A Manhattan Christmas

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Ellie and her friends spend Christmas in Manhattan, New York!

Children / Fantasy
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

During their first night in Manhattan, New York at Christmastime, Ellie and her friends Sam, Melanie, Rikki, and Mikey the Magical Puppy went out to eat. They all had chicken wings, angel hair pasta with garlic bread, Chicken Parmesan, and shrimp. Mikey especially had to drink a lot of ice-filled soda with his dinner. He kept getting seconds, and his tongue was burning!

On their way to see the Christmas tree, the lighted trees they saw around them astonished Mikey and the kids! These lights appeared to have come from the heavens! They were breathtaking!

All of the lights on the Christmas tree were glittery! They were jewels that came from a rainbow! It was nothing like any of them had ever seen!

At The North Pole of Macy’s, there was a choir of snow people! There was also a city of buildings with windows that were lit up from inside! They were also so many beautiful Christmas trees and teddy bears!

The next night at a candy store, Rikki bought the widest candy bar in the universe! She was literally on top of the world! Sam bought some milk chocolate candy for Melanie. The two of them shared a hug, and wished each other “Merry Christmas.”

The trip was beautiful for everyone! The food was delicious! So was the chocolate candy! The Christmas trees were out of this world!

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