goodbye and promised to call after school the next day.

By Thursday that week, the business club had a nice size stock of products ready to sell at the Craft Crawl, and all they had left to do was make an amazing booth to attract customers. Mrs. Wyley volunteered to help design the paper banner with the tissue paper, string, and roll of craft paper.

”Don’t I have the best mom in the world, friends?” Lydia said with a buzz of energy.

“That’s what mothers are for kiddo. I enjoy helping you guys out. Not every girl your age has a business of their own and I can only be supportive by helping whenever I get the chance,” Mrs. Wyley said, smiling.

It was a very busy evening for the girls. They had a bunch of work to do before they had to call it a night and prepare for school the next day. With Mrs. Wyley’s help, they successfully put up an attractive mock booth, so pretty that every passer-by was sure to want to see what they had inside.

“LOOOVE IT!” screamed the girls.

“We are gonna make some insane cash, like the awesome boss babes we are!” added Karen.

But a pretty booth wasn’t all they needed to sustain their business. They had to advertise their products, they thought. But how?

“We could make colorful flyers like the ones at the mall,” Lydia thought out loud. “Everyone loves to read beautiful flyers; we could make some of those.”

“But how do we get that done with so little time?” Veronica asked.

“Well…” Lydia drawled, staring at her mom.

“Oh, are you looking at me? I think I can whip something nice up!” a laughing Mrs. Wyley answered.

The flyers were ready the next day and they seemed to be the most perfect flyers the girls had ever seen. They distributed them throughout the school and in their neighborhoods to promote their booth at the Annual Craft Crawl.

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