Gold Medal Gals

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Gold for the gold part 2

Five days later, the girls were practicing their equipment when they saw Mrs. Bowerman in a grumpy mood. A Chinese girl named, "Monique", an Italian girl named, "Alia", and a red-haired girl named, "Cecelia" came in and Monique said, "Cecelia, Alia and I created a name for our team, "The Gold Medal Gals". Gymnastics is big in the Olympics and the Olympics do hand out medals."

"I love it Monique." exclaimed Naomi.

Meanwhile at The Marston Gymnastics School, Rex was adjusting some gymnastics equipment when Jaime came in and angrily asked, "Sir, what did you call the girls?"

"I call them a bunch of, "Circus Clowns" and a bunch of "brats". said Rex.

"I'm here to tell you that I quit! I can't let you make fun of my niece, "Heaven"." said Jaime.

"Heaven is your niece?" asked Rex, "I didn't know that." "And I'll be taking my last paycheck." she said. As she got home, she saw Heaven practicing a ribbon routine and was impressed by her hard work. She was really proud of her niece practicing for the games in one week. "Hi Aunt Jaime. It's chicken and broccoli night." said Heaven. "You remember Heaven." she said, "It's been almost two years since you moved in with me from New York City. My sister and brother-in-law work double time as hotel accountants and they let you stay with me while they work." As they were finishing up their dinner, they had cookies and milk, which was Heaven's favorite snack. "You know Aunt Jaime," she said, "Now that you quit your job, what are you going to do now?" Jaime looked at her niece with a smile and Heaven smiled to her back.

The next day, Jaime walked up to The Bowerman Gymnastics School for Girls. "I like to apply for a job." said Jaime

Naomi was shocked that she saw her. "I heard about what Rex called your students and I can't stand people who make fun of my niece." said Jaime.

She also said that she also took gymnastics lessons, they went out to the gymnastics area. Most of the girls didn't show up. Jaime removed her glasses, jacket, socks, and shoes. She had on a red tank top. She got on the balance beams and did a round off, a split leap, and a dismount with a single front salt. Then she went to the floor and did a single front salto, three round offs and four handsprings.

As she was showing off her gymnastics, the rest of the students came in and were amazed by Jaime's skills. As Jaime finished, the girls applauded.

"Where did you learn how to do that?" Lyric asked.

"I took gymnastics lessons when I was a kid in New York. I didn't put that on my job application, because I didn't want to get fired." said Jaime as she puts on her glasses.

"You know," she said, "Mrs. Bowerman says that you're all unique. What can you do to make our team more special?"

Delaney raised her hand and said, "I can use my pom poms for my routine and create a cheer."

Reagan raised her hand and said, "I can sew some outfits for the girls, and my parents own a fabric store."

"I can draw the outfits." said Kailee.

Nadia said, "I can do my ballet in my routine." Jaime was impressed that the girls are getting to the idea. During the next few days, the girls practiced their unique routines, Reagan, Jaime, and Sparrow sewed some new outfits for the girls, and Naomi counted the days until the competition. Then the competition came. The girls came in and were all wearing different colored shirts with the letter, "G" on it, pink skirts, white socks and sneakers. As they were entering, The Mars ton gymnastics boys were watching them in their black t-shirts, grey pants, and black sneakers. One of them was Rex's nephew, "Rhett" he had short black hair, and freckles.

Mr. Mars ton came in and said, "Okay boys, remember your drill. We use my robotics skills at Yale University, to win the contest. With my electronic ribbons and ropes, highly advanced hoops, quick reflex batons, boomerang balls, and pogo shoes.

For the last 15 years, we lost for some weird reasons, but it will not happen this year gentlemen."

Rhett said, "Yeah Uncle and those girly gymnasts won't win."

Then competition got started and the announcer, "Braiden Caton" was a Caucasian man with short gold blonde hair and was wearing a blue suit.

"Welcome, to the 20th annual Baltimore Youth gymnastics competition," he said, "I'm your announcer, "Braiden Caton" I was once a gymnast too and I'm still a champion. Let's introduce this year's team, "The Carson Gang","

An African-American woman came in with 18 kids with light blue leotards.

"The Havill Heroes" said Braiden.

A Caucasian man came in with 18 kids with white leotards.

Braiden said, "The Marston Troop."

