The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom

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Another Transformation

Sunny slowly opened his eyes. Between him and the other animals they had been meditating for around two hours. It had worked perfectly and he now had a very clear idea of what needed to be done to try to rescue the situation. He looked across at Eden and then around at the rest of the animals. They had all opened their eyes and were nodding at him.

“We must go and check on Alex. He has a key part to play in this now,” said Sunny, walking towards the door to the chamber where they had left Alex quarantined. He was still in there inside a small glass container with little holes in it. Still twisted and black and ugly.

“Now Alex, I know you can hear me,” started off Sunny. “I am going to call upon some of my friends to come and visit you. They will both teach you some lessons and if I am right about the message we have received, then you my friend have a very big part to play in how this will end.” He turned to Eden and said, “Ask Nimith and Destiny to come as quickly as possible, we have some important work for them to do.

“I’ll get them to come right away,” said Eden, walking back out into the main chamber. She looked around the chamber and called over to Morgan.

“Please can you go and ask Nimith and Destiny to come in straight away. Sunny needs them.”

“Yes of course I will go and get them right now,” said Morgan and headed straight out of the chamber. It wasn’t long before she came back with a Chameleon and a rather large spider on her back and presented them to Sunny and Eden.

“You know what to do,” said Sunny to them both. They each nodded in turn at Sunny and then scurried into the room with Alex. “Now we wait,” said Sunny to Eden as they both went back into their positions with the other animals, closed their eyes and continued their meditation.

Maura stormed back into her chambers, once again giving George and the others a start!

“How dare he treat me this way! How dare he,” Maura spat the words out venomously into the air. “I’ve been waiting here getting everything ready for him for years now! And he comes back claiming all of the credit for himself!” Maura paced back and forth across the floor, looking up and down and seeming as though she may explode at any moment. George looked out at her and knew that he had to take a chance. The others froze.

“He shouldn’t take you for granted like that,” he said looking straight at her.

“What did you say to me?” screamed Maura straight back at him. George held his nerve.

“I said he shouldn’t take you for granted like that. After all if you hadn’t have had the army ready for him and been so clever as to anticipate his return I doubt he would have been able to defeat us.”

Maura stared at him as though she wanted to squash him on the spot and then something seemed to take over her.

“Exactly! That’s exactly what I mean! There’s no way he could have done this without me.”

“That’s what I was saying to the others” continued George. “I said to them that Nerrez was lucky to have Maura. It was so clever of you to distract all of us by saying that Rose’s parents had been killed.”

“Yes, well, I didn’t want you children poking around and finding out everything,” said Maura, seeming to calm down a little. “Anyway, I haven’t finished with you all yet. You may have some more use to me. I want you to tell me everything that has happened to your sister Rose. Everything that you can remember. Everything that has led you to this point in time.”

George looked at the others and then looked back at Maura as she went over and sat down on her ornate chair.

“Well,” he began, “it all started when Rose was very small.”

Alice, Anthony, Kel, Christophe and Lucy pulled up outside the house. They had spent most of the day in the town and had had a lovely time. They looked around some of the shops and had a nice lunch right by the sea and were now looking forward to relaxing in the garden before getting everything ready for dinner that evening. They unpacked the car and went straight into the house.

“Guys we’re back,” she called out as they went through the hallway and into the kitchen. “No sign of the children yet.” she said to the others as she started to unpack various items of food and drink from the bags.

“It’s nearly three O’clock,” said Lucy, “I expect they’ll be back soon.

Outside from the woods Rose watched the adults chatting among themselves and unpacking the bags. She had seen them pull up outside the house and had waited another five minutes just going over once again in her mind what she was going to say to them. How was she going to explain what had happened?

She had spent virtually all day looking around the woods, digging and searching inside the cave for some clues and had come up with nothing. Not one single thing. She had gone deeper into the woods but she really didn’t know where to start. It was just so vast. So it had come to this. She had decided to tell the adults all about the crystals and the amazing new world that they had discovered, that part she wasn’t worried about. The fact that her brother and her friends were all trapped there with no way of knowing how to get them back was the real problem. She just didn’t know what to do or say. She was just going to have to say it and hope that somehow the adults would have an idea that she hadn’t yet thought of.

She started walking towards the house and towards the door. Alice instinctively noticed that she was there and waved at her and walked towards the back door to open it. She must have been able to to tell from the look on Rose’s face because her smile suddenly faded and turned to a more worried look.

“Rose, what is it darling. Is something wrong?” she asked looking at Rose frantically.

Rose looked up at Alice. Her kind face was now looking very worried indeed. Rose looked out at the other children asleep in the garden and then back at Alice and stepped into the house. She opened her mouth to start talking when suddenly there was a loud knock at the door, followed by the doorbell ringing.

“Darling, sit down on the couch for a minute,” said Alice, walking towards the front door. “I’ll just go and see who that is.” She disappeared into the hallway and came back a few moments later but this time she wasn’t on her own.

“Rose. Mrs Johnson is here to see you.”

“Yes Rose,” said Mrs Johnson smiling, holding an envelope tightly in her hand. “I have a very important letter for you. It’s from your Mum and Dad.”

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