Two Merry Christmases In The Mountains!

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Inspiration came from the Peanuts Gang, and the two YouTube videos "Lemax Village de Noel 2016 de jour" by Christopher Dumery and "Christmas mountain village 2014" by Robert Abraham.

Children / Adventure
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

During the holiday season, Ellie and her dog Mikey the Magical Puppy, along with their friends Rikki, Doreen, Sam, and Melanie were riding on a trolley through the mountains! When they got off the trolley, they saw and heard choirs singing carols in front of churches that were both glowing and decorated with Christmas lights! This especially touched the hearts of Sam and his close friend Melanie! The two of them started holding hands!

The kids went looking around the town and spotted a ballroom! The couples were waltzing to Christmas music! It could not be more romantic! All of the hearts of the kids melted!

Then, the kids went to a skating rink! Melanie and Sam held hands while they skated! Mikey the Magical Puppy sang a melody while Ellie skated! Doreen and Rikki helped each other keep their balance!

Then, they went to an amusement park! There was a merry-go-round! There were also bumper cars! This was Rikki’s favorite ride! She was a tomboy!

Then, they found a chocolate factory! Sam bought Melanie a box of milk chocolate! She hugged him, kissed him, and told him “Merry Christmas!” This truly was a merry Christmas in the mountains!

During the next Christmas season, the six friends travelled to the mountains on a train. This train had a radio that played, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” The village they saw around them had both lighthouses and cottages that both lit up the night sky and glowed like candlelight.

The kids even saw pure white Christmas trees in their view. In addition, they also saw a huge Christmas tree with points of light from the heavens, beautiful snow-covered pine trees, a kindly elderly man selling wreaths for Christmas, trees with branches with Christmas lights that looked like Easter eggs, and other kids playing in the snow.

In addition, these friends saw both a merry-go-round and two polar bears. There were even two nuns singing outside of a church. There were also points of light in the sky from the heavens. These points of light were as bright as the moon. An old couple was singing carols. In addition, a woman was walking her dog. A teddy bear and his wife enjoyed a carriage ride.

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