Lydia Takes the Leap

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Chapter 6

The rest of the week crawled slowly by, each day ending with frustration as Lydia’s sign-up sheets remained empty.

“Maybe the other kids are still thinking about joining…” Veronica glanced hopefully at Lydia as they slowly strolled home on Thursday.

“Maybe… or maybe they just don’t understand what we’re about? I’m sure we’ll get at least one more person by Saturday, there must be others like us.” Lydia was trying to stay positive because she didn’t want to admit she felt like a failure to Veronica and cast a negative vibe on their tiny club.


Veronica was quiet for a moment, then turned to Lydia and exclaimed “Well, either way, I am excited for Saturday! What are you going to sell, have you figured it out yet? I’m teaching myself how to crochet circles so I can offer variety to our future customers. They’re more skinny ovals right now, but I’ll get there!”

“Oh wow! That is an awesome idea. I am still working on an idea or two…” She trailed off, hoping Veronica wouldn’t push for more details.

She felt a twinge of guilt, having not spent much time or effort on figuring out what she could sell. All Lydia knew for certain was that she wanted to sell something and make money, she was sure by Saturday she would know what products to create.

When Friday finally arrived, Lydia went around checking all her sign-up sheets before her first class and they were all still empty except for Veronica’s name scribbled on top of one. She gave a frown and departed. When the last bell of the day rang, Lydia went around the school to pull down her signs before meeting up with Veronica to head home. She yanked down the empty one by the lunch room first, then the empty one by the front office and headed for the final sign-up sheet by the auditorium. As she approached her final sheet, she saw a name printed neatly under Veronica’s name: Karen Hackett. Lydia recognized her as one of the girls in the grade above her. Snatching the sign-up sheet from the wall, she gave a twirl of happiness.

“Another club member!” she thought with glee as she raced to the agreed upon meeting spot to tell Veronica the great news.

“IT HAPPENED!” Lydia screamed waving the sheets wildly around as she approached Veronica.

It took Veronica a moment to realize she was talking about their club, then she jumped up and down with a squeal of delight.

“Another member?” Veronica asked to confirm they were on the same page.

“YES!” Lydia burst out, now screeching with joy.

As they walked home that afternoon, they discussed the new addition to the club. Neither girl had ever hung out or even talked to Karen Hackett, nor did they know her reason for joining, but they didn’t care. The more the merrier they both agreed.

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