Lydia Takes the Leap

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Chapter 5

Lydia had forgotten that she’d ridden her bike to school, but Veronica was okay with her slowly riding while she walked.

“So… why do you get to school so early? Are you always there at that time?” Lydia glanced at Veronica as she swerved her bike out of the way of a few stray rocks nearly running into a parked car in the process.

“My brothers and my parents are the reason. Mom uses the computer super early to answer a few emails before work and my brothers always fight over it to get on their Facebook pages or to finish their homework at the last minute. It’s easier to just go to a peaceful library before class.”

“Ah, ok… that makes sense. What were you watching this morning?”

“Oh! I’m teaching myself to crochet by watching YouTube videos. That’s why I want to join your club, so I can make money for more yarn projects. I’ve already learned how to make a washcloth and a pot holder!”

“Wow, that’s super cool! I bet loads of people would love to buy your wash cloths and pot holders. Then, when you get really good you can sell crochet hats and purses and even dresses! You could be RICH by the end of the year!” Lydia started to daydream out loud.

Veronica gave a chuckle “Well… they’re actually the same thing! I only know a simple square design.”

“As my dad would say, it’s all about how you sell it, baby! One day you can sell them as pot holders, the next wash cloths. It’s genius!”

When the girls arrived at Lydia’s house, they said their goodbyes and exchanged phone numbers, promising to meet up in the morning to talk more. Both girls departed feeling a tiny seed of friendship had been planted.

Lydia skipped through the front door of her house, searching for her mother as she headed towards her bedroom. Seeing the door to her mother’s office shut, she knew that meant her mother was working on one of her projects or was on a business call and did not want to be disturbed. Tossing her backpack casually onto the floor of her room, Lydia sprawled out on top of her bed to stare up at the ceiling.

“What if no one else signs up for my club?” she worried. She was mulling over the idea of a two-person club when her mom knocked on her opened door.

“Hey! I didn’t hear you come in, how’d school go? Any news on your club?” she asked.

Lydia continued to stare at the ceiling and mumbled with a slight hint of sadness, “Well… school went fine but only one person wants to be in my club.”

Her mother noted the disappointment in her daughter’s voice. “That’s wonderful! It’s only Monday and you’re not meeting until Saturday, give your classmates some time… maybe they need to think it over for a couple days? And anyway, how many people did you have in your group yesterday?”

Lydia felt a shift in her mood, “I just came up with the group yesterday… so only me.”

“Well, don’t be so hard on yourself; now there are two people in the group! You’re up 100%, and have doubled attendance.”

Her mom loved to put a positive spin on almost everything and her comforting words gave Lydia a boost in confidence as she considered what was said. She had to agree – there were still a couple days left to collect more members and she’d already doubled her membership.

When her father arrived home that evening, she was in a more cheerful mood when she told him about her club.

“That’s excellent! You’ve doubled your members in one day! That’s definitely something to brag about. If only my company could double their numbers in a day!” His words echoed her mother’s from earlier.

She nodded in agreement and stated with pride, “I’m up 100%!”

He gave her a high five. “That’s how you do it! Keep positive and know it will work out. Patience is the key!”

A big smile spread across Lydia’s face and she knew everything would be okay.

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