The Best Christmas of My Life!

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This is a holiday story of magical childhood innocence. This is a holiday story of magical childhood innocence.

Children / Fantasy
Laraine Smith
4.0 2 reviews
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Chapter 1

One night in my sleep, I saw images of gingerbread houses! They were all lit up from inside! They were teddy bear houses!

I also saw images of polar bears and Santa Nicholas! Snow-covered pine trees surrounded them! I also saw little houses! They seemed to have candlelight glowing from the windows! I also heard the music of harps playing in the distance! Ballerinas were dancing to this music!

I even saw a camel delivering presents! I even saw candy canes and peppermint candies! Saint Nicholas and his wife owned a castle!

Suddenly, the harp music turned into a symphony! I started dancing across the room! This became the best Christmas of my life!

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