Rikki's Christmas Party!

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Rikki throws a great Christmas party!

Children / Fantasy
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

Rikki’s parents had given her permission to have a Christmas party at her house. So, she invited her friends Ellie, Mikey the Magical Puppy, Sam and Melanie to her house. Mikey volunteered to the cooking! He made both shrimp mixed with pasta and Chicken Parmesan! Everybody kept going back for seconds. But Mikey got so full; he ended up having to take a nap on the couch! He was snoring very loudly! All of the kids were giggling!

Eventually, they had to wake Mikey up because he had also volunteered to make dessert. He came up with cupcakes, chocolate kisses, cream pie, and cake! Once again, everyone got seconds. But Mikey got overwhelmed because he was eating so much and having so much fun dancing to the Christmas music on the stereo and drinking a lot of soda pop! Eventually, he started snoring on the couch again!

Rikki was in the mood to dance to the Christmas music on the stereo! She turned it up! She started singing very loudly and off-key! Mikey woke up and started howling in time to the music! Eventually, the other kids started joining in on the fun! The room became filled with Christmas spirit!

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