The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom

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Nerrez Returns

The children had all managed to arrive safely back at the horse’s kingdom. It had been a good morning and it was great that they were all now together again, even if poor Alex wasn’t quite himself! So far they had updated Sunny and Eden on everything that had happened yesterday at the house and had gone over Mr Johnson’s story. Both Sunny and Eden agreed that it seemed as though Mr Johnson knew more than he was letting on and if they could do some further investigating then it may bring them close to finding the whereabouts of King Abner and Queen Alva.

They had spent several hours in the council hall in the centre of the horses kingdom. It was an extremely ornate room since it had formerly been the very room in which the kings and queens throughout time had presided over matters relating to Velaro Fore. Now, their seats remained empty but all of the others were full. All of the heads of the other animal kingdoms had made the journey to be there and to discuss the very important matter at hand namely what to do next.

The city was now swarming with all kinds of animals from all of the different animal kingdoms. All of them ready to serve their rulers in whichever way they saw fit. There was an excitement in the air as they all gathered as close to the council hall as they could, hoping that they would hear just what was going on and what the plan was as the next session was about to begin.

“We now know that the children were not able to bring the crystals through with them despite their best efforts,” started off Sunny. Although everyone had suspected this, it was the first time that day that this news had been confirmed and it didn’t go down too well. In fact it caused quite a commotion as all of the animals spread this news around.

“How can we expect to find King Abner and Queen Alva without the crystals,” shouted out Sterling the leader of the Gorillas.

“Order. Order. Stay calm please,” called out Sunny. “It’s just a setback, nothing more. The King and Queen will guide us in their own way and time, this I know for a certainty.”

Everyone looked towards Sunny and as he was about to speak something completely unexpected happened. It felt at first like an earthquake had hit them, for everything started to shake more and more violently until Rose thought that the walls were goin going to cave in. Then suddenly a deep blackness set in, as though someone had somehow managed to turn off the sun with a switch. The shaking gradually started to subside but it remained there a little bit, just rumbling in the background.

Everyone froze. No one said a word. The children all looked at each other waiting for someone to say something, for someone to explain what was going on. They didn’t need to wait for long for what had happened soon became very clear. Right in front of them in the middle of the room, just in front of the seats of Abner and Alva a thick black smoke started to swirl around and gradually started to take form. Before long everyone could clearly see, to their horror the full shapes of both Maura and Nerrez right in front of them.

“You fools actually thought that you were going to win didn’t you,” said Nerrez, sniggering with contempt. “Well I’ve got news for you. You have lost! Not only am I back but I am now more powerful than all of you put together. I have all of the crystals that these silly children left in the garden, including the portal crystal of the incompetent princess Rose. What can I say, like mother like daughter!”

Maura laughed at this and said,

“Thank you so much Rose for giving me the warning I needed to assemble the armies. That means that we will be ready to attack tonight. This time, mark my words, none of you will escape. It’s over for you. This ends tonight!”

“Sunny, your pathetic attempts to stand firm and await your king and queen have failed,” continued Nerrez. “Tonight we will defeat you. Every last one of you. We will take the council hall. We will take the thrones that belong to us and we will take Velaro Fore!”

With that the smoke disappeared as quickly as it came and they were gone.

Sunny was the first to speak, “Brothers, sisters it appears that Nerrez has returned far earlier than we expected. He believes that he has the upper hand. However, I can assure you that he does not. He can never be stronger than all of us. He can never defeat us. We have the spirit of Abner and Alva with us right by our side in the form of their all powerful daughter. Rose will guide us and tell us what to do and with her unlimited powers we shall prevail.”

Everyone turned and looked at Rose and waited for her to speak. She had never felt so helpless. Surely Sunny couldn’t be serious. There was no way she knew what to do. She went to open her mouth to tell them this and then something happened. She felt inside some kind of inner strength coming over her. Some kind of power, calmness and confidence. An inner knowing that everything would be alright. She looked around the room at all of the animal faces staring back at her and she all at once knew what to say.

“Sunny is right,” began Rose. “There is no way that Nerrez can defeat us. If he thinks that we are just going to cower back and wait for him to march into this city and take it as his. He is sorely mistaken! We are the heirs of kings and queens, heroes and heroines of this land since time began. Our forefathers have been guardians of hope and justice for eons of time. We will rise up. We will remain united. We will prepare at once. We will march upon Nerrez and Maura and with the powers in us from our ancestors we will show them what we are really made of. Who is with me? Who is ready to take Velaro Fore back as our own?”

“I am,” shouted George, looking at his sister with pride.

“Me too,” shouted Issy.

One by one everyone joined in shouting their support for Rose and after a few minutes the crowd were all chanting as one.

“Velaro Fore. Velaro Fore. Velaro Fore,” they cried.

“Let’s prepare for battle,” roared Sunny above all of the noise and the crowd erupted all starting to gather into their individual groups to prepare themselves for the march. “We will ride tonight!”

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