The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom

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Preparing for Battle

Rose, George and the other children watched in awe as all of the various animals assembled themselves for battle. It was most exciting but also quite scary at the same time. The units were forming one by one in the kingdom courtyard. The gorillas were all lined up and were the first to be completely ready. As Rose scanned her eyes across she could see the elephants, rhinos, horses, zebras and lions. Beyond that were the dragons, wolves, bearsand deer. Up on the walls of the kingdom grouped together were the eagles, falcons, jays, ducks and butterflies. Finally in the rivers that ran through the kingdom were the dolphins, whales, polar bears, penguins and turtles. It was an awesome sight and it filled them with confidence seeing how vast they were in number. There must have been well over one hundred thousand of them in total. Soon when they were all ready the children would join with them and they would march together to intercept Nerrez’s army and hopefully catch him by surprise.

There were no weapons among them, they would fight hand to hand and defeat the enemy one by one. Rose really hoped that this would be enough. She had no idea where her confidence had come from earlier when she had rallied the troops. The words came out of nowhere and that feeling of strength and belief had filled up her entire body. It was gone now but not completely. She still had belief inside her but not to the same level that had come across earlier. She hoped that when the time was right that it would come again. She really wished that she knew what had happened to her parents. Was it really possible that they could be the king and queen? Whether they were her parents or not everyone in Velaro Fore could certainly do with their help and guidance right now. Sunny had maintained all along that they would come back when the time was right. Surely that time must be now. Nerrez had come back unexpectedly and they were now about to head into the biggest war this land had ever seen. Where were they?

The sky was still an eerie black although it was only still the middle of the afternoon and the trembling all around still continued. There was a sense of tension in the air from all of the animals. They knew that this was going to be a formidable task and that they had to stay focused if they had any chance of winning.

“I suppose we should go and join our animal packs everyone,” said Rose. “What do you think is going to happen?”

George looked around at the others and said “We are going to win Rose, don’t worry. Sunny and Eden know what they are doing. They agree that this is our best chance to overcome Nerrez and Maura, to take them by surprise. Plus this is the message that came to you. You know that when you spoke earlier, that came from somewhere deeper than you. Sunny must be right. He said that when the time is right Abner and Alva will return. It looks like they will somehow join us. Come on let’s do this everyone!”

“Wait, what about Alex?” said Issy suddenly.

“We’ll have to leave him here,” said Callum. “I hate to do that but I think this is the safest place for him. Besides, if we win then hopefully he will start to turn back to his normal self.”

“Callum’s right,” said Ruby. “Alex will be safe here. We don’t want him being taken captive by any of Maura’s troops.”

The others all nodded and then jumped up. They gathered together to give as close to a group hug that they possibly could. Then one by one they went and joined their animal units. Sunny and Eden were standing at the front of the assembled army.

“Brothers and sisters,” Sunny began. “Today we are compelled to rise up against the evil of this land. We will rise up above fear and rid ourselves of their grip on us and our fallen comrades. Never before has the future of our world hung in the balance in this way. King Abner and Queen Alva have sent us their precious daughter Rose who we must protect at all costs. She brought with her her brother and her dear friends. Due to their bravery and quick thinking they have all managed to come here together to help us and assemble our full armies. We can all be proud today to be able to stand up for what we believe in and to show Nerrez and Maura that we will never give in to fear. No matter what!”

The army erupted into a deafening roar that shook the ground beneath them even more and gradually, led by Sunny and Eden they were on the move, marching towards the dark palace once more. This time not just to talk but to take it back as their own.

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