The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom

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Change is Within

Destiny had spun an enormous web that extended from one side of the room to the other with the centre right opposite where Alex sat in his glass container rocking backwards and forwards with more and more intensity.

Nimith had climbed right up onto the table and placed herself into position just in front of Alex. The larger the web had grown the more Alex had rocked back and forth looking around with wild eyes as Nimith had changed colour constantly from her natural colour to the dark grey colour that Alex now bore.

They had been doing this for several hours now and there was no sign that anything was changing in Alex. That was until the chanting began. Nimith had started it off with a low hum and Destiny had joined in at a slightly higher pitch. Alex suddenly stopped rocking and started shaking instead, his wings flapping at the same pace as the chant.

“You are the master of your own fate” chanted Destiny as she span the web faster and faster.

“Change is within you” chanted Nimith changing colour more furiously.

Bright light poured out from Alex until it engulfed the room and for a few seconds nothing could be seen and then everything went dim. The chanting stopped and for the first time in nearly a week Alex was back to how he should be inside Velaro Fore. He was once again a beautiful butterfly.

“What happened” Alex asked straight away, staring at the large spider and Chameleon grinning at him broadly.

“We shall let Sunny tell you Alex” said Nimith nodding towards Destiny who quickly released Alex from his quarantine before beckoning him to follow them into the main chamber where the others were waiting.

There was a calm around the inner chamber as the three of them entered and straight away a smile came to Sunny’s lips when he saw that Alex was no longer caught in the grip of Nerrez and Maura’s fear.

“Alex, it is good to see you again” called out Sunny from across the room. “I expect you would like to know just what’s been happening to you. Come over here and Eden and I will tell you everything.”

Alex flew over and landed just in front of Sunny and Eden. He perched himself right next to the thrones in the centre of the room and listened very carefully as Sunny and Eden told him everything that had happened and what he must do next.

Rose sat next to Alice holding a tissue to her eyes. She had been crying for a long time now and she wasn’t sure whether it was relief, shock, fear, anticipation or a combination of them all. Alice had been reading through the letter herself several times and had discussed all of the elements with Rose, Mrs Johnson and the other adults. The fact that none of them had passed out on the floor was a good starting point as far as Rose was concerned. It must have been as much of a shock for all of them to hear what was going on as it was for her.

The letter had clearly said that Rose was to go on her own to the cave where they had found the crystals and wait for a sign of hope, which was all very well, but none of them knew what that meant and what to look for. Having found out that the other children were trapped inside another dimension, Alice and the other adults were not keen for Rose to go out into the woods alone, to say the least. However, she was pretty sure that in the end they would let her and that this was what she needed to do.

It had been such a relief for Rose to know that her parents, Abner and Alva were going to return soon. Maybe that was where they planned to meet her. In the woods near the cave. That would make perfect sense, but so far not much else had made any sense and this had left her feeling very confused. There was not much more that she could do and having gradually calmed down she once again managed to find her voice.

“I’m going to do what the letter says” Rose said standing up and walking over to Alice. “I’m going to go into the woods and wait by the cave for them to come.”

“I”m still really not sure about this Rose” said Alice, looking down at her with concern.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’ve made up my mind. I have to do as they say so that we have a chance to rescue the others. There’s no other way that I can think of.”

Alice looked at the other adults and then looked at Anthony who nodded with his approval.

“Ok then Rose, you go and wait for them but I want you back before dark. Promise me” said Alice.

“Ok. I promise.”

“Rose, please be careful.”

“I will,” and with that Rose put on her tiara, thanked Mrs Johnson and went out through the back door and into the woods. When she got to the cave she sat down on the grass and waited, wondering just what might happen next.

Maura had been asleep for about an hour when George decided that it was safe to open his eyes properly and whisper quietly to the others.

“Guys, are you awake?” he asked as quietly as he could.

One by one they all replied that they were awake.

“What shall we do now?” asked Callum.

“Well, I’m not sure if any of us can do much while we’re stuck in here” said Issy.

“At least we know now that Maura is not at all happy with Nerrez” said George. “I know it was risky talking to her but I think she believes now that we will take her side and to be honest, that might be enough to keep us all alive, if she finds us to be good company.”

“I don’t trust her at all” said Violet. “There’s no way I’m going to take her side.

“I don’t trust her either” said George. “Just to be clear I only started talking to her to buy us some time and in the hope that she would let something slip that would help us get out of here.”

“I’m not sure that worked George” said Ruby. “I know you tried your best but I don’t think she gave anything away.”

“I know” replied George. “She didn’t give anything useful away really. Other than the fact that she isn’t happy with Nerrez. Maybe if I work on that angle more tomorrow we may get somewhere.”

All of them were so deep in thought about how to get something useful from Maura that they didn’t notice that they had another visitor. He had arrived so quietly and he was so small that none of them noticed as he slipped in through the window at the very top of Maura’s chamber and got himself up very close to the point where he could hear what they were saying.

“If only we could get to those crystals” said George, looking longingly. It was at this moment that their little visitor suddenly caught his eye. He was so taken aback that he let out a cry which immediately woke up Maura who sat up and looked straight at George.

“What is it now” she spat.

“Nothing, I must have been dreaming that’s all” said George quickly. “I think I was dreaming of how unfair Nerrez has been to you and it made me angry and I shouted out.”

“Angry eh?” said Maura. “There’s hope for you yet boy. At least I know you are going to choose the right side. Now get back to sleep.” She turned in her chair and closed her eyes again.

A few minutes later when he was sure that she had drifted back off George whispered “Hello. Hello. Maura? Phew, she’s gone back to sleep.” George looked around the room again and this time he was much more careful and didn’t let out a sound. There right on the table was Alex. He was back to being a butterfly somehow and had come all the way from the horse’s kingdom.

“Guys, Alex is over there on the table next to the crystals. So much has happened that I almost forgot about him. Somehow Sunny and Eden must have figured out how to turn him back from being under Maura’s evil clutches.”

The others watched Alex from across the room. Suddenly they had a chance. Alex had come to save them. But how was he going to do it.

Alex looked across at the others and then flapped his wings and positioned himself just above the portal crystal that was on the table and after a few seconds it started to glow. Then slowly a beam of light appeared from the top of the crystal and Alex flew into it, instantly disappearing out of sight. The others watched as the light faded and once the crystal had stopped glowing they all just looked at each other.

“Now what?” ask Callum.

“Now we wait” replied George. “He’ll be back I’m sure. Let’s get some sleep while we have the chance.”

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