The Marston troop came up.

Then Braiden said, "And finally a newcomer, "The Bowerman Gymnastics School for Girls"

They girls wore different styled pink leotards and there was a larger cheer than the other 3.

During the competition, Heaven was doing the balance beams. She got a higher score. Rex watched evilly as Rhett cheated on the balance beam greasing the balance beams with their routines and they didn't get hurt. The gymnasts representing The Havill Heroes and The Carson Gang got hurt.

Then it was the horse, The Marston troop members were up first and caused the horse broke down, Nadia did a wonderful job it and she didn't know the boys' mischief, the other two teams got a little hurt.

Then the uneven bars for the girls and the high bar for the boys. It was The Marston Troop's turn, the gymnast greased the bars while he did the routine. The Havill heroes went first, and then The Carson gang, they did a wonderful job. As Lyric did a good job and scored high.

Rex was shocked in horror that they didn't get hurt. Then the floor came. During the competition, The Mars ton Troop representative tossed garbage to the floor, some competitors got hurt, but Monique did wonderful jobs on the floor. During the break, the boys were complaining about the girls being so good while they cheated. "We're doing great girls, now we have to do the equipment." Naomi said, "Delaney, can you show us that cheer you were telling us about?"

"Sure." Delaney said as she did a cheer routine, "Gold Medal! Gold Medal! We have power! We are very beautiful flowers!"

As they got out Braiden said, "Now for the final round, "Rhythmic gymnastics". One member will use the rope, ribbon, ball, hoop, and clubs for the event."

During the competition, Carli did balls, Carissa did ribbons, Delaney did pom poms instead of clubs, Vanessa did the rope, Vilje, and, Reagan did the hoops.

The other team's equipment broke during their shot, while the boys used the robotic gymnastics equipment. Then it was Rhett's turn to do the clubs. Water accidentally got on the clubs as he got up. As started to press the button, it shorted out.

"They're malfunctioning!" Rhett said loudly.

He escaped the floor and the clubs exploded. A group of safety people came in with fire extinguishers and put out the fire. "My Advanced robotic equipment." complained Rex. "I've worked really long for my equipment, so I can win the money and have it all for myself."

He said it so loud, everyone was shocked in horror, except for Jaime who knew he was cheating the whole time.

Braiden came down and exclaimed in a disappointed look, "Cheating again?"

"I'm not even good at gymnastics," answered Rex, "I just do it for the money."

Braiden exclaimed, "The Marston Troop has been disqualified, which means the winner is, "The Gold Medal Gals" who knew how unique you girls really are with your skills and friendship."

Kailee replied, "Well, we couldn't have done it without Naomi and Jaime."

Naomi and Jaime came on stage congratulating the girls. Rex said in an angry look to Jaime, "You! You and Avery expose me every year you traitor."

Jaime said, "I didn't want you to cheat in the competition."

Braiden said, "Since you're using illegal equipment, the government is going to permanently shutting down The Marston Gymnastics Academy. My wife is a government agent."

Rex said, "No Fair! I demand the trophy and those medals for my students."

"You know Uncle, we're tired of you bossing us around." shouted

Rhett, "I'm going back to my parents in Miami. I rather take cooking lessons than listen to you." The boys left with Rex getting dragged out by the police for disturbing the peace. "Bye Mr. Martian." insulted Teagen.

As the girls were laughing with Teagen, the judges came in and presented the girls with medals for each girl, the main trophy, and a one million dollar check. Three days later at the school, Heaven was going to the school because she got a letter in the mail saying they have a late night practice. Inside the lights open, the students, Jaime, and Naomi came up and shouted, "Happy Birthday Heaven!" The place was decorated with ribbons, balloons and a banner that said, "Happy 12th Birthday Heaven." Heaven said, "That's why you took your last paycheck, for me."

Jaime said, "I care about you. There are important reasons why you need money."

"Like to pay bills and for a birthday." said Vanessa.

"Exactly Vanessa, or for a gymnastics school." said Jaime.

That's when the twins knew that Jaime sent out the paycheck. "Without you Jaime," said Carissa""The school would not exist."

Jaime finally remembers that she wasn't supposed to send out the paycheck, she has a habit of mishearing people. The students didn't care; they still like her for whom she is.

The End.

